#29 — 30 minutes of running is DONE ~

#29Be able to run for 30 minutes, indoors and outdoors

When I decided on this goal about six months ago now, it seemed impossible!! I remember running for a maximum of 12 minutes back then and thinking “God… I think my lungs are going to explode or my throat is surely just going to close up and I’ll suffocate where I stand!
Totally ridiculous I know, but great physical exertion seemed to cause some lack of communication with the rational side of my brain at the time haha

The breathing isn’t really an issue anymore. In fact it’s so easy to just fall into a natural rhythm when I run now, that I’m not even conscious of it until I finish my run and I realize there is no huffing and puffing going on *fist pump*

Indoor Run - March 6, 2015

Outdoor Run - March 8, 2015

With my 10 km trail run at the end of May, my distance and time is only get better and I’m really looking forward to it already! 😀


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