Well hello there ~

It has been some time since I last posted here. Instagram tends to be the only place that I semi-regularly get anything posted these days!

I’ve fully transitioned my daily writings and question to a written journal and I’ll probably keep that way. It’s easier for me to jot things down throughout the day and I can take it out with me too. Plus, I combine it with my daily collage as well so I don’t foresee me switching back to digital entries. Perhaps in the future if I decide to only occasionally journal, but it’s been a great outlet for me to date.

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Day 45 ~ carry on bummer butt

Day Forty-Five ~ September 16th, 2018

We had a fun outing to Bertram Creek Park this afternoon and we even missed all the random rain showers! It was nice to get out while the weather doesn’t suck yet and honestly just chill for a bit. I don’t typically get to have much interaction with other people, adults especially, at these kinds of things so it’s never all that relaxing for me normally. At least things went really well today though and everything ended on a successful note.

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Day 42 ~ getting back into it

Day Forty-Two ~ September 13th, 2018

I nearly talked myself out of a run this afternoon and I’m glad that I didn’t. It’s been a few days since I last did one so a less than stellar performance in m opinion, but at least I did it anyway!

Summer is basically over here and the temps are getting cooler quicker than normal it feels like. Out on the trampoline for a bit this evening when the sun’s gone down and my toes were freezing. It feels great during the day, but the evenings already need a sweater.

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Day 35 ~ some winter plans

Day Thirty-Five ~ September 6th, 2018

Between the infected tooth last week and then the antibiotics to combat that destroying me I opted for the hand written journal the last handful of days. Sitting down to type took a little too much effort when my body wasn’t remotely jiving with the fully upright business. Thankfully I am starting to feel better and the toothie culprit will be yanked out next week!

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Day 24 ~ indoor track + excited wiggles…a mish-mash

Day Twenty-Four ~ August 26th, 2018

Hit up the track for a run later in the afternoon and it was great except for the random kids sneaking in and out of the place. Fully on-board with kids and physical activity, but not OK with unsupervised (little) kids going wild in a place/space that has rules. In any case, hopefully it doesn’t happen again and they were only around for about half of my run so that’s something at least. The rest of it I had the entire track to myself! It doesn’t happen too often and it will never happen once the cold weather hits in a few months. I am incredibly stoked to have at least six months worth of Zombie, Run missions to complete as that is what will get me through the winter months this year and beginning of the next!

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Day 19 ~ not so much done today… but some fave books/series

Day Nineteen ~ August 21st, 2018

I was not as productive as I wanted to be today, but it wasn’t a total loss either. I’ll need to make sure I am up early enough in the morning to get everything done that needs to get done by the end of tomorrow though. Not a fan of doing this, but it’s better than scrambling hard last-minute barely finishing it up or not getting it all done.

I’m continuing on with Zombie, Run and enjoying it. What I like most about this app is that you can change how you run (time, distance, zombie chase) so it changes things up each time you go out if that is your wish. Getting out for a run isn’t a challenge for me, but finding variety definitely is so I’m stoked about this app for that reason alone. I’m honestly not that big a fan of the story line, again zombies really aren’t my thing, but perhaps that will change with time. I certainly have enough missions to last me well through the winter so I am incredibly jazzed about that fact! I am contemplating signing up for the Halloween virtual race. The only thing that has me waffling about it is that I have a Dirty Feet race on November 4th so I don’t want to overdo it before my last race of the year. I got time to think about it either way so there is no rush!


Day 16 ~ smokey tromps

Day Sixteen ~ August 18th, 2018

Acted out a ton of Ratatouille scenes with my son this morning. I love hearing his hysterical giggles! One of the best ways to start a day in my opinion and an easy way as well. There are some days that things are a struggle to understand and then there are days that are so easily deciphered (like today) that it balances itself out. This kidlet never fails to make me smile though, even on the tough days 😀

I am incredibly sore today from the previous two days of lifting and extra core work. I love it, but it does make it incredibly difficult to fully relax when things are achy kind of all over!

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