Day 70 ~ began Origins & #50 DONE!

Day 70 ~ January 16th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: otiose ~ lazy; slothful
Today’s Calendar Quote:Virtue is more to man than either water or fire. I have seen men die from treading on water and fire, but I have never seen a man die from treading the course of virtue.” — Confucius

I finally started playing Assassin’s Creed Origins this afternoon and it is so FUN!! I only had a few hours maximum of playing time today, but I’ll be able to play a whole bunch tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

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Posture & Super Saiyan Challenges ~ Day 30 + #66 ~ DONE!

Posture Challenge

Day 30 ~ 54 micro expansions/3 sets

Super Saiyan Challenge

Day 30 ~ 350 sit-ups (100/100/100/50) + 800 squats (200 split/150 basic/100 shrimp/150 sumo/50 jump/100 plie/50 pistol) — I liked doing the crazy amount of push-ups and squats for this challenge, but the high sit-up reps became the part I didn’t like much at all.

With this day it finishes up #66 on my Bucketlist as well 😀

#78 ~ Run a Half Marathon ~ DONE!

Alright so this happened on Sunday (September 4th)! I ran the Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon and it was the longest distance in either official race, or just a personal run, that I have ever done. I thought the race photos might be out a little sooner, but it’ll be a few more days so I’ll post them when I have them 😀

Race start time was at 7AM and I was up just before 5AM to start a small warm-up before I even left the house and get a pre-workout into me too. It’s quite cold in the mornings already here, which is a little abnormal actually. I was very thankful that I coordinated what I was wearing perfectly for this run despite being so sleepy. And I was beyond thankful that it didn’t actually end up raining like the forecast said it was because that would have really sucked!

Walking to the Start Line @ The Vibrant Vine

Walking to the Start Line @ The Vibrant Vine

A sleepy Val waiting to start running!

A sleepy Val waiting to start running!

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#13 ~ Be able to do 50 push-ups in a row ~ DONE!

After making several attempts over the last year or so to do this number on my list, and sustaining injury each time, I finally I am able to say I can do it!!!!

I can attribute much of my success to programs and a specific experiment done through Darebee from the beginning of 2016 until now. The team in charge of that site, and all the bees in the Hive, are absolutely amazing!! 😀

Also, I’ve gotten real good at understanding my body and thankfully suffered no setbacks in the form of injuries either small or big. This aspect certainly has played a huge role in me accomplishing this physical goal as the biggest reason for failure in the past was an injury.

To the super, happy part of my day, I did two sets of 51 push-ups with a 2min rest between!!!!!!!!! The second set was to see if I totally fluked out or not, I wanted to be certain I could do it. I literally finished that second set and was so happy I actually jumped around and definitely did a happy dance hahaha
I might add a video in a day or two if I remember to make one when I do push-ups tomorrow or the next day 😛

Everyday I will be doing at least a hundred push-ups and I want to add in more variations to keep it interesting mentally and physically!!

Next up is tackling the 20 pull-ups in a row *fist pump*

#23 ~ Learn to meditate ~ DONE

As of February 29, 2016 I can officially mark this off my list 😀

Learning to meditate is something I wanted to learn for a long time and I’m glad the opportunity presented itself via Darebee and its monthly challenge, you can see it here.

I liked that it was simple, which makes sense because it is meant to be as uncomplicated as possible.
I particularly enjoyed the Equal Breathing, that got me right into the zone real quick! The OM Mantra totally didn’t work for me, because quite frankly it was so boring and made it seem like work. Moving from thought to thought until I ran out of things to think about and focusing on my breathing is what worked best for me.

And even though this challenge is finished I plan to continue doing ten to fifteen minutes, at least, a day for the foreseeable future as it is soooo relaxing ~ ~ !