Day 48 ~ cleaning machine and some rep gains

Day Forty-Eight ~ September 19, 2018

Spent most of the day cleaning things up around the house, especially from my son’s room. I did a little re-arranging in there too. It kind of surprises me at how messy he can be and yet I know just how chaotic most ten-year old rooms actually are so it shouldn’t be remotely shocking! Some things are definitely age appropriate with him and some things most certainly are not haha

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Day 86 ~ try, try again

Day 86 ~ February 1st, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: whiffler ~ someone who shifts opinions often.

Today’s Calendar Quote:He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened.” — Lao Tzu

I decided to start a collage a day for a year as of today! I will post the photos of each daily piece on my Instagram here.

I’m going to try out some other art mediums involved with my clippings and see what I can come up and hopefully keep it interesting too. It should be do-able because they don’t have to be big pieces, but the option to do that is available as well. Excited to see what I end up creating every day!

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General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 1

Day 1 ~ Your current relationship status.

My relationship status is common-law. I prefer using the term covivant, which means a man/woman living together without being married, but no one knows what I mean when I say that 😛
I am not pro-marriage at all. I think it works for some people and I am happy for them, I’ve been to some lovely weddings. To me, it simply seems like a money grabbing event. You don’t need to be married to share your lives, to be committed to each other, have kids, or celebrate a yearly anniversary. We do a BBQ most years and every other year we touch up our finger tattoos. It works and I am happy ^_^

*Those Updates I Was Talking About

I finally sat down yesterday to take a look through my list and complied what I am working on at the moment or going to be starting now/soon.

(#2) Learn all songs by all artists/bands that I own and review/rate
~ This is always in progress! I might need to put a “ban” on acquiring new music for a time period so I actually make some forward progress 😛 I do have a few Music Review drafts that I just need to finish up and then I can post them. Lately, I am listening to Kpop and some older artists like Phil Collins, Goo Goo Dolls, and Bryan Adams.

(#12) Learn to box and/or kickbox
~ I got a few tips after a particular grueling class this summer with a friend and I practice several times a week at home. So glad I have my own equipment at home! Plus, I added Pylometric training into my workout regime and upped my plank routine too. It is no joke! Seriously. I would like to take a regular class eventually but for now this is adequate.

(#42) Get over my fear of heights
~ I am actually going to mark this one off. This summer I went rappelling and climbed the side of a cliff without any ropes(!), I would have gotten further if my arms weren’t off the short, t-rex variety! I wouldn’t say that heights don’t scare me anymore but I don’t let it stop/immobilize me from doing something anymore if it’s up high. This is an amazing feeling!! I need to give my brothers a huge thank you because the motivation of not being teased for the foreseeable future is rather great haha *thumbs up*

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Day 365 ~ daily gratitude (#4 is DONE!)

Day 365

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I do push-ups or sit-ups to warm myself up instead of turning up the heat

(2) I get to make a short morning exercise program for Hulkhands!

(3) my mom taking my son for a sleepover tonight! (Thanks Mom :))

(4) I get to spend the evening ringing in the new year with some of my favourite people *excited happy dance*

(5) new beginnings and adventures!! Bring on 2015!!!


This is all DONE as of today and it was actually a lot of fun most days! I am a rather optimistic person so I didn’t find it too challenging but there were some days where it was close to impossible to find five things to be grateful for in a 24 hour period. I think that anyone who does this will definitely find by the end of it that they will be a little more cheerful and you’ll find less things to complain about in any situation/setting 😀