Military Fit Plus & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Completed!

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 26: Endurance ~ Level 3/60 seconds each, once through — plank variations so fairly easy, basically an active rest day

Day 27: Full Circuit ~ Level 3/3 sets for all levels, no rest between sets: Set 1 = 30sec each exercise; Set 2 = 40sec each exercise; Set 3 = 60sec each exercise *30sec jumping jacks after each exercise. — A really fun workout especially now that I wasn’t feeling sick anymore!

Day 28: Gravity ~ Level 3/5 sets — the weights were a little all over the place today. I used 25#’s on the bicep curls and upright rows, 20#’s on the bent over rows, 15#’s on the lat arm raises and bent over flys, and 30#’s on the dead lifts. The back section in between the weights was brutal! Teeth gritting hard!

Day 29: Cardio & Core ~ Level 3/7 sets — not much to say other than I loved this workout!

Day 30: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets *30sec squat hops at the start of every set* — opted out of the ‘to failure’ option for the plank and squat hold today as it was a challenge to get through just the bare minimum on Level 3 for this last day. I used 25#’s on everything except for the renegade row push-ups and I used 15#’s on those.

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 27 ~ 700 jumping jacks (350/350)

Day 28 ~ 320 high knees (1 set)

Day 29 ~ 750 jumping jacks (375/375)

Day 30 ~ 340 high knees (1 set)

My final total for the snowball fight in The Hive on Darebee was: 1,502 snowballs dodged, which means that many burpees done in a weeks time, and that I threw 3,004 snowballs to other members on the forum 😛
It was a lot of fun and I’ve had improvements in my set amounts when it comes to burpees from this event alone! *thumbs up*


Military Fit Plus ~ D17-25 + Cardio Blast Challenge ~ D18-26

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 17: Full Circuit ~ all levels 3 sets/no rest between sets — *30 seconds side to side hops after each exercise*

Day 18: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets — used 20# dumbbells for everything except the punches I used 15# dumbbells for those and I did the push-up planks to failure for the first two reps.

Day 19: Power Circuit ~
Level 3/7 sets *1min high knees at the start of each set* — I did the full planks and L-sit to failure each set

Day 20: Trials ~ I hit the target for high knees: 10 minutes non-stop. The target for push-ups I surpassed for a total of 110reps in two minutes. The rep to time looked like this: 48secs = 50reps, 1:11 = 70reps, 1:35 = 90reps, & 2:00 = 110reps. And I hit 79reps for sit-ups in two minutes. I was soooo close to hitting the target amount which was 80-100reps.

Day 21: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets — I used 25# dumbbells on the bicep curls and press, 15# dumbbells on the lat. raises, and 50# dumbbell for the triceps extensions

Day 22: 8-Count ~ Level 3/50reps — this was a little awkward at the beginning, but once I got my groove it went by very quickly.

Day 23: Speed & Stealth ~ Level 3/7 sets — quick and easy, a nice break with all the burpees I had to do today.

Day 24: Century Round ~ all levels 100reps each — I did everything in either one or two sets.

Day 25: A Cup of Tea ~ Level 3/10 sets — a fun workout with the sandbag (35lb), but I slowly started running out of steam at the sixth set and was moving very slowly come the tenth set.

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Military Fit Plus D13-16 + Cardio Blast D13-17 + Fit Xmas Completed

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 13: Flexibility ~ Level 3/5 sets/60 seconds **3 minute march steps non-stop warm-up** — sooooo relaxing!!

Day 14: Combat ~ Level 1/5 sets — shadow boxing with 30 knee to elbow crunches + 30 push-ups as active rest between sets

Day 15: Obstacle Run ~ Level 1/3 sets — did some jogging instead of the high knees as those are uncomfortable right now. Done only on level 1 made this workout go by very quickly!

Day 16: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/5 sets (35# sandbag) — not a difficult workout and I missed the sandbag 🙂

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Military Fit Plus, Fitness Advent, & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 5 & 6

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 5 ~ Level 3/7 sets — I skipped the push-up plank to failure this time around because of time. I used 20lb dumbbells for the curls and 10lb dumbbells for the overhead punches and punches.

Day 6 ~ Level 3/7 sets — I opted against the sit-ups to failure as that would have been over 300reps each time (O_o) and that’s way too time consuming! I did do the leg raises and hundreds to failure each set though and I used a 20lb dumbbell for the sitting twists.

2016 Fitness Advent Calendar

Days 5 & 6 ~ completed!

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 5 ~ 150 jumping jacks (1 set)

Day 6 ~ 100 high knees (1 set)

Posture & Super Saiyan Challenges ~ Days 26 & 27

Posture Challenge

Day 26 ~ 50 micro expansions/3 sets

Day 27 ~ 42 side bends x2

Super Saiyan Challenge

Day 26 ~ 300 sit-ups (1 set) + 700 squats (150 basic/100 shrimp/150 sumo/100 split/100 plie/100 single leg) — I hadn’t done 300 sit-ups in a row in a few months and I was curious if I could still do it or not. I can, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it… and it was so time-consuming!

Day 27 ~ 300 push-ups (50 classic/50 staggered/50 decline/50 triangle/25 accordion/50 wide grip/25 cross body) + 1800 punches (600/600/600)

Strength Protocol & Totals Programs ~ Days 26 & 27

Strength Protocol Program

Day 26: back & biceps ~ Level 3/5 sets — a fun workout. I definitely enjoy the ‘back & biceps’ days the most I think 🙂

Day 27: legs ~ Level 3/5 sets — rough workout after a longer run this morning! I wasn’t certain I would finish it on Level 3 today, but I eked it out!

Totals Program

Day 26~ 60 half jacks + 60 jumping jacks + 60 seal jacks (all in one go, no rest) + 60 knee-to-elbows (1 set)

Day 27~ 80 push-ups (46/34) + 300 punches (1 set)