New Study ~ Smells and Autism

I randomly came across this while surfing the web a few days ago, I thought it was interesting. I don’t think this test would work for all cases of ASD as not all have sensory issues with all the senses. Like my son doesn’t seem to have any issues with smell, only with all the other senses.

But, it could be a good early indicator for getting an assessment done though, early intervention is so important!

Smells and Autism Study


General Sensory Issues

This is a post from my other, now deleted blog, so just re-posting it here!


I would consider Sensory Issues to be perceiving and/or reacting to any/all the 5 senses in a way that is not considered common. This is very normal for children with Autism as they see/interact with everything around them in a very different manner than someone who isn’t on the Spectrum.

Once you start, or have finished, your complete assessment and have your diagnosis you may start noticing (if you didn’t beforehand) that some or all the 5 senses are difficult or fascinating to your child.

The simple act of turning a light on and off over and over can be mesmerizing to one child on the Spectrum and debilitating to another. This can be difficult to manage especially if your child is non-verbal and you can’t see in the moment what could be upsetting them to the point of screaming.
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