Last Collage Update & it’s DONE!! (#71)

I finished about an hour ago, it’s the bdrm first and then the upstairs hallway area. I didn’t do the bathroom, I did try, but everything just kept falling off and/or getting wrecked, it was annoying and I got sick of re-doing what I had up all the time. A damp, steamy room is no good for paper and tape, unfortunately. It ended up taking just over a year to get it all done and I wish that I didn’t have to take it down, basically, right away…. 😦 That’ll be just as much work as I am going to try to keep as much as I am able to salvage. At least, I was able to finish it up and get one more thing crossed off my list. I will likely do something like this again in the future as I really, really don’t like plain walls at all!

Collage - Bdrm 4 (1)

Collage - Bdrm 4 (2)

The Last of the Photos


Downstairs is COMPLETE ~ !

I have finished the entire downstairs of my place! I am so pleased with myself and I’m excited with how much I’ve gotten done 😀 This is the furthest I have ever gotten with this project!

I started this in July last year (2012) and if I work at an area/room every week I could be down by July this year. I think that I am going to work towards that goal. The only thing that could impede that continual progress is if I run out of stuff. At this point it doesn’t look like I will but I don’t know how a wall is going to come together until I start working on it.

Collage - Hallway 3 (1)

Collage - Hallway 3 (2)
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Collage Update ~ Living Room DONE!

I had thought that I would go on to the hallway next but I decided to finish the living room first. This way I can just continue upstairs once I finish in the hallway. It seemed like a more logically way of going about it, at least to me anyway.
I apologize for any blurriness in the pictures, that thing (being my camera) is still a huge source of frustration and unfocused photos for me.  I’ll have to start seriously looking into something else soon, it’s getting ridiculous…

Anyway on to the photos 🙂

Collage - Lvg Rm 4 (1)

Collage - Lvg Rm 4 (2)
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a long overdue collage update !

I was looking through my media library to see when I did my last collage update and I realized that the last one was in September! I didn’t think that it was that long ago that I put some pics of it but apparently I was wrong! So here is an update of how that is going. Last month I finished the wall going up the stairs and I haven’t done much lately on it partly because of so little time but also because I am running out of tape! I’ll hopefully get some more next week and then I don’t have to worry about running out anymore.

Collage - Kitchen 2 (1)

Collage - Kitchen 2 (2)

Collage - Kitchen 2 (3)


Collage Progress Photos ~

I’ve been able to work on this five or six times since starting in July. I had some issues with getting my camera to work properly to actually get decent photos it was ridiculous!
Most of my focus has been in the kitchen and hallway downstairs but I am trying to get parts done throughout the house bit by bit. I will likely get some more done in the next two or three days so pictures to follow if I do add more stuff 😀


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