Day 34 ~ an AM challenge, some fitness plans

Day 34 ~ February 25th, 2017

This morning was one where I wish it was easier for my son to move past certain things/situations. He really wanted something that I couldn’t physically give him and couldn’t seem to continue on with the day because of it. We got close and then the fixation came back and derailed the whole re-direct… *sigh* Thankfully this didn’t go on all day, but it would’ve been great to get past it sooner rather than later.

I’ve organized my daily workouts right up until my first race at the beginning of April. I have a good idea of what I want to start right after that, but I’ll need to see how I feel after the race. I imagine I won’t be too much worse for wear as it’s only a 10km, but again it’s in an area that I’ve never been so I can’t be 100% certain of that outcome. Running and daily yoga and push-ups I plan to continue doing regardless obviously. The rest has not been decided yet though as there are so many possibilities! 😀

On another short fitness note, my push-up totals towards my annual amount as of today is: 6,794/20,017. I will finish it by summer I think, but I will continue with the daily tallies as I want to see what number I finish at for the year.

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ listening to some old tunes with fun bass lines!
~ starting back with weights in March until my first race
~ seeing things throughout the day that randomly made me grin
~ that my son is doing more and more body breaks independently or without needing me to physically move him through it *thumbs up*
~ barefoot running

Cheers ~ ✌


Day 33 ~ sonic heel-toe express

Day 33 ~ February 24th, 2017

I was awake early this morning and it’s been quite productive! That’s such a good feeling ~
I would like this to be part of my daily regimen again because it helps me sleep better at night. I slept like a rock last night, I don’t think I changed positions once and then when I moved I ended up just getting out of bed.
Anyway… glad that the rest of the day was as productive I suppose!

Zipped my workouts and yoga out first thing this AM so all I need to do is a run a little later this afternoon. It’s warm(ish) and sunny out so I will attempt an outdoor run. So excited!! Definitely sick of running in circles at the track! The first race is coming up soon too, right at the start of April, so just over a month. Time is going by so quickly, 5 weeks isn’t that far away at all. Getting pumped it’s in area that I’ve walked and cycled before here (not the exact route, just the general area), but never ran anywhere nearby so it will be new for me.

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ that my day started so early so I’ve accomplished a lot today!
~ getting some banana bread baked
~ kind of being caught up on the laundry for once!
~ running outside!!!!!!!!
~ my son getting so excited about a squirrel in the back yard and sharing it with me 😀

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 32 ~ the quickest blip!

Day 32 ~ February 23rd, 2017

-_- … I’ve not done much on my computer lately other than Pre-Calc so basically all the regular stuff that I do has fallen to the wayside. It’s taking up way more time than I anticipated and it sucks. I’ll get something of a reprieve over spring break in about two weeks because the school will be closed so I can take my time moving through the units. I’m already starting on the Mid-Term review so I don’t need to worry about falling behind in the course either.

Not much else to say as my days are kind of blurred together they are so similar the last couple of weeks!

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ A lovely stranger helping me out with the electronic parking meter as I’d never used one before today. And they had amazing manners, which is a rarity these days!
~ Beautiful, warm spring-like weather ❤
~ Picking up another daily push-up challenge/activity. This one will focus on harder variations *rubs hands together in glee*
~ BTS (방탄소년단) Comeback *happy dancing* All of the awesome sauce!

Not Today – often the first song I put on in my car since it came out 🐱

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 31 ~ all over the map

Day 31 ~ February 13th, 2017

I was doing pretty good with this every day and then I kind of slipped out of the habit again. I will keep at it though, eventually I will find a system that works!

Attempted to do a full Harry Potter movie marathon this long weekend. We would have been able to do it too if I didn’t have any engagements the next day like watching the kiddo and a 40 minute run. I wouldn’t have functioned well enough the next day for either of those things if we’d pushed through the last three movies. At least we’ve got a good idea of how we’ll go about if for next time. It’s gonna happen before the summer time for sure though!

Slightly vexing news from last week, my son got kicked out of the pool on Friday before his swimming lessons started. Swimming lessons that I will add were specifically for children with disabilities/special needs!!
He was running on the pool deck, but there really isn’t much to do to get him to stop that. For my son there isn’t ‘walking’ or ‘running’ it’s just ‘moving’. The speed of movement isn’t something he can understand in the slightest. Plus, the physical stopping of the running would have created a bigger issue that would have resulted in him throwing himself around and crashing, which to me is an even bigger safety concern as he is purposely trying to hurt himself at that point. Apparently one the lifeguards restrained him as well and I am hoping to get a name sometime tomorrow because they are getting a really pissy phone call and a formal complaint. If I had gone with them, like I do sometimes, I would have knocked this woman out if I’d seen that happen!

Anyway on from that, I’ve gotten one longer run in this week of 60 minutes that ended up being just over 11km *fist pump* and I did a 40 minute run today that got me just over 8km! That’s a great consistent pace and I am insanely happy with it 😀 I am looking forward to when it’s finally dry and warm enough to get running outdoors again. Running around in circles at the track for another over 30 minutes is extremely boring!

Things I am grateful for today:

~ I’ve gotten most of my son’s new physical therapy equipment this past week. Only waiting for one more thing!
~ I’m doing great with the daily push-ups and pull-ups. It would be cool to finally hit 20 pull-ups by the end of the month.
~ Finally getting through a math lesson that was bogging me down.
~ That my back doesn’t seem to be sore today.
~ Feeling a ton more comfortable driving than when I started *big thumbs up*

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 29 ~ coming out of the tunnel… to more snow :P

Day 29 ~ February 4th, 2017

*sigh* it’s been a tough few days here with the kiddo… Thankfully these kinds of days don’t happen all that often, maybe a 5-10 times a year, but when they do it is always incredibly overwhelming because it hasn’t been my “normal” for a very long time.

So, that craziness combined with trying to get work done on my Pre-Calc course, the daily chores, plus attempting to get some stuff off of my ever-growing ‘to-do’ list, my son’s schooling/therapy/body breaks/hygiene/meals, issues with my computer, and my daily workout and such has made for a very tired Val….

All of that I know is contributing to my terrible sleep the last few nights as well. I know the irritability I’m feeling is simply from just being extra tired and is not helping any of it -_-

But, today has been better than the last two and despite those earlier tough days for my son, he’s done amazing with all of his schoolwork! He even got through two days worth of stuff yesterday he was so focused on doing school stuff. So, not all bad, just more difficult than I would like!!

Well… I suppose the above is kind of my last few days seriously summarized so not much else to say. It’s snowed for most of yesterday and today so there’s lots of snow on the ground again. I don’t mind all that much because it means that temperatures will be warmer for at least a little while. I do love seeing the sunshine this time of the year, but days like that are typically freezing and I despise being cold!!

Things that I am grateful for today (and last two days too!):

~ not losing my temper
~ getting almost three weeks of schoolwork organized for my son
~ my punching bag
~ I got the big bean bag stitched up and the refill put in
~ the walls washed in my son’s room
~ going for a run yesterday at the track
~ increased reps for my pull-ups this morning
~ cinnamon. It make so many things, so very tasty!
~ small heating pads to sleep with
~ trimming my hair and my son’s hair

#23 ~ Learn to meditate ~ DONE

As of February 29, 2016 I can officially mark this off my list 😀

Learning to meditate is something I wanted to learn for a long time and I’m glad the opportunity presented itself via Darebee and its monthly challenge, you can see it here.

I liked that it was simple, which makes sense because it is meant to be as uncomplicated as possible.
I particularly enjoyed the Equal Breathing, that got me right into the zone real quick! The OM Mantra totally didn’t work for me, because quite frankly it was so boring and made it seem like work. Moving from thought to thought until I ran out of things to think about and focusing on my breathing is what worked best for me.

And even though this challenge is finished I plan to continue doing ten to fifteen minutes, at least, a day for the foreseeable future as it is soooo relaxing ~ ~ !

Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30 ~ What do you think of someone who has bad manners?

When I meet someone who has bad manners, or is just overall lacking in general courtesy, my impression of you will drop drastically. I believe manners are so important and being rude or inconsiderate is completely uncalled for in almost all situations. The only time I will drop the use of manners or lessen them to a degree is if someone is rude/inconsiderate to me first.

Actually this reminds of a little girl at the grocery store about a week or so ago now.
We were about to move through the end of an aisle and we let her and her mom, who pushing a stroller and holding a baby, pass by us before we moved through the aisle opening. The little girl as she passed by gave me clear eye contact and said “thank you” with this huge smile on her face.
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