a lil’ Vancouver and a tattoo sitting ~

I am super late in posting this!!!

I had a quick trip to Vancouver about 3 weeks ago now. It seems like so much time has passed, but it totally hasn’t at all!

My trip started out a bit rocky, with the Coquihalla getting a snow storm that day (and on through the night) and truckers not having chains on their rigs. There are signs posted all over the route saying you need to have them until the end of March and come on, it’s Canada, so of course there is still going to be snow at this time of year!! Idiots ~~~
So, this meant that the bus ended up being two and a half hours late because that is how long we spent sitting on the highway not moving more than a few feet every ten minutes, if that, as all these trucks were in the way.
I very nearly wasn’t able to check in to my hotel and the idea of wandering a city I had never been to all night long sounded, quite frankly, terrifying! I do not travel well alone, especially to places I haven’t been to before. Thankfully, that got sorted out and I was able to check-in, and I fell asleep within about a handful of minutes of getting into my room. I was so tired! I was, also, up early though as I couldn’t figure out how to shut the darn blinds and just gave up so the sunrise woke me up!


It didn’t end up being a bad thing, I got out nice and early for a walk and search for coffee, while also checking out where the tattoo shop was on the way. Both the shop and coffee were very close together so it was a productive morning 🙂



The sitting went as good as it could go, though I wasn’t a shivering wreck this time, so that was a plus! It was a long one again, he got lots done, and it felt awful ~~ hahaha

BUT… it looks absolutely beautiful, so it’s worth it!

18th sitting - March 16, 2015

After my sitting, me and a friend decided to head to Stanley Park for a walk/hike. And I am glad we did, it was nice out and we saw Otters and baby Squirrels 😀 so cute~~~~~!




And hit up Golden Age Comics in downtown Vancouver, which was AWESOME!!! I wish I had, had more money because I would have gotten so much stuff!

There is a lot I didn’t get a chance to see as it was a quick trip, and my primary reason for going was to get a sitting in for my back piece, but I’ve got a ‘to-do’ list now for when I am able to go for another visit to the city.


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