Music Review ~ Natalia Kills

Artist: Natalia Kills
# of Albums: One studio album – “Perfectionist”
Genre: Pop
Rating Out of Five: Four
Years Active: 1995 – Present (1995 to 2010 – Under other various names)

I very rarely watch MuchMusic or listen to the radio and things like that as there seems to be very little substantial music these days and it depresses me sometimes. But anyway moving on from the small tangent, I came across her in one of the extremely few instances that I watched the MuchMusic Countdown a while back now.

She actually really reminds me of Lady Gaga but I prefer her over Lady Gaga. She has a very eccentric sense of fashion like her and even her voice is similar, but the thing that I like about her is her lyrics and music. It has, I think, more of a rock feel to it, it’s difficult to pinpoint when I sit down and really think about it. I feel that her lyrics are more real and less strange, which is something that I can really respect.
I really enjoy most of her debut studio album “Perfectionist” and I hope that she is able to release a second one as I would like to see how her music progresses. It’s definitely worth a listen.