Music Review ~ “I See Stars”

Artist: I See Stars
Albums: 3-D (2009), The End of the World Party (2011), Digital Renegade (2012), New Demons (TBA – Summer 2013)
Genre: Electronicore Rock (Rock, Alternative, Dance, Punk, Metal)
Years Active: 2006-Present
Rating Out of Five: 5

For fans of: Coheed and Cambria, Crown the Empire, Sleeping With Sirens

This band is such a fun mixture of genres!! Although the technical term is Electronicore Rock (WTF?!) that isn’t what will be popping through your head when you are listening to it.

I am pretty sure that I came across this band via Punk Goes Pop but I honestly can’t recall for certain. Either way, they are fabulous!! I always have them on my iPod now, it’s become a staple.