*The back piece that is soon to end

Just a super quick post today 🙂 I do have some other queued stuff that I should have up soon!

Feb 17, 2015 - 17th sitting

Had my 17th sitting for my back piece a couple of days ago now and now I am a stiff, itchy mess ~ ~

My artist got lots done, all upper back/shoulder area, and covered up the very middle between my shoulder blades. He is retiring by the end of Spring next year so need to get it all finished before then!

I’ll hopefully get out to Vancouver mid to late March for another sitting at his shop there. I want to get as much done before Summer rolls around here!!


* and one more thing ~~~

I got one final Christmas gift last night from my brother!! And it is, of course, Star Wars themed hahaha

The Star Wars Cookbook!

And it comes with three cutters too 😀

I am really looking forward to making Star Wars shaped biscuits and other goodies.

Next on my baking agenda will be: Clone Scones, Wookie Cookies, C-3POatmeal Crisps & 3-Layer Admiral Ack-Bars!!!!!!!!!!!!

***HAPPY DANCE*** Thank you ~~ ! *hugs*

**a few of my gifties & never too much Star Wars!

A small peek at some of the stuff I got for Xmas. I am running out of available space to upload pictures so I am only going to show a handful. I still need to do one last post for monthly snapshots too!!

One of my favourite beers!! It is so tasty *smacks lips*

An ero-graphic novel that is autobiographical fiction. I can see why it got great reviews as it is fantastic!

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bookworm She-HULK ~~~ *smirk*

Ok so the punching bag was put up a couple of days ago!! As far as my gym goes there is only one more thing that needs to be set up for it to be all finished! Super stoked 😀 I’m gonna be a She-Hulk *snicker* Plus, think I may start running again too. I am still waffling a little on that but I’ll be less busy now so I’ll prolly start this next week. [Yes, I know I am CRAZY~~~ it’s gonna be COLD!]


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