Autism Sites ~ Info

This page is for sites pertaining to general information about Autism and sites with/and Autism Societies attached to them.

Autism Speaks Canada

~ Autism Speaks Canada Research Page — a lot of links to sites with a ton of interesting information in regards to studies being done with/for/about Autism. One of my favourites!

~ What is Autism? From Autism Speaks Canada — very simplified information

~ Autism Canada Homepage

~ About Autism with PDF Download link — this page has very little information on it, It does have four sub-headings on this page to the left but they are not simplified. I include it only because it has a link to a PDF download for the Canadian Physicians Autism Handbook. The PDF is 40 pages long and is actually quite informative if you suspect your child may be Autistic.

If you think your child is Autistic then the best course of action is to make an appointment with a doctor (or family doctor) and this will lead to referrals to everything that is needed to begin and/or a part of an official assessment. As a parent who wholehearted didn’t think my child was even remotely on the Spectrum at the beginning, I do not suggest doing a self-assessment on your child as it is very hard to stay unbiased and can mean your child stays undiagnosed. The earlier the detection then the better off for your child!

~ Autism Society Canada Homepage

~ Autism Society Canada: Understanding Spectrum Disorders

~ One Place for Special Needs
A site that complies all kinds of information, resources, and links for parents/caregivers of individuals on the Spectrum.

More to come, this will be a continually work in progress!!


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