Day 36 ~ childhood snippets

Day Thirty-Six ~ September 7th, 2018

Just under a month for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey **happy dancing** I can’t wait! It looks like they built off all the awesome new game play for Origins and added some extra rad things. Not long to go now, but it is tough to wait for this game!! Fingers crossed that I stay so busy with the kid’s school schedule that I don’t even notice the time going by anymore.



Day 18 ~ misplaced his precious and a new SLP

Day Eighteen ~ August 20th, 2018

A meetings filled morning today which included my son meeting his new Speech Therapist. She seems like a cool chick and is easy to talk to for both me and my kiddo so I think they will be a good fit. Mostly just chatted about some goals for the new school year and took stock of where he is at and we have a good plan in place so far. Things always get checked and re-worked throughout the year as per his skills and daily needs so I am looking forward to his progress 🙂

On the less exciting side of things… my son misplaced his favourite duct taped Powerade “bracelet” (it’s a label from a bottle) early this afternoon and he was so sad! Thankfully it wasn’t lost to us forever because the poor guy was beside himself with the loss! My little dude feels so deeply about some of the oddest things, but it is endearing and I’m glad we found it.

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Day 69 ~ small changed direction

Day 69 ~ January 15th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: adscititious ~ added or derived from an external source; additional
Today’s Calendar Quote:Tao is the storehouse of all things. It is the good man’s treasure and the bad man’s refuge.” — Lao Tzu

Kiddo is back and forth temperament-wise today and stim-ing as well… They happen now and then, but I am so grateful they are on the “not-so-often” end of things for him because they can be tough days!


Day 35 ~ slight procrastinating… , daily pretzel continues

Day 35 ~ March 4th, 2017

I haven’t worked on any Math since Wednesday… It’s technically the Mid-Term review I am on now so no new stuff to go over this week. But, I’ll get a bunch of that assignment done on Sunday and on Tuesday as I don’t write that exam until Wednesday. So, I’ve got lots of time to get it finished and I kind of need it completely quiet when I work on it too. And, well… quiet doesn’t exist at home if the kidlet and everyone else is home too 😛

I’ve continued on with daily yoga since the beginning of 2017 and I am pleased to see the progress in my flexibility even if it is slow progress. The things that I am most pleased with at this time is that I can place my heels flat in downward dog and I place my palms flat in forward fold. I never thought I’d do that so quickly!
Until the end of March I’ll be continuing on with Yoga With Adriene and then starting up some runner specific yoga that I will mix in with some strength yoga routines as well in the months afterwards. I’d still love to take a few classes just to really make sure I’m getting the poses just right, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in many of them.

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ I’ve managed to start and finish a few books over the last couple of days! This hasn’t happened in months and it feel awesome!!
~ I got all the new visual symbols for my son’s SLP (Speech Therapy) Core Words glued down this week. They are technically in his AAC device, but I wanted to have the symbols physically on hand just in case and it makes it easier to use immediately through the day. Now I just need to cut them out and tape them up.
~ I still have decent progress with my splits even after not doing them for a while
~ so sunny today!!!!!
~ starting some sunflower seeds indoors this morning with my son

Cheers ~ ✌

Learning Types ~ Why This Can Help

One more re-post 🙂 and then I can start working on my horribly procrastinated drafts!!


This doesn’t necessarily pertain specifically to Autism or any Spectrum Disorders but knowing about the different styles of learning and what style you personally are can be very helpful in perceiving how your child thinks or acts.

About a year before my son was diagnosed I started doing some online schooling to teach English as a second language and the first thing you learn is about the different learning styles and what your own learning style is as well. They do this so you as a teacher can gear your lessons for all your students and not just one group of learners.
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