Day 129 ~ expansion headway

Day 129 ~ March 17th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: eggcorn ~ a word or phrase that is a seemingly logical alteration of another word or phrase that sounds similar.

This morning is the earliest morning yet with Bolt awake at about 3:30am…. By the evening I know I’ll definitely be feeling it and I likely be cranky. I can guarantee it’ll take me no time at all to fall asleep tonight when I finally get to bed.

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Day 108 ~ mindless vortex

Day 108 ~ February 23rd, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: periapt ~ an item worn as a charm or amulet.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear.” — Lao Tzu

It is another cold day and it snowed again -_-
Coming to the end of February and it is a little odd that it keeps snowing (at least I think so ??). The weather has been so weird the last few years here it’s difficult to know what should be typical anymore.

At least we got outside to play on the huge snow pile and side common area again for a while this afternoon. Too bad the sun didn’t make an appearance, but the kidlet still had fun.

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Day 32 ~ the quickest blip!

Day 32 ~ February 23rd, 2017

-_- … I’ve not done much on my computer lately other than Pre-Calc so basically all the regular stuff that I do has fallen to the wayside. It’s taking up way more time than I anticipated and it sucks. I’ll get something of a reprieve over spring break in about two weeks because the school will be closed so I can take my time moving through the units. I’m already starting on the Mid-Term review so I don’t need to worry about falling behind in the course either.

Not much else to say as my days are kind of blurred together they are so similar the last couple of weeks!

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ A lovely stranger helping me out with the electronic parking meter as I’d never used one before today. And they had amazing manners, which is a rarity these days!
~ Beautiful, warm spring-like weather ❤
~ Picking up another daily push-up challenge/activity. This one will focus on harder variations *rubs hands together in glee*
~ BTS (방탄소년단) Comeback *happy dancing* All of the awesome sauce!

Not Today – often the first song I put on in my car since it came out 🐱

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 30 ~ ready for the sandman and pretzel-mode with the kiddo

Day 30 ~ February 5th, 2017

It’s the end of the day and I am extremely sleepy so hopefully I get a good sleep tonight. Last night definitely sucked, ended up only getting about 3 hours and I did a ton of working out this morning/early afternoon too so that should help tucker me out!

I am over 2,000 push-ups for the annual quest of 20,017 by the end of the year as of today. I did almost 600reps today alone *phew* my chest and shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow for sure! I think I am going to set my minimum daily amount at 100reps so I don’t end up falling anymore behind than I am at the moment. I don’t think it’s by too much now, but better to do more and finish early than get behind and need to do more than body can handle, especially towards the end.

Things I am grateful for today:

~ realizing that driving in snow isn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be 🙂
~ lots of exercising today
~ doing yoga with my son –> Day 5 of Yoga Camp via Yoga With Adriene on YouTube
~ getting the errands done early and quickly this morning
~ that I don’t need caffeine to get through my day even when I am sleepy *thumbs up*

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 19 ~ I guess they can’t all be good days

Day 19 ~ January 5th, 2017

My son was all over the map today just incredibly dis-regulated! When this happens it’s tough to get the day into any sort of routine because he kind of stays ‘stuck’ in an overstimulated state even if I can get him going through his body breaks. The fact that he has a cough (again… *sigh*) doesn’t help matters in the slightest either! I hope tomorrow is a better day for him.

With my surgery on Monday and being stuck in a house with three other people who are not healthy is a bit stressful. I’ve gotten better, and stayed better, for about a week now and I’d like for this trend to continue. I’d thought about going to the track this afternoon, but decided on running stairs instead and that had me working up a good sweat.

I did Day 5 of #YogaRevolution this evening and the weird ‘freestyle’ for the first part was definitely not my jam. So, it wasn’t as relaxing as the previous four days, but that’s ok and still looking forward to tomorrows session.

Now for some relaxing, maybe listen to music or read, and then sleep!

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 18 ~ A.M. burrows & pretzel-ing commences

Day 18 ~ January 4th, 2017

I unintentionally slept in this morning. That is a rarity, but it’s been so cold it’s difficult to get up from under the covers! And thanks to more yoga this evening I am already feeling tired enough to go to sleep!

Last night I decided to do Day 2 of #YogaRevolution and I did Day 3 this morning and Day 4 this evening. I really wanted to get caught up to the daily uploads. I am loving these daily yoga workouts so far and they are equally relaxing and challenging.

Another productive day all things considered and it’s a great feeling!

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 17 ~ icicle fingers, more maths, #yogarevolution & surgery date

Day 17 ~ January 3rd, 2017

It’s cold, really cold here. -21°C but actually feels like -28°C this morning…. *shivers*
This is incredibly cold for this area, the windows have frost/ice on the inside of them in the kitchen! Looks like it’s slowly supposed to get a little warmer by the weekend, but it’s expected to snow so that’s the reason for that and then temps drop again.
I don’t think I’ve managed to get and keep my nose or fingers warm at all today. It’s annoying and makes fine motor movement difficult so lots of dropping going on!

Getting Pre-Calc 11 underway now that the Winter Break is over. Hopefully be able to go print some stuff off at the school in about an hour so I can get that started. I hope that it isn’t too difficult for me to do as Math is definitely not my strong suit…

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