Day 12 ~ big one right at the start

Day 12 ~ November 19th, 2017

I got done a few things with the kiddo this morning, lots of school work and crafts, and now we are almost a whole weekend ahead! It will make his portfolio look pretty swanky that is for certain and I’m sure at some point we will have a tougher week that will set us right back on target 😛 This is almost always how it ends up working out!

Today is my first real rest day in a very long time. It has been difficult to keep myself from doing anything that I might normally do… Thankfully I am usually very busy so I am not stuck sitting doing nothing and mentally putting myself through the wringer!
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Day 8 ~ workout weekend thoughts

Day 8 – November 15th, 2017

*sigh* If I miss one day then it’s so likely that I will miss two… I’ve been so sore (hard DOMS) the last few days so sitting at my computer wasn’t appealing. Plus, with the snow melting this past week I wanted to get out to the yards to clean up most of the leaves before it snowed again and lost my chance.
I worked my core too hard this weekend, it’s a mistake I haven’t made in a long time and I’ve mentally berated myself several times over the last few days. I won’t make this mistake again!

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Day 3 ~ busy, busy, busy

Done yesterday but had some computer issues (that are continuing into today -_-) so posting it now and today’s post is still to before the end of the day!

Day 3 – November 7th, 2017

Well my workout was tough this morning because it was so dang cold and getting my daily workout done first thing is not easy either! My preference when exercising is being barefoot (honestly I’m like this all the time cause I hate socks!) so my toes were little, sore icicles before I even hit the halfway mark. I am very thankful for slippers today 😛
And it was lower body for Day 2 in the Mutation Split and I didn’t completely hate it. Leg day is not remotely close to being my favourite muscle group to work, but I don’t slack on it anymore either.

On a great side to this my push-up numbers are improving almost weekly now *fist pump* I’m doing a set rep amount daily and it’s increased every week by 2reps/day. So last week it was 78reps/day and this week is 80reps/day and I’m attributing my progress across several push-up variations to this regular activity. Of course it’s something put together via The Hive and the forum topic can be found here. We call ourselves The Pushers!

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Day 30 ~ ready for the sandman and pretzel-mode with the kiddo

Day 30 ~ February 5th, 2017

It’s the end of the day and I am extremely sleepy so hopefully I get a good sleep tonight. Last night definitely sucked, ended up only getting about 3 hours and I did a ton of working out this morning/early afternoon too so that should help tucker me out!

I am over 2,000 push-ups for the annual quest of 20,017 by the end of the year as of today. I did almost 600reps today alone *phew* my chest and shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow for sure! I think I am going to set my minimum daily amount at 100reps so I don’t end up falling anymore behind than I am at the moment. I don’t think it’s by too much now, but better to do more and finish early than get behind and need to do more than body can handle, especially towards the end.

Things I am grateful for today:

~ realizing that driving in snow isn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be 🙂
~ lots of exercising today
~ doing yoga with my son –> Day 5 of Yoga Camp via Yoga With Adriene on YouTube
~ getting the errands done early and quickly this morning
~ that I don’t need caffeine to get through my day even when I am sleepy *thumbs up*

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 28 ~ I am ready for tomorrow *fist pump*

Day 28 ~ January 31st, 2017

I spent the morning out doing errands and getting a test done at school. I did really well on it, but I expected that to happen as I did well on the hand-in and all the practice assignments. I hope the next unit isn’t to difficult to understand, it’s about Rational Expressions I think. I can’t seem to recall anything about it from the review course(s) last year though…. *Fingers crossed*

I am up to 1,034 of 20,017 for the annual push-ups as of today. I did dragon, triangle, archer, cross body, and raised leg variations this afternoon. And I am really sore tonight as I’ve done just over 600reps over the last two days. I think I am still actually behind by about 700reps(-ish) still to finish on time if I eventually want to just do a set amount of 50-60reps a day. If I continue with the high rep volume I won’t stay behind, but it does mean that I am extra sore at least every other day!

Tomorrow I start two Darebee programs, another 30-day Yoga on YouTube with a couple of members from The Hive 😀 , and the monthly challenge from Darebee as well. It’s going to be a fun month!!

And well I am actually super sleepy now so going to head to bed and here’s hoping I get a decent night’s sleep!

Things I am grateful for today:

~ doing great on my Unit 2 math test
~ signing the paperwork for Respite for my son this morning
~ driving on the highway is getting less stressful
~ new sweaters!
~ getting even more clutter cleared from/in my desk

Day 21 ~ coming out of it and new (old) practices

Day 21 ~ January 20th, 2017

I am just coming out from a horrible cold the last few days. I had the worst death cough ever for the last week and a bit. My chest is absolutely killing me! I can’t remember when I was this sick, it’s got to be close to ten years, just ridiculous.
Thankfully it seems to be mostly behind me now, though it seems I am losing my voice a little…? At least that doesn’t cause me any discomfort though so I can’t say that I mind it.

I am glad that I kept up with all my regular exercising even with feeling like total crap for over a week. It was tough some days, especially with getting so little sleep every night.
The fact that I have stuck with Yoga daily for almost three weeks is kind of blowing my mind a bit. I’ve never stuck with a yoga program this long before, but I am so stoked that I’ve kept up with it. I think I will start another right after finishing this one too as it’s been an amazing daily practice for my achy body and for my busy mind.

Getting through the Pre-Calc 11 Math is difficult, not in terms of my ability, but in terms of interest. Dear god is math ever boring!!!! *bawling emoji here* Plus, I need basically complete quiet when working on it so I don’t lose focus and that is not something that happens all that often at home. And sitting still for long periods of time is near impossible for me so I can’t have any distractions while trying to do it either. I will get through it because I have to, but it is going to be a challenge for me!

I think I am going to do a daily 3-5 things I am grateful for again. Not for any specific purpose other than it’s a good practice that really makes a difference in overall mentality in the long run and I would like to pick it up once more.

So, starting today the things that I am grateful for are:

~ not needing to blow my nose ever few minutes
~ my son not being sick anymore either
~ finding a new Korean show to watch with minimal work at locating subtitles
~ that my son loves swimming!
~ above freezing temperatures

And on that, I think that’s it for today! Hopefully I can get back to these daily posts as I am so behind already!

Cheers ~ ✌

Ironborn Days 6-10 & Darebee x2 + Unoff. Hammer Curl Challenge ~ Days 6 to 9

Ironborn Program

Day 6: back & biceps ~ 25lb dumbbells for the bicep curls, 30lb dumbbells for the bent over rows, and 50lb dumbbells farmer’s walk

Day 7: legs ~ 50lb dumbbells for the squats and calf raises and 30lb dumbbells for both lunges

Day 8: abs ~ doubled all reps or time for each exercise

Day 9: shoulders, chest & triceps ~ 25lb dumbbells with the shoulder and chest press and 15lb dumbbells for the lateral and forward raises

Day 10: back & biceps ~ 50lb dumbbells for the shrugs, 30lb dumbbells for the deadlifts and alt. bicep curls, 25lb dumbbells for the upright rows, and used 15lb dumbbells for the renegade rows.

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