Day 52 ~ what I’ve been up to since summer started

Day 52 ~ August 19th, 2017

Yikes! It has been basically two months since my last post! With summer vacation arriving I spend so much time outside either for just myself or with my son. There have been plenty of days that I don’t turn my computer on, or it’s only on from about supper time to bedtime, which is a good thing!

I have a few posts to do for completing things off my bucket list and I will likely do one for my last race as well (this past Sunday). But first what has gone on lately!

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Day 51 ~ focus change, new goals

Day 51 ~ June 18th, 2017

It seems so strange to not be doing any Math during some of my free time on a Sunday… It’s awesome, but odd as I got into such a routine with it for nearly 6 months. So, so glad to be finished the course and I’m curious what my final grade for it is, but I won’t know that until I get my updated transcript in the mail in July most likely. I know I passed at least so that’s really all that matters and I don’t need to do anymore either *fist pump*

Lots of brainstorming/mulling over going on the last few weeks in regards to some new fitness goals. I achieved all my previous ones between last year and this year so I needed to get some new targets going to help me stay motivated.
I’ve decided to start working towards doing 100 push-ups in a row. Right now my max is 56 so I’ve got a way to go, but I enjoy push-ups and with a good, consistent plan I should be able to do it. I still plan to work at being able to do a front lever and a planche, I just won’t be super focused on them over the summer I don’t think.
Over the summer I will be mostly focused on running, try to get faster still, lots of leg & ab work, and still some weights as well. I want to be able to do 10 perfect pistol squats on each leg so hence the frequent leg work basically every other day.

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Day 35 ~ slight procrastinating… , daily pretzel continues

Day 35 ~ March 4th, 2017

I haven’t worked on any Math since Wednesday… It’s technically the Mid-Term review I am on now so no new stuff to go over this week. But, I’ll get a bunch of that assignment done on Sunday and on Tuesday as I don’t write that exam until Wednesday. So, I’ve got lots of time to get it finished and I kind of need it completely quiet when I work on it too. And, well… quiet doesn’t exist at home if the kidlet and everyone else is home too πŸ˜›

I’ve continued on with daily yoga since the beginning of 2017 and I am pleased to see the progress in my flexibility even if it is slow progress. The things that I am most pleased with at this time is that I can place my heels flat in downward dog and I place my palms flat in forward fold. I never thought I’d do that so quickly!
Until the end of March I’ll be continuing on with Yoga With Adriene and then starting up some runner specific yoga that I will mix in with some strength yoga routines as well in the months afterwards. I’d still love to take a few classes just to really make sure I’m getting the poses just right, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in many of them.

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ I’ve managed to start and finish a few books over the last couple of days! This hasn’t happened in months and it feel awesome!!
~ I got all the new visual symbols for my son’s SLP (Speech Therapy) Core Words glued down this week. They are technically in his AAC device, but I wanted to have the symbols physically on hand just in case and it makes it easier to use immediately through the day. Now I just need to cut them out and tape them up.
~ I still have decent progress with my splits even after not doing them for a while
~ so sunny today!!!!!
~ starting some sunflower seeds indoors this morning with my son

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 13 ~ it’s a process & burpees breaking 1K

Day 13 ~ December 22nd, 2016

At the beginning of this week changing some obsessive behaviour from my son commenced. These kinds of behaviours are typical for anyone with Special Needs/ASD (of varying degrees and natures) and working through them so they aren’t disruptive of your day in the long run is a process. For my son it includes being firm, using simple language, using visuals if available, and sometimes having a re-direct ready on a dime.

So to explain the situation here…
My son likes collecting and taking his movies from his dad’s place and my place in his backpack everywhere he goes. He doesn’t necessarily want to watch them at the different places he just wants to “have” them with him. This wasn’t really a problem at the beginning because he’d keep them in his backpack, but it slowly became one reusable bag and then another and another and yeah, you get the idea.
It was causing problems when going out in public because we can’t bring that much stuff with us everywhere and it impedes his involvement in physical activities in many cases.
Sunday evening and Monday morning were by far the worst days out of this week. Lots of screaming, crashing, and crying because we could no longer just have all the movies we desired within physical reach for when he wanted them.

Today is Thursday and besides a few couple minute windows of where he yelled a bit about how he didn’t like it, the new routine seems to be understood now. It only took a few days and I’m glad that even though the behaviour isn’t 100% curbed, it is dampened and he is willing to carry on with his day despite not getting what he wants. A big win!

I got some more shortbread cookies baked this afternoon. These batches without the nutmeg are loads better in my opinion! Try to bake some of my favourite chocolate/butterscotch chop cookies tomorrow as they are quick to do.

The crazy amount of burpees continues on with the rep amounts increasing each day. I am over 1,000reps now, but I won’t do a full count until tomorrow morning most likely. I enjoyed burpees before this event, and aside from the soreness of doing so many of them the last few days the motion of them is almost effortless. I plan to make burpees a part of my warm-up before my daily workout everyday in the new year πŸ™‚

And on that note I am going to go stretch and then maybe read for a bit!

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 2 ~ maladies persist, but still plenty of happy dancing

Day 2 ~ December 2nd, 2016

I am so done with being sick… Seriously.
Between the cough I had for the first two weeks of November and now this sore throat/sinus cold I have happening this week, it means I haven’t done much of any running the past four weeks… 😦
I can’t seem to escape this foggy brain either despite not having taken any meds since before bed last night. It’s been almost 12 hours so my noodle shouldn’t be feeling loopy at all anymore. It’s odd, but hopefully it wears off as the day progresses!

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ASD & Medication ~ semi-vent/personal opinion

I’ve contemplated putting posts of this nature up on the blog for a long while and, honestly, I am still not sure I want to go this direction even though I’ve already typed and published this one… Though whether any more pop up now and then remains to be seen or read I suppose…

Since the summer I have been barraged and pushed by professionals working with my son to medicate him. My stance is a very firm NO and I have no plans of changing that answer. It’s frustrating to not have my constantly repeated answer, or thoughts, respected and typically leads to some condescending ‘talking at me’ that I could do without. Sometimes this topic comes up several times in one 20 minute conversation, it’s ridiculous.

In my opinion, long-term medication is not a solution so should be an absolute last resort, if touched at all.

I understand that meds for Spectrum individuals (or other mental disorders) can be a helpful tool as I have worked with/cared for kids on the Spectrum who are medicated and I’ve seen how it’s beneficial to them, especially in social situations, like school. And, I am aware of how medication is also helpful to individuals with Mental Health issues. So, I am absolutely not against medication in general! I know it can be the difference from getting out of bed in the morning and functioning acceptable or withdrawing to the point of self-care decline or falling into rage cycles for no reason for some individuals.
There is also an underlying mentality of “med them up and that’ll fix it” in the medical community about this when it comes to, not only ASD/Mental Health diagnoses, but damn near everything else. This is something that greatly saddens me and I loathe how much medication is pushed at people.

Perhaps if my son had a very clear diagnosis of Anxiety or OCD (or something of this nature, which he doesn’t) then maybe I would, but that’s a very big maybe because, again, the meds aren’t meant to be a forever thing so why start at all is my thinking. SO, just trying out a f**kton of medications to see if something eventually works is ludicrous and isn’t good for the brain, which already has enough issues as it is without a random concoction of drugs helping muck it all up. But, this was basically the strategy they want to use, with an eight year old!!

I’m fortunate to have met someone who gets what I am going through and is knowledgeable enough to help navigate natural options that may help my son. I am optimistic about what we will end up trying and elated that I am not drugging up my kiddo. Perhaps with some blood work and/or a gene test done on him it could lead to some specific medication options in the future, but playing a guessing game with brain chemistry that’s not working correctly to begin with (!!) on a small child makes no sense.

DNA & Autism Research/Study ~ Links

I always love reading information on connections between DNA and Autism because it is incredibly fascinating! So much that’s been learned already and still much to be discovered!

A few article links below:

Intricate DNA flips, swaps found in people with autism By Jessica Wright

Clever strategy recreates large DNA changes linked to autism By Jessica Wright

Questions for Thomas Bourgeron: In search of β€˜second hits’ — Interview of Thomas Bourgeron by Jessica Wright