Day 58 ~ abnormal surprise

Day 58 ~ January 4th, 2018

Finally went and did the last bit of blood work on me and my son that was needed for the genetics referral this morning. It was a small adventure in the sense that everything was great until we got out of the car in the parkade… I’m not sure exactly what caused the ruckus, maybe the way the sounds echoes inside there, maybe he just didn’t want to hold my hand, or perhaps he missed a photo opportunity and I didn’t realize — in any case, the extreme abnormal behaviour confused me! It did not help that the stupid payment machine for parking wasn’t working properly *vexed face* and it was by two sets of elevators so this caused even more crashing rage from the kiddo because he couldn’t go inside them.
I had to nearly drag him from the lights to the building across the street flopping and screaming, it was ridiculous -_- When we got inside the building he crashed and flopped for a handful of minutes and then calmed down, but it was just such a surprise because he’s done so well on outings for close to a year.

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Day 30 ~ a pajama day

Day 30 ~ December 7th, 2017

The kiddo isn’t feeling any better this morning T-T
He was even able to tell me that his throat was hurting, which is something new, by holding his neck and saying “hurt”. Unfortunately not much I can do about that besides give him a throat lozenge, but he won’t take any… His fever still seems high too so I stayed focused on keeping him cool and hydrated. Thankfully he only threw up two times, once at either end of the day. He is becoming a big boy and after sitting in his sweat all day he has rank b.o. I can’t believe how bad it is and he’s only just 10 years old!

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Day 16 ~ never catching up it seems

Day 16 ~ November 23rd, 2017

Obviously I forgot to make a reminder sign… I’m doing that right now so I don’t forget again!

I was not feeling the greatest when I woke up this morning super early, around 5am (ish), and thankfully I fell back to sleep until my son woke up. I would have been worse off if I’d just tried to shoulder through it instead of resting. Upped my regular Vitamin C intake for the time being to give the immune system a bit of boost. I refuse to be sick like I was last, it was a personal hell!

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Day 52 ~ what I’ve been up to since summer started

Day 52 ~ August 19th, 2017

Yikes! It has been basically two months since my last post! With summer vacation arriving I spend so much time outside either for just myself or with my son. There have been plenty of days that I don’t turn my computer on, or it’s only on from about supper time to bedtime, which is a good thing!

I have a few posts to do for completing things off my bucket list and I will likely do one for my last race as well (this past Sunday). But first what has gone on lately!

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