Day 79 ~ the feels goods

Day 79 ~ January 25th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: flews ~ the thick pendulous of a bloodhound or similar dog
Today’s Calendar Quote:Make haste slowly.” — Milarepa

The most laughter filled morning ever haha 🙂

Everything was so exciting for the kiddo for most of the day and it was awesome! Hopefully this is trend that continues for a while!

Aside from that lovely tidbit the day was a typical one so not much else to chat about today other than I am sore!

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30-Day Song Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30 ~ Your favourite song at this time last year

*hard thinking*
I am not sure….

I think that it might be one of these three:

Savages by Five Knives
Hurricane by Halsey
Lose Control by Hedley

It’s difficult to recall when new stuff comes out when your music library is so vast!


This is the last day for this challenge and moving on to 30-Day Harry Potter Challenge tomorrow!

30-Day Song Challenge ~ Days 1 to 8

This month started off with absolutely gorgeous weather so I did a rather good job of avoiding my computer in lieu of hanging outdoors 😛

But, this challenge has just started and I am already behind with it!! I think I will prep a few posts tonight so it requires even less time to do each post daily.

Day 1 ~ Your favourite song right now

Right now I am really into Escape The Fate.

Issues, One For the Money, and Gorgeous Nightmare are the regulars at the moment.

Days 2 to 8