Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 29 & 30

Day 29 ~ Your own character

oh…man… this is tough!

Because I would (obviously) want to be Force Sensitive, but I wouldn’t want to be Jedi or Sith. I’d have a lightsaber and various Force Abilities but also be pretty bad-ass with other mêlée & ranged weapons *smirk smirk*
I’d prefer to be a Bounty Hunter, neutral alliances basically!

I would stay human, or at least humanoid to the physical eye, and being Mandalorian definitely is appealing but not essential.

Day 30


Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 25 to Day 28

Day 25 ~ Best space battle

I honestly don’t have one.
I think in most of the space battles/chases there are cool or fun elements in them, but nothing as a whole actually sticks out in my mind.

Day 26 to 28

Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 24

Day 24 ~ Best lightsaber duel

The last fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (and eventually Emperor Sidious) in the sixth movie is probably the one for me.
Not because it was super amazing or anything like that, but because it is just so iconic for me.

Plus, as a little kid Return of the Jedi was my favourite movie from the Original Trilogy!

Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 23

WARNING: This post will contain a spoiler from the newest Star Wars movie so don’t read if you haven’t seen it yet!!

Day 23 ~ Saddest thing in Star Wars

Originally I would have said Yoda dying because he is in my top five favourite characters, but that isn’t the case for the time being. Though that is still a really sad scene to me.

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Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 22

Day 22 ~ Weirdest thing in Star Wars

Maybe the Luke and Leia kissing as they are siblings. I would be so igged out if I realized I’d laid a big smooch on one of brothers.
Just…. ewww….

The other thing that always seemed odd to me was the fact that Jabba always had half-naked, dancing humanoid(ish) females around him despite not having the equipment to really enjoy them.. ?
I mean, it was likely more for image/reputation than anything else being a mob boss and all essentially, but still a little weird in my opinion *shrugs shoulders*

Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Days 20 & 21

Day 20 ~ Favourite piece of art (In Star Wars or in Real Life)

I have four different Star Wars prints (at this time) from the soon-to-be retired tattoo artist and turned comic book artist/illustrator Ryan Cardinal.
They are all so lovely and he is extremely talented!!

I’d like to have all his Star Wars prints eventually 🙂 Not to mention some of his other stuff too as he’s just got so much cool art!!!

You can find him, and all his wonderful artwork, here : @theryancardinal

Day 21

Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 19

Day 19 ~ Favourite inanimate object

Not entirely certain about context for this…. whether it’s an inanimate object from Star Wars within the movies/books/etc. or just a general inanimate Star Wars related object…

So, I’m going with just in general and saying the pixel-ated Chewbacca blanket that my mom made my son (and to be honest kind of me too :P) for this past Christmas!

Thanks mom!! It rocks 😀