Day 80 ~ doodle fiend

Day 80 ~ January 26th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: brumal ~ of or characteristic to winter
Today’s Calendar Quote:Expression is the realization of creative thought. Being is still; expression, moving. But then if I do not strive, who will?” — Zhuangzi

Finally tore apart the queen mattress that isn’t being used anymore. I’ve procrastinated that for too long and it didn’t even take that long to do, maybe 20 minutes or so. Plus the top half of the mattress can be kept and I’ll use it as a carpet so that is a bonus!

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30-Day Blogging Challenge ~ Days 16 to 18

Day 16 ~ Do you enjoy cooking? What is the most delicious meal you have ever made?

Cooking isn’t something I enjoy. I’m not a bad cook, I just don’t like how much work/effort goes into creating an incredibly delicious meal to not be hungry by the time I finish cooking it.

One of the most delicious things I’ve ever made is probably Manicotti. I am not a big pasta eater, but that was so tasty ~ ~ ~ !

Days 17 & 18

*Two weeks into my first two fitness challenges

I am now two weeks into the two fitness challenges I picked for this month. The Micro HIIT Challenge and the Core Challenge

The HIIT challenge is definitely getting tougher and the core on is still alright, but still enjoying them both. I am a hundred percent decided on the Hero’s Journey program once I finish these two at the end of the month. It looks like so much fun!!!

I’m actually more worried about my shoulder(s) getting injured with that one than it actually being too hard to finish.

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**BTS [Papillon] Concept Photos & RUN Teaser

Goodness there is only just under a week left until the 방탄소년단 fourth mini album, 화양연화 pt.2, comeback!!!!!
It seems every day I wake up and there is something new either in the V App, a vid teaser, or concept photos.

So, here we go more concept photos [Papillon] from yesterday. These are all so lovely looking as well 🙂

And another video teaser Run the title song (MV) I am assuming (?).

Either way the bit that you do hear sounds good and the teaser quite frankly just isn’t long enough, so I suppose it is doing its job properly then hahaha

방탄소년단 - [Papillon] Concept Photo 2

방탄소년단 – [Papillon] Concept Photo 2

방탄소년단 - [Papillon] Concept Photo 1

방탄소년단 – [Papillon] Concept Photo 1

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BTS Teaser & [Je Ne Regrette Rien] Concept Pics *happy dance*

I woke up this morning and was greeted with Twitter notifications with the new BTS concept photos [Je Ne Regrette Rien] for their fourth mini album (the blue version apparently), 화양연화 pt.2, that comes out at the end of the month.

The photos look fantastic and the teaser video for Never Mind sounds great too!!! I am very excited for their comeback 🙂 can’t wait to hear all their new songs!!!

방탄소년단 – Never Mind (Comeback Teaser Vid.)

BTS - 화양연화 pt.2 Concept Photo

BTS – 화양연화 pt.2 Concept Photo