Day 116 ~ musical coffeepots… ?

Day 116 ~ March 3rd, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: pother ~ a commotion or fuss.

I decided to start lifting weights for the time being. I was missing it more than I thought I was I guess. I’m continuing with the Combat HIIT, but finishing the program on Level 3 is less important now. I’ll try to treat it as more of a warm-up before I start lifting. The ab days in the HIIT program are awesome, but the rest is not doing it for me. I should’ve gone with Power Cardio I think. Oh well, maybe do that one next.

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Military Fit Plus & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Completed!

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 26: Endurance ~ Level 3/60 seconds each, once through — plank variations so fairly easy, basically an active rest day

Day 27: Full Circuit ~ Level 3/3 sets for all levels, no rest between sets: Set 1 = 30sec each exercise; Set 2 = 40sec each exercise; Set 3 = 60sec each exercise *30sec jumping jacks after each exercise. — A really fun workout especially now that I wasn’t feeling sick anymore!

Day 28: Gravity ~ Level 3/5 sets — the weights were a little all over the place today. I used 25#’s on the bicep curls and upright rows, 20#’s on the bent over rows, 15#’s on the lat arm raises and bent over flys, and 30#’s on the dead lifts. The back section in between the weights was brutal! Teeth gritting hard!

Day 29: Cardio & Core ~ Level 3/7 sets — not much to say other than I loved this workout!

Day 30: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets *30sec squat hops at the start of every set* — opted out of the ‘to failure’ option for the plank and squat hold today as it was a challenge to get through just the bare minimum on Level 3 for this last day. I used 25#’s on everything except for the renegade row push-ups and I used 15#’s on those.

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 27 ~ 700 jumping jacks (350/350)

Day 28 ~ 320 high knees (1 set)

Day 29 ~ 750 jumping jacks (375/375)

Day 30 ~ 340 high knees (1 set)

My final total for the snowball fight in The Hive on Darebee was: 1,502 snowballs dodged, which means that many burpees done in a weeks time, and that I threw 3,004 snowballs to other members on the forum 😛
It was a lot of fun and I’ve had improvements in my set amounts when it comes to burpees from this event alone! *thumbs up*

Military Fit Plus ~ D17-25 + Cardio Blast Challenge ~ D18-26

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 17: Full Circuit ~ all levels 3 sets/no rest between sets — *30 seconds side to side hops after each exercise*

Day 18: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets — used 20# dumbbells for everything except the punches I used 15# dumbbells for those and I did the push-up planks to failure for the first two reps.

Day 19: Power Circuit ~
Level 3/7 sets *1min high knees at the start of each set* — I did the full planks and L-sit to failure each set

Day 20: Trials ~ I hit the target for high knees: 10 minutes non-stop. The target for push-ups I surpassed for a total of 110reps in two minutes. The rep to time looked like this: 48secs = 50reps, 1:11 = 70reps, 1:35 = 90reps, & 2:00 = 110reps. And I hit 79reps for sit-ups in two minutes. I was soooo close to hitting the target amount which was 80-100reps.

Day 21: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets — I used 25# dumbbells on the bicep curls and press, 15# dumbbells on the lat. raises, and 50# dumbbell for the triceps extensions

Day 22: 8-Count ~ Level 3/50reps — this was a little awkward at the beginning, but once I got my groove it went by very quickly.

Day 23: Speed & Stealth ~ Level 3/7 sets — quick and easy, a nice break with all the burpees I had to do today.

Day 24: Century Round ~ all levels 100reps each — I did everything in either one or two sets.

Day 25: A Cup of Tea ~ Level 3/10 sets — a fun workout with the sandbag (35lb), but I slowly started running out of steam at the sixth set and was moving very slowly come the tenth set.

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Military Fit Plus D13-16 + Cardio Blast D13-17 + Fit Xmas Completed

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 13: Flexibility ~ Level 3/5 sets/60 seconds **3 minute march steps non-stop warm-up** — sooooo relaxing!!

Day 14: Combat ~ Level 1/5 sets — shadow boxing with 30 knee to elbow crunches + 30 push-ups as active rest between sets

Day 15: Obstacle Run ~ Level 1/3 sets — did some jogging instead of the high knees as those are uncomfortable right now. Done only on level 1 made this workout go by very quickly!

Day 16: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/5 sets (35# sandbag) — not a difficult workout and I missed the sandbag 🙂

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Military Fit Plus & Cardio Blast ~ D11 & 12 + Fitness Advent ~ Done! + Fit Xmas D1-3

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 11 ~ Level 3/7 sets (sandbag workout) — a tiring workout with those holds as every third exercise and to failure as well. I almost gave up at Level 2 (5 sets), but I quickly jumped into the sixth set after that and just got it done quick like. Completely pooped afterwards!

Day 12: Conditioning ~ Level 3/7 sets — this looked more tiring on paper than it actually ended up being, but don’t get me wrong it was still tough. Lots of jumping and constant movement going on, my legs are feeling a touch sore this evening. I did the jump squats and first set of jump knee tucks to failure each set, but not the last set of tucks. I just couldn’t make my legs push further than what was required at the end of whole set.

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 11 ~ 300 jumping jacks (1 set)

Day 12 ~ 160 high knees (1 set)

2016 Fitness Advent Calendar

Days 17 to 24 ~ completed! — this one is finished up now 🙂

Fit Christmas Seasonal 12-Day Program

Day 1 ~ Level 3/60reps each ~ jumping jacks (1 set) + knee-to-elbows (1 set) + high knees (1 set) + climbers (1 set)

Day 2 ~ Level 3/60 reps each ~ squats (30/30 with sandbag) + lunges (30/30 with sandbag) + side leg raises (1 set) + push-ups (50/10)

Day 3 ~ 400 flutter kicks (200/100/100)

Military Fit Plus &Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 9 & 10 + Fitness Advent ~ Days 9 to 16

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 9 ~ Level 3/7 sets — a TON of army crawls! Thankfully my elbows aren’t as sore as they were this morning

Day 10 ~ Level 3/5 sets/5 minutes — 5 minute sets (x5) of non-stop high knees and then every 10 seconds doing a side jump (dodge) and a basic burpee *insert panting/sweating face here* Each set was followed by an intense coughing fit. I am clearly not healthy enough for this kind of intensive cardio as of yet, but hopefully it’s better in a few days.

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Military Fit Plus, Fitness Advent, & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 7 & 8

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 7 (sandbag workout) ~ Level 3/7 sets **40 lunges at start of every set** — First time using a sandbag (35lbs) and it was tough, but fun. The push-ups to full plank to push-up plank were challenging for the last few sets as well!

Day 8 ~ Level 3/7 sets **1 clapping push-up every 10 seconds** — Cardio HIIT so nothing to difficult for this day, but those clapping push-ups were kind of awkward because of their frequency.

2016 Fitness Advent Calendar

Days 7 & 8 ~ completed!

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 7 ~ 200 jumping jacks (1 set)

Day 8 ~ 150 high knees (1 set)