*Wah~~ Rise Records Artists out with new stuff!!

I got momentarily distracted by YouTube this evening and I am so very glad that I did!!!

New Secrets album out on the 11th! Woohoo ~~!!

Secrets – Half Alive



Music Review ~ “Set It Off”

Artist: Set It Off
Albums: EPs: Baby, You Don’t Tripajaharda (2008), Calm Before the Storm (2009), Horrible Kids (2011); Full Length: Cinematics (2012), (2014 -TBA)
Genre: Orchestral Pop Punk ~ symphonic rock, orchestral rock, pop punk, ska punk
Years Active: 2008 – present
Rating Out of Five: 2.75

For fans of… Panic! At the Disco, The Classic Crime, A Day to Remember, Yellowcard

I’ve had this kind of half done for a while now so figured it was about time that I finished it and posted it!!

I guess I will start by saying that these guys are all great musicians!! They are signed to a label so clearly they are super talented 🙂 For anyone who does read this personal review please try to remember that this is simply my opinion and is only a reflection of my rather high standards for music. Thanks!

I feel that Set It Off is a band that has a great overall first impression, but the more I listened to them I found myself comparing them to other bands almost immediately and picking out things that I really didn’t enjoy. When I start comparing a band to other artists/bands right away it disappoints me a little, especially if they aren’t a new artist. I feel like they should have found that one thing that makes them sounds different and stick out from anyone else by this point. Now, what I do like is the ska aspect of several of the songs and the occasional fiddle thrown in there! I do love, love fiddles 😀
These two aspects of their music is what caught and kept my attention, but unfortunately, they aren’t things that haven’t been done before and, in this case, certainly done better by others.

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Music Review ~ “Sleeping With Sirens”

Artist: Sleeping With Sirens
Albums: With Ears to See And Eyes to Hear (2010), Let’s Cheers to This (2011), If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack (2012), Feel (2013)
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Pop punk, Alternative, Rock
Years Active: 2009 – Present
Rating Out of Five: 5

For fans of: Coheed and Cambria, I See Stars, Palisades, Pierce The Veil

This is another band I’ve become completely enraptured with lately and, yet another, staple on my iPod. It, also, falls into that class of bands with a lead singer with a higher vocal range. If my ear nubs could actually dance then they most certainly would be every time I listen to them!!

As I started figuring out what I all wanted to say here I realized that I, unknowingly, timed this with their newest album release, Feel, out the beginning of this month. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, as what I have heard from it sounds pretty amazing!!

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