Day 69 ~ small changed direction

Day 69 ~ January 15th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: adscititious ~ added or derived from an external source; additional
Today’s Calendar Quote:Tao is the storehouse of all things. It is the good man’s treasure and the bad man’s refuge.” — Lao Tzu

Kiddo is back and forth temperament-wise today and stim-ing as well… They happen now and then, but I am so grateful they are on the “not-so-often” end of things for him because they can be tough days!



Day 68 ~ swimming, driving and sports (Oh, MY!)

Day 68 ~ January 14th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: slugabed ~ a lazy person who stays in bed late
Today’s Calendar Quote:I dwell in possibility.” — Emily Dickinson

It was a busy day!! I think we spent more time out of the house than it today!

Swimming lessons (through SwimAbility) at the pool across the bridge started early this afternoon and despite getting there earlier than intended and have to wait (which was difficult for my son!) he did amazing! He held hands with his instructor no problem so he wouldn’t run on the pool deck (a strange male! This is rare!), cleaned up the rings he was playing with before leaving the pool, didn’t freak out when he didn’t get the ball, and left the pool & right to me without a single hitch!
I am beyond pleased that this went so well because he loves water!!! *happy dance*

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Day 59 ~ this yo-yo game

Day 59 ~ January 5th, 2018

An up and down morning with the kiddo… This are tougher days because it’s difficult to play the same yo-yo game as him when we are not on the same wavelength. But we get through it regardless and at the end of the day he was a super happy camper so I count that as a win in my books. Every day can’t be smooth sailing so the hiccup-y days are to be expected!

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Day 58 ~ abnormal surprise

Day 58 ~ January 4th, 2018

Finally went and did the last bit of blood work on me and my son that was needed for the genetics referral this morning. It was a small adventure in the sense that everything was great until we got out of the car in the parkade… I’m not sure exactly what caused the ruckus, maybe the way the sounds echoes inside there, maybe he just didn’t want to hold my hand, or perhaps he missed a photo opportunity and I didn’t realize — in any case, the extreme abnormal behaviour confused me! It did not help that the stupid payment machine for parking wasn’t working properly *vexed face* and it was by two sets of elevators so this caused even more crashing rage from the kiddo because he couldn’t go inside them.
I had to nearly drag him from the lights to the building across the street flopping and screaming, it was ridiculous -_- When we got inside the building he crashed and flopped for a handful of minutes and then calmed down, but it was just such a surprise because he’s done so well on outings for close to a year.

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Day 28 ~ air ninja

Day 28 ~ December 5th, 2017

This was something that I wanted to mention yesterday, but I totally forgot until I was lying in bed of course!
I can windshield wipers on the pull-up bar and gym rings. I tried them the day before yesterday, just to see if I could do them (and they are a part of workout I want to try), and I can totally do them!! *happy dance* Obviously, I can do more on the bar than on the rings, but I am so jazzed that I can do them at all! I did a bunch yesterday and my obliques are ache-y this morning and I love it!


Day 20 ~ all’s well

Day 20 ~ November 27th, 2017

OK, my reminder isn’t helping -_-
I am resigned to the fact that I will probably forget to publish in the evenings on occasion.

A great morning for the most part because it was sunny out! Got outside for a while with the kiddo and did some exploring, walking, running and some time at the park too. When we headed out at the start of session we noticed that the tree in the playground area of the complex uprooted itself and was held up by the electrical/cable/internet cables strung between the townhouse units. It must have happened in the storm the night before because it was crazy windy then and no one noticed it until this morning.


Day 52 ~ what I’ve been up to since summer started

Day 52 ~ August 19th, 2017

Yikes! It has been basically two months since my last post! With summer vacation arriving I spend so much time outside either for just myself or with my son. There have been plenty of days that I don’t turn my computer on, or it’s only on from about supper time to bedtime, which is a good thing!

I have a few posts to do for completing things off my bucket list and I will likely do one for my last race as well (this past Sunday). But first what has gone on lately!

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