Day 14 ~ surprised and entertained

Day Fourteen ~ August 16th, 2018

I gave Zombie, Run a go this morning and I was surprised that I enjoyed it! I am not a fan of zombies or apocalyptic story lines, but this is actually entertaining. Seeing as there are seven seasons out now and obviously I am starting at the beginning, I have lots of story to run to for the foreseeable future. It should keep me well through the winter months so that is a major plus as I need all the motivation I can get come winter time.

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Day 13 ~ DOMS riddled but I love it

Day Thirteen ~ August 15th, 2018

I got up and out of the house this morning early for a run. Typically I have great intentions of getting out early enough to completely beat the summer heat, but it doesn’t happen too often! My legs and butt are sore from leg day yesterday so only did a quick run (with a decent pace) to get everything warmed up before I started core for my lifting split.
The core is already achy so I imagine it’ll be a bit worse come tomorrow morning. In any case I’ll be taking a some more BCAAs and that should help with the DOMS.


Day 12 ~ recharge!

Day Twelve ~ August 14th, 2018

I had a fairly chill day at home.

I wasn’t all that motivated to do my workout today either. Once I got started it was great, but the lead up was lacking in pep big time.

Aside from my workout, playing some video games, and getting a few things done around the house… I didn’t do anything else. It was nice to have such a quiet day on all fronts because it’s a rarity to me!

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Day 8 ~ smokey sunshine & anticipation

Day Eight ~ August 10th, 2018

I wanted to go for a long board ride this evening but opted for a walk instead. I figured it wouldn’t be a great idea to go two days before a race if I ended up falling again. It would be very unlikely, but I am really looking forward to the race on Sunday so better safe than sorry!

It is another hot day here and as smokey. The weather network kept telling me via my phone that it was ‘sunny/mostly sunny’ but you wouldn’t know it because of all the smoke! It would be awesome if it cleared up by Sunday so the views from up at the race site can be enjoyed because they are spectacular.

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Day 7 ~ if water happens then I guess it’s just over

Day Seven ~ August 9th, 2018

I have successfully made it through a week of posts without forgetting. I’m attempting to carry out this list item in the same way of thinking when it comes to days that I don’t want to workout. Which is the second I think “I don’t want to” then I do it right then. It typically takes less than 15 minutes to do up a post and less than that if my journal entry isn’t digital that day so I really have no excuse to not make this happen every day right!


Day 137 ~ a successful ending

Day 137 ~ March 25th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: mudlark ~ a person who scavenges in riverside mud at low tide for anything of value.

Today’s Calendar Quote:The cautious seldom err.” — Confucius

This afternoon was the last swimming lesson session via Swimability at Johnson Bentley across the bridge. My son enjoyed himself immensely for the most part. I say that because there was the occasional time the process was tougher for him than normal. It happens, but overall it was a huge success and he had a lot of fun!

I already went and registered for the next round of lessons starting in September this year. So a bit of a wait, but because I registered so early we should easily get the place and time we want which is great.


Day 136 ~ little ‘uns

Day 136 ~ March 24th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: skippable ~ able to be skipped, omitted, or passed over without loss; unimportant.

I went to a good friend’s baby shower this afternoon/early evening and it was lovely! I’ve only seen her once (very briefly) before she had the little one so it was awesome to see her. And of course the new baby too! Rowan is her name and she is the tiniest thing because she was born I think six weeks early. Only six pounds so my arms would never get tired of holding her haha

I was so scared of dropping her simply because she was so light! It’s been an extremely long time since I held a baby so it was strange and made me glad I won’t have anymore of my own in the future.

In any case it was a nice visit and it was a great baby shower as well 🙂