*Those Updates I Was Talking About

I finally sat down yesterday to take a look through my list and complied what I am working on at the moment or going to be starting now/soon.

(#2) Learn all songs by all artists/bands that I own and review/rate
~ This is always in progress! I might need to put a “ban” on acquiring new music for a time period so I actually make some forward progress 😛 I do have a few Music Review drafts that I just need to finish up and then I can post them. Lately, I am listening to Kpop and some older artists like Phil Collins, Goo Goo Dolls, and Bryan Adams.

(#12) Learn to box and/or kickbox
~ I got a few tips after a particular grueling class this summer with a friend and I practice several times a week at home. So glad I have my own equipment at home! Plus, I added Pylometric training into my workout regime and upped my plank routine too. It is no joke! Seriously. I would like to take a regular class eventually but for now this is adequate.

(#42) Get over my fear of heights
~ I am actually going to mark this one off. This summer I went rappelling and climbed the side of a cliff without any ropes(!), I would have gotten further if my arms weren’t off the short, t-rex variety! I wouldn’t say that heights don’t scare me anymore but I don’t let it stop/immobilize me from doing something anymore if it’s up high. This is an amazing feeling!! I need to give my brothers a huge thank you because the motivation of not being teased for the foreseeable future is rather great haha *thumbs up*

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2015 ~ on the docket

Some things on my list that I will be working on, or possibly working on, for this year. This past year I spent so little time doing some of the things that I love doing most (e.g. listening/writing/playing music, reading) as I grew accustomed to being a stay-at-home mom and doing the brunt of the schooling at home too. This is not to say that I didn’t do anything enjoyable all year, or that I dislike being home all the time. It’s simply how I chose to focus my attention/priorities for most of last year and I am feeling quite drained, hollow even, so I am going to change that! With getting a better handle on these responsibilities last year, it means that this year I want to focus a little more on my music (I miss it so very much) and on reading (I have a very big goal this year)!

(2) Learn all my songs on all my CDs and hard drive and review/rate

~ This is always in progress for the most part, but it was kind of unintentionally put on hold for a good chunk of last year. That won’t be the case this year!

(12) Learn to box and/or kickbox

~ I want to start looking more into this as the idea of getting into MMA is soooo appealing to me. Nothing may come of it this year but I want to do my research now so I have an idea of where to begin.

(13) Be able to do 50 consecutive push-ups. Regular, no knees!

~ ahhhhhh….. This is very appropriately challenging for me! I have gotten up to 35 push-ups three times to only have to stop or cut back because something has been hurt! It is frustrating but it has helped me recognize areas that obviously need work before I can get this one done.

(15) Write music to all my songs and share with at least one person

~ By the end of this year I want to have completed this one.

(21) Go skydiving

~ There has been talk of getting this done in the Summer this year but we’ll have to see if it happens. Funds-wise and how many people are going to go too. The more people who go then the cheaper it is.

(23) Learn to meditate

~ I started this a bit last summer and I really enjoyed it and how it made me feel. Definitely want to make it a daily habit!

(28) Go bungee jumping

~ There is a place to do this at the Peachland Zipline now! And it is actually a decent price so maybe in the summer/fall sometime!

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Book Review ~ “Hounded”

Title: Hounded
Author: Kevin Hearne
Genre: Fantasy (Urban)
Rating Out of Five: 5

Atticus O’Sullivan is the last of the Druids and for the last decade he has lived peacefully in Arizona running an occult bookshop and shape-shifting with his Irish wolfhound, Oberon. While he appears to be in his early twenties he is actually over 2,000 years old, he can draw power from the Earth, and has in his possession a magical sword known as Fragarach, the Answerer. Now the sword is the reason that Aenghus Og, an angry Celtic God, has been hounding Atticus for centuries and up until recently he has been able to stay hidden. But now Aenghus has tracked him down and, of course, he wants nothing but power and destruction over all mankind.  So Atticus, with the help of his vampire & werewolf attorneys, a bartender possessed by a Hindu witch, and the help of a goddess of death, he is gonna kick some Celtic arse!

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some List news ~ Updates, #32 and #49 DONE

Alright I did get most of this organized before the weekend but I ended up being busier than I thought I would be so I spent very little time anywhere near my computer.

Anyway, here is an update of what I am still working on and what I am thinking of/planning to start in the future:

(#2) Learn every song by every artist/band that I have in my possession
~ I haven’t been listening to as much music lately now that I am not working anymore. Granted with moving recently and getting settled into the new place there hasn’t exactly been much time to let loose and bust a move. This should be back I business right quick here.

(#4) Write down 5 things I’m grateful for every day for a year.
~ I had originally thought I would start this on December 1st but I have decided on January 1st. That will make it easier for me to stay on track I think. The biggest reason I want to do this is because I can be a very critical person and I think that this will help me be a bit less critical of others if I am focussing less on the bad things and more on the good stuff 🙂

(#13) Be able to do 50 push-ups in a row
~ I am still at 25 for this…. *sigh* Not for lack of serious drive on my part as I do push-ups every single day. But at the end of September I pulled a muscle in my back when I was rough housing with my son, which resulted in a cease and desist of all arm & back exercises immediately. Then about 3 weeks later when I actually felt a bit better and started to do a handful of push-ups a day again, I pulled the same muscle rough housing with my husband! This happened one more time about two weeks later or so about a week before we moved. Needless to say, I am feeling almost a hundred percent again and I am avoiding too much rough housing until I am certain it is all better. I am back up to doing 25 a day now as well and hopefully I can get it nudged up by two or three by the end of December.

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Book Review ~ “Night Terrors: Sex, Dating, Puberty, and Other Alarming Things”

Title: Night Terrors: Sex, Dating, Puberty, and Other Alarming Things
Author: Ashley Cardiff
Genre: Humour ~ Bio
Rating Out of Five: 3.75 (almost a 4!)

A book of humourous, sarcastic essays dedicated to, more or less, sexuality in some form.

She talks about porn, masturbating, religion and many other topics with its influence on sex and human interaction.

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Book Review ~ “Amazing Words: An Alphabetical Anthology of Words”

Title: Amazing Words: An Alphabetical Anthology of Words
Author: Richard Lederer
Genre: Non-Fiction ~ Language, Linguistics, English
Rating Out of Five: 4

A book dedicated to interesting words in the English language!! It takes a more in-depth look at these words and shows some things that majority of people would never even consider looking at if not purposely sought out. So much I didn’t know shoved into this rather tiny book!
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Book Review ~ “Dear Girls Above Me”

Title: Dear Girls Above Me
Author: Charlie McDowell
Genre: Humour
Rating Out of Five: 5

I only ever lived in an apartment once for a year and it was not an experience I enjoyed very much at all. It is the kind of living that can be super awkward, frustrating, enraging, hilarious or even intriguing. It is very easy to eavesdrop without even making an effort as the walls and floors aren’t even remotely sound proofed. So you can overhear a ridiculous conversation that would make you laugh your face off or have someones sub-woofer shaking your bookcases. Unfortunately, my apartment living was nothing like the experience in this book as there was very little humour involved with mine. The perspective is something that I understand though and that said, this book was quite funny!

The author, Charlie McDowell, shares tweets and stories overheard from his female neighbours living in the apartment above his. They aren’t very bright, like to drink all the time, sleep around, stay on top of all celebrity news and are (for the most part) completely ignorant of present day news, issues, musical lyrics and grammar!!

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