Day 23 ~ bring on the snow already

Day 23 ~ November 30th, 2017

Got out for some outdoor exploring and nature collecting again this morning. Plus, I wanted to scope out an area that has a suspension bridge that requires a bit of hike to it as well. Next outting might be up to the bridge, but this morning we went further up the back road, thankfully the road wasn’t bad for my little car. We grabbed some more sticks and rocks (small and medium) to do more painting in the future and the sticks for wrapping. At the spot I stopped to park the car there was a deer carcass off to the side, which means that someone shot it and cleaned it up there. Completely illegal and well within the city limits -_- so dangerous!

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Day 22 ~ good sleep is a mythical creature

Day 22 ~ November 29th, 2017

I hoped to get a report typed up for my son’s teacher this afternoon, but the day kind of got away from me. At more than one point, I was trying to do 2 or 3 things at once and then I’d get distracted while do those things and start doing a different set of things instead. Eventually I’d go back to the previous tasks, but it took longer to do everything because I was so scattered. Irritating that I was all over the place, not only mentally, but physically most of the day. I think part of it is simply because I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, only about 5 hours a night, and it’s starting to wear on me. Fingers crossed for a better snooze-fest tonight!


Day 20 ~ all’s well

Day 20 ~ November 27th, 2017

OK, my reminder isn’t helping -_-
I am resigned to the fact that I will probably forget to publish in the evenings on occasion.

A great morning for the most part because it was sunny out! Got outside for a while with the kiddo and did some exploring, walking, running and some time at the park too. When we headed out at the start of session we noticed that the tree in the playground area of the complex uprooted itself and was held up by the electrical/cable/internet cables strung between the townhouse units. It must have happened in the storm the night before because it was crazy windy then and no one noticed it until this morning.


Day 19 ~ completely zapped

Day 19 ~ November 26th, 2017

Incredibly hard to get up and going this morning. It was like trying to run through chest deep water kind of slow… thankfully it didn’t last for too long and it’s been a fairly productive morning regardless. I am hoping to sort through the craft shelf/storage and see if I can make it more organized. I don’t even know what I have all crammed in there anymore because it’s all willy-nilly ~ !

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Day 18 ~ check, check, check

Day 18 ~ November 25th, 2017

Soooooo much cutting today! I started first thing this morning cutting out the pasted word wall cards and getting them sorted into their proper categories. My hand is a touch sore at the moment, but I got another 4.5 boards pasted and cut out throughout the afternoon/evening on top of the 5 I cut in the A.M. So, got a good start on my pile *thumbs up*

Currently taping up some of them now while catching up on Brooklyn Nine Nine 🙂

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Day 15 ~ robot legs

Day 15 ~ November 22nd, 2017

A slower start to my morning as I kind of slept in for once. This is a rare event! Still feeling pretty tired tonight though despite that extra bit of snoozing. I am have some stellar DOMS in my legs today from yesterday. I’ve not skimped on the stretching and foam rolling either. I didn’t expect it to be this bad at all so I hope it’s dialed back some tomorrow and I get a decent sleep tonight. A5-35 is already doing wonders for me and not even in to bed yet *purrs*