Environment Factors, Genes, & Autism ~ Link to External Article

Every few months I do a search for any new information or studies to do with Autism and Genetics and Environmental Factors as there is just so much new stuff being discovered on a fairly regular basis now.
And, I like to stay as informed as I can :)

This article was extremely interesting!!

Why Don’t we Know What Environmental Factors Cause Autism? – Spectrum Article By Sarah Deweerdt

General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 26

Day 26 ~ Which person in your family do you most resemble?

Hmmm…. I do really look like both my parents, it is so very obvious that I am their daughter.

But, my younger brother by about two years could be the male version of me. We look so alike, especially if he is wearing his glasses too.

We have a lot of similar interests and have similar physical builds (sadly that means I am probably less feminine than I thought I was…), close to the same size clothes/shoes, both of us are short, same hair, and even have our grays coming in the same way hahaha

Now my two youngest brothers are the twins (fraternal) in the family, but me and my other brother could pass for the twins instead of them :P

General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 25

Day 25 ~ What’s the hardest physical activity you’ve attempted?

That would be when I did one class/session (?) at a boxing club this past summer with a friend. I don’t think I have ever sweated that much in my life for the duration of any workout! My hair was completely soaked, like I’d just showered, and I smelled like a roomful of sweaty dudes!!! *blech*

It was so hard! The regulars that attend the club are beasts as they do that 2-3 times a week!!!! I was so sore the next day (who am I kidding! for the next like five days -_- Seriously.) I could barely move, forget thinking about doing that more than once a week hahaha

I actually incorporate a lot of the exercises from there into my own workouts now and they don’t make me as sore anymore though I do feel it for a day or two afterwards still ~ ~ It’s all worth it in the end!

The stuff that is the most difficult for you is usually what you need to work on/at the most!!

*my knees are thanking me

I just recently got into my cardio again, I took about a month and a half off from it as I was going so hard with it over the summer and my body needed a bit of a break.

Once my knees started aching (damn near non-stop) that’s when I knew I needed to get running again, so I started with stairs about two weeks ago now. I’m doing two sets of 5 minutes and 30 seconds or 3 sets of 5 minutes, I am switching it up at the moment. I rotate these sets with sit-up sets of 120 reps or more depending on what amount I did the previous week. I try to keep slowly increasing the amount so it stays challenging for me.

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**BTS [Papillon] Concept Photos & RUN Teaser

Goodness there is only just under a week left until the 방탄소년단 fourth mini album, 화양연화 pt.2, comeback!!!!!
It seems every day I wake up and there is something new either in the V App, a vid teaser, or concept photos.

So, here we go more concept photos [Papillon] from yesterday. These are all so lovely looking as well :)

And another video teaser Run the title song (MV) I am assuming (?).

Either way the bit that you do hear sounds good and the teaser quite frankly just isn’t long enough, so I suppose it is doing its job properly then hahaha

방탄소년단 - [Papillon] Concept Photo 2

방탄소년단 – [Papillon] Concept Photo 2

방탄소년단 - [Papillon] Concept Photo 1

방탄소년단 – [Papillon] Concept Photo 1

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