*summer distractions

It has been a long time since I’ve done a post of here… I kind of took the summer off from most forms of electronics. Not much video games, barely had my computer on (unless I was watching a Korean Drama *smirk*), and I didn’t even have my phone with me when I was out half the time, unless I was out for a run. It was really nice! I like how easy it is to communicate with people in so many ways nowadays but I do find it kind of annoying how easy it is for people to get ahold of me too. I am not the greatest at responding back to messages of any sort and this bothers many people… Sorry ~~
The result is that it always becomes a bigger task than it needs to be as I procrastinate it for so long haha

Another reason I just tried to actually relax for the summer is because I am continuing with more upgrading for this school year and it is almost all Math and Physics that I have left to do. These are not really my forte so it will be a challenging rest of the year for me!

I did A LOT of running throughout the summer as I was planning on doing another 10 km race at the end of September so I was really working hard on getting my time down and on running up/downhill. I was so focused on my running that my weight lifting took a serious backseat and I lost weight, meaning it was likely all muscle mass that I lost :(
So, I have been a little more into weights again lately and have gotten my weight back up plus some gains *thumbs up*
I am hoping to reach my sit-up goal by October be able to do 200 sit-ups in one set as I am already able to do 135 reps! Once I complete this one then I will work on my push-ups (be able to do 50 push-ups) as I am only at a maximum of 30 reps. Still…. *sigh* It doesn’t help that I have had issues with pain in my shoulders, thankfully it is not all that frequent anymore!

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*getting into it!

I have been so into writing music the last few days though this is usually how it works for me. I go through spurts where there is an overflowing in my head and I spend a handful of days getting it all onto paper or recorded digitally. I am especially pleased with the song I have nearly finished tonight, think it’s one of my favourites so far :D

And now some random tunes that have been on a moderate amount of repeat lately in and out of my head…

Bang, Bang, Bang – BIGBANG

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New Study ~ Smells and Autism

I randomly came across this while surfing the web a few days ago, I thought it was interesting. I don’t think this test would work for all cases of ASD as not all have sensory issues with all the senses. Like my son doesn’t seem to have any issues with smell, only with all the other senses.

But, it could be a good early indicator for getting an assessment done though, early intervention is so important!

Smells and Autism Study

*updates, updates, updates!!

This first chunk of items is stuff that is kind of always ongoing. Some progress, but not necessarily an end in sight as of yet.

(#2) learn all songs by all bands/artists I have in my possession ~ always picking up new music, but I’ve been only listening to music lately when I am working out or running.

(#12) learn to box/kickbox ~ no official training yet, but I go through combos that I pick up from other people and practice keeping my guard up. Apparently there is a place nearby that only charges fifty bucks a month, which is an amazing deal!

(#13) be able to do 50 push-ups ~ I’m back up to 30 again just trying to make sure that I don’t hurt my shoulder. Slowly, but surely!

(#15) write music to all my songs and share with one person ~ I’ve been a touch more focused on this as of late. Especially since it’s been so hot out and it’s been tough to fall asleep.

(#48) be able to do 200 sit-ups ~ still only at 100 a set at the moment. I will start working harder on this one soon.

(#82) read all the classics ~ I haven’t had much time to read lately so no progression with this over the last few months.

(#104) read all my books and review/rate ~ basically the same thing as I mentioned on the previous one… I’ll try to make more time for some reading before the summer is over!

(#113) no more swearing ~

(#123) be able to do a handstand ~ in progress!

(#129) be able to do the splits in both directions ~ to the side is coming along alright, definitely more flexible than I used to be, but still a ways to go.

The fitness goals on my list kind of took a backseat to my training for my race at the end of May, so it’s been a slower process of fitting them all back into my daily workouts.

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#105 Finish Back Piece ~~ DONE!

This is almost two weeks overdue now, but better late than never, right!!

I had my last sitting for my back piece (that I started nearly 8 years ago) right at the end of June.
My artist did an absolutely amazing job, I am so incredibly happy with the finished product :D


Now I will take a break from tattoos for a bit, maybe a year or two, and most likely start on my sleeve when I go for my next one. Gives me lots of time to think it over and compile as much reference work as possible.

I had a small piece added just above my collarbone for my son at this last sitting too. He’s been working on printing his name for two years and has hit the mastered mark! Proper letter formation, keeping letters within provided grid space, and the use of a capital at the beginning of his name and lowercase for the rest. It was a long process for him but persistence paid of and I am so very proud of him!!


I really need to get a post up for what my goals from my list are for the rest of the year, it’s been awhile since I did an update on here. That will be coming soon! I’ll start working on it today, so it should be up tomorrow or the day after. Bye for now :)

*that feeling of accomplishment

I had my 10 km trail run this past Sunday and it was so much fun!! I was incredibly nervous the night before and the morning before the race started. Not because I thought I would do badly, I actually did pretty good, but it was because of the waiting. I just wanted to get running and not stand/sit around waiting to start running.

Me and my friend, Stacy before the race

Me and my friend, Stacy, before the race (Photo taken by Kyle Crane)

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*Genes & Autism

Just a quick post as I am working on, or supposed to be working on I should say, an essay for Biology.  In some of my research I came across this article (based on a U.S. study) and I found it extremely interesting, and helpful with my assignment to a degree.

The article talks about some new studies that are out that show up to 1,000 genes that may attribute to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I, personally, find this fascinating and I am curious how this could affect the apparently growing number of individuals who are diagnosed with ASD. Being able to look at someones DNA and see how exactly you could help them, via gene therapy or a specific treatment is amazing!!

The article is here: Discovery of 100-Plus Genes Tied to Autism May Improve Treatments

I will definitely be keeping an eye on this in the future now that I know about it!