Hero’s Journey ~ Day 40

I can’t believe that I am already up to Day 40 in the Hero’s Journey Program! I’m two-thirds done and the days are just zipping by quickly now it seems!

Part one was a core workout that I got through fairly fast and Part two was standing on one foot, with arms out to sides, with eyes closed for a minute. It sounds incredibly easy but it’s not!!

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Hero’s Journey ~ Day 38

I did Hero’s Journey on Level 3 (10 sets) instead of Level 2 (7 sets) today. The goal today was to work on speed so it was 60 punches in 30 seconds and 90 high knees in 30 seconds.
Not terribly difficult for me at all as I am doing well above the required amount for each of these exercises already, but the Daily Dare was a good pick on Darebee today!


Hero’s Journey ~ Day 37

Level 2 with slow reps for the first part of Hero’s Journey this morning, it had my arms and core shaking like crazy! I picked pull-ups (doing 10 reps again!), free weights with 35 lbs, and turning kicks for the second part, Weapons’ Practice today.

I decided against doing planks today as the Total Abs exercises were actually pretty challenging for me on Level 3. This is the first time since I started this program, so figured I wouldn’t like to be super sore tomorrow making tomorrow’s daily stuff even harder than it needed to be!

Finished the 7-Day Micro HIIT Program today, it ended with a ton of burpees!! My shoulders are definitely feeling a bit tight this evening that’s for sure!

I am continuing on with the Meditation 30-Day Challenge, still loving it so much :D