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*spotlight ~ my artist ~

At the beginning of this year, my tattoo artist announced that he would be retiring from tattooing to do full-time comic book work. It wasn’t really surprising as I know that he is very passionate about this style of artwork and what he originally wanted to get into.
Plus, it definitely gave me the kick in the a** I needed to hurry up and get my back piece finished! I am a little sad that I will need to find someone else to do any other work I want done but I am glad that I had him for the work I’ve had done up to this point :D Definitely one of the funnest people I have had the pleasure of knowing!

This is a small “spotlight” on him and some of his work:

So, if you are in Vancouver anytime from now until next Spring (2016) and want a tattoo, this is who you should check out!

Deviant Art Profile: Tattoo Ryan

Twitter: theryancardinal

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** my first registered run!

So, this afternoon I registered for my first run ever! It’s a 10 km trail run at the end of May :) Dirty Feet – Kelowna Trail Run

I’m feeling pretty jazzed about it right now, though I do have some work cut out for me if I want to be/feel ready in time. The longest distance I’ve gone is just under 4 km and now that the weather is turning into Springtime weather I’ll have no excuse not to get outside and do some running!!

I think that I will waffle back and forth between super excited and super nervous about it as the weeks progress but I do really think it will be a ton of fun!!!!!! *happy dance*


*The back piece that is soon to end

Just a super quick post today :) I do have some other queued stuff that I should have up soon!

Feb 17, 2015 - 17th sitting

Had my 17th sitting for my back piece a couple of days ago now and now I am a stiff, itchy mess ~ ~

My artist got lots done, all upper back/shoulder area, and covered up the very middle between my shoulder blades. He is retiring by the end of Spring next year so need to get it all finished before then!

I’ll hopefully get out to Vancouver mid to late March for another sitting at his shop there. I want to get as much done before Summer rolls around here!!

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Music Review ~ “Dead By April”

Artist: Dead By April
Albums: Self-Titled (2009), Incomparable & Stronger (2011), Let The World Know (2014)
Genre: Melodic Metalcore ~ Melodicore, Electronicore, Alternative
Years Active: 2007 – Present
Rating Out of Five: 4.5
Record Label: Universal, Spinefarm

For Fans Of… Attack Attack!, I See Stars, Crown the Empire

This is a band I came across via Amazon.com as that is where I usually go when I am looking for new music. I am a fan of the if you liked this… try this… part of the website, it cuts down on mindless searching and you can preview the songs.

From the first time I heard them, I LOVED them! I have them on almost every device that I own that can play music, they are on all of my playlists because I like this band that much!! It is a rarity for me to enjoy a band/artist this much and/or all of their songs.

Melodic Metalcore, or Melodicore, is one of my favourite genres of music. I love a beautiful blending of screaming and singing and this band does a perfect job of balancing out the two, in my opinion.

Continued Here

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2015 ~ on the docket

Some things on my list that I will be working on, or possibly working on, for this year. This past year I spent so little time doing some of the things that I love doing most (e.g. listening/writing/playing music, reading) as I grew accustomed to being a stay-at-home mom and doing the brunt of the schooling at home too. This is not to say that I didn’t do anything enjoyable all year, or that I dislike being home all the time. It’s simply how I chose to focus my attention/priorities for most of last year and I am feeling quite drained, hollow even, so I am going to change that! With getting a better handle on these responsibilities last year, it means that this year I want to focus a little more on my music (I miss it so very much) and on reading (I have a very big goal this year)!

(2) Learn all my songs on all my CDs and hard drive and review/rate

~ This is always in progress for the most part, but it was kind of unintentionally put on hold for a good chunk of last year. That won’t be the case this year!

(12) Learn to box and/or kickbox

~ I want to start looking more into this as the idea of getting into MMA is soooo appealing to me. Nothing may come of it this year but I want to do my research now so I have an idea of where to begin.

(13) Be able to do 50 consecutive push-ups. Regular, no knees!

~ ahhhhhh….. This is very appropriately challenging for me! I have gotten up to 35 push-ups three times to only have to stop or cut back because something has been hurt! It is frustrating but it has helped me recognize areas that obviously need work before I can get this one done.

(15) Write music to all my songs and share with at least one person

~ By the end of this year I want to have completed this one.

(21) Go skydiving

~ There has been talk of getting this done in the Summer this year but we’ll have to see if it happens. Funds-wise and how many people are going to go too. The more people who go then the cheaper it is.

(23) Learn to meditate

~ I started this a bit last summer and I really enjoyed it and how it made me feel. Definitely want to make it a daily habit!

(28) Go bungee jumping

~ There is a place to do this at the Peachland Zipline now! And it is actually a decent price so maybe in the summer/fall sometime!

Post Continued

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Day 365 ~ daily gratitude (#4 is DONE!)

Day 365

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I do push-ups or sit-ups to warm myself up instead of turning up the heat

(2) I get to make a short morning exercise program for Hulkhands!

(3) my mom taking my son for a sleepover tonight! (Thanks Mom :))

(4) I get to spend the evening ringing in the new year with some of my favourite people *excited happy dance*

(5) new beginnings and adventures!! Bring on 2015!!!


This is all DONE as of today and it was actually a lot of fun most days! I am a rather optimistic person so I didn’t find it too challenging but there were some days where it was close to impossible to find five things to be grateful for in a 24 hour period. I think that anyone who does this will definitely find by the end of it that they will be a little more cheerful and you’ll find less things to complain about in any situation/setting :D

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Day 364 ~ daily gratitude

Day 364

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I got a whole bookshelf cataloged this morning and started on another

(2) starting to get my son’s second school portfolio ready.

(3) lounging in my pajamas for half the day

(4) Hulkhands cleaning the dining room fan. It needed to be done so badly!!

(5) a hot bath after being out walking in the cold ~


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