#29 — 30 minutes of running is DONE ~

#29Be able to run for 30 minutes, indoors and outdoors

When I decided on this goal about six months ago now, it seemed impossible!! I remember running for a maximum of 12 minutes back then and thinking “God… I think my lungs are going to explode or my throat is surely just going to close up and I’ll suffocate where I stand!
Totally ridiculous I know, but great physical exertion seemed to cause some lack of communication with the rational side of my brain at the time haha

The breathing isn’t really an issue anymore. In fact it’s so easy to just fall into a natural rhythm when I run now, that I’m not even conscious of it until I finish my run and I realize there is no huffing and puffing going on *fist pump*

Indoor Run - March 6, 2015


Learning Types ~ Why This Can Help

One more re-post :) and then I can start working on my horribly procrastinated drafts!!


This doesn’t necessarily pertain specifically to Autism or any Spectrum Disorders but knowing about the different styles of learning and what style you personally are can be very helpful in perceiving how your child thinks or acts.

About a year before my son was diagnosed I started doing some online schooling to teach English as a second language and the first thing you learn is about the different learning styles and what your own learning style is as well. They do this so you as a teacher can gear your lessons for all your students and not just one group of learners.
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General Sensory Issues

This is a post from my other, now deleted blog, so just re-posting it here!


I would consider Sensory Issues to be perceiving and/or reacting to any/all the 5 senses in a way that is not considered common. This is very normal for children with Autism as they see/interact with everything around them in a very different manner than someone who isn’t on the Spectrum.

Once you start, or have finished, your complete assessment and have your diagnosis you may start noticing (if you didn’t beforehand) that some or all the 5 senses are difficult or fascinating to your child.

The simple act of turning a light on and off over and over can be mesmerizing to one child on the Spectrum and debilitating to another. This can be difficult to manage especially if your child is non-verbal and you can’t see in the moment what could be upsetting them to the point of screaming.
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** general site update!

I tried to keep a second blog and I was not able to manage both well at all so I am going to combine them. Makes it easier for me to handle getting posts done! So, over the next few days the overall look is going to change some and I will be adding other content/pages to the site as well as I move stuff over from the other one.

I have a busy few days on my hands ~~ Cheers :D

A Couple Quick Updates ~

#29 – Be able to run for a solid 30 minutes, both indoors and outdoors ~ I can now run for 30 minutes indoors and I will be outdoors REAL soon too!! I am up to just under 5 km (literally 4.97!) and I am running that in less than 30 minutes at the moment. I’ve got just under 3 months until my run, I feel like I am on track :)

#48 – Be able to do 200 sit-ups in one set with no assistance ~ last week I finally pushed out a set of 100 *happy dance* I think I’ll be able to do this by the summer!

#80 – write a letter to myself to read in 10 years ~ I have a copy of this done but I just need/want to give it a good read through to make sure it’s what I want to say. Trying to not over-think it too much, which seems to be the challenging part haha

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*spotlight ~ my artist ~

At the beginning of this year, my tattoo artist announced that he would be retiring from tattooing to do full-time comic book work. It wasn’t really surprising as I know that he is very passionate about this style of artwork and what he originally wanted to get into.
Plus, it definitely gave me the kick in the a** I needed to hurry up and get my back piece finished! I am a little sad that I will need to find someone else to do any other work I want done but I am glad that I had him for the work I’ve had done up to this point :D Definitely one of the funnest people I have had the pleasure of knowing!

This is a small “spotlight” on him and some of his work:

So, if you are in Vancouver anytime from now until next Spring (2016) and want a tattoo, this is who you should check out!

Deviant Art Profile: Tattoo Ryan

Twitter: theryancardinal

** my first registered run!

So, this afternoon I registered for my first run ever! It’s a 10 km trail run at the end of May :) Dirty Feet – Kelowna Trail Run

I’m feeling pretty jazzed about it right now, though I do have some work cut out for me if I want to be/feel ready in time. The longest distance I’ve gone is just under 4 km and now that the weather is turning into Springtime weather I’ll have no excuse not to get outside and do some running!!

I think that I will waffle back and forth between super excited and super nervous about it as the weeks progress but I do really think it will be a ton of fun!!!!!! *happy dance*