*that feeling of accomplishment

I had my 10 km trail run this past Sunday and it was so much fun!! I was incredibly nervous the night before and the morning before the race started. Not because I thought I would do badly, I actually did pretty good, but it was because of the waiting. I just wanted to get running and not stand/sit around waiting to start running.

Me and my friend, Stacy before the race

Me and my friend, Stacy, before the race (Photo taken by Kyle Crane)

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*Genes & Autism

Just a quick post as I am working on, or supposed to be working on I should say, an essay for Biology.  In some of my research I came across this article (based on a U.S. study) and I found it extremely interesting, and helpful with my assignment to a degree.

The article talks about some new studies that are out that show up to 1,000 genes that may attribute to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I, personally, find this fascinating and I am curious how this could affect the apparently growing number of individuals who are diagnosed with ASD. Being able to look at someones DNA and see how exactly you could help them, via gene therapy or a specific treatment is amazing!!

The article is here: Discovery of 100-Plus Genes Tied to Autism May Improve Treatments

I will definitely be keeping an eye on this in the future now that I know about it!

Music Review ~ “PVRIS”

Artist: PVRIS
Albums: White Noise (2014)
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Alternative/Electronic Rock
Years Active: 2012 – Present
Rating Out of Five: 3

Record Label: Rise/Velocity Records

For Fans of…. Tonight Alive, Paramore, Palisades

I think I came across PVRIS while I was surfing YouTube one day and it popped up in my sidebar recommendations. They caught my attention right away as they sound a lot like Paramore. So, right off the bat, if you don’t like that band then you won’t like this one.

Because they have a sound that is so close to that of the band Paramore, there isn’t much that sets them apart yet. The overall sound and the lead vocalist have very similar vocals and range, so I am interested to see how their sound progresses or changes as they release new music. The thing I am enjoying the most about PVRIS is some of their lyrics and how some of their songs are put together, it’s a little different from the norm and that is what appeals to me most when listening to music. I feel like there is definitely a ton of potential for them!!

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*Random Musings About Running

When I say I enjoy running long distances to someone who doesn’t know how much I love being physically active (or they don’t run themselves), then the first thing out of their mouth is usually “What?! You’re crazy!”.  I assure you, I am not crazy (or, at least, not most days heh heh), and I am definitely not the only person who does this either!

I started running last fall (August 2014) purely as an easy form of cardio as I wasn’t doing anything besides lifting weights and I needed a better balance. I never, ever thought that I would eventually work my way up to loving it, looking forward to it after a rest day, or purposely trying to run further than I did the previous week in preparation for a race.

Running is definitely addictive. There are some days I am almost humming with excitement in anticipation of going out for my run, especially if the weather is beautiful. And there are other days where I certainly feel like it’s more of a chore to get out the door, but once I start running I am so glad I did and I end up going further than I intended to for the day. With running I love to challenge myself and I am noticing that I am not nearly as competitive with running as I am with other physical activities. I am perfectly content to slowly better myself, seeing what my body is capable of doing, and how far I can push myself each time I go out.

On days where I don’t want to push myself, I usually just think of my brother and how he would egg me on to go further, or faster. I may not be a competitive runner, but I am absolutely competitive with my younger brothers!!

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a lil’ Vancouver and a tattoo sitting ~

I am super late in posting this!!!

I had a quick trip to Vancouver about 3 weeks ago now. It seems like so much time has passed, but it totally hasn’t at all!

My trip started out a bit rocky, with the Coquihalla getting a snow storm that day (and on through the night) and truckers not having chains on their rigs. There are signs posted all over the route saying you need to have them until the end of March and come on, it’s Canada, so of course there is still going to be snow at this time of year!! Idiots ~~~
So, this meant that the bus ended up being two and a half hours late because that is how long we spent sitting on the highway not moving more than a few feet every ten minutes, if that, as all these trucks were in the way.
I very nearly wasn’t able to check in to my hotel and the idea of wandering a city I had never been to all night long sounded, quite frankly, terrifying! I do not travel well alone, especially to places I haven’t been to before. Thankfully, that got sorted out and I was able to check-in, and I fell asleep within about a handful of minutes of getting into my room. I was so tired! I was, also, up early though as I couldn’t figure out how to shut the darn blinds and just gave up so the sunrise woke me up!


It didn’t end up being a bad thing, I got out nice and early for a walk and search for coffee, while also checking out where the tattoo shop was on the way. Both the shop and coffee were very close together so it was a productive morning :)



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#29 — 30 minutes of running is DONE ~

#29Be able to run for 30 minutes, indoors and outdoors

When I decided on this goal about six months ago now, it seemed impossible!! I remember running for a maximum of 12 minutes back then and thinking “God… I think my lungs are going to explode or my throat is surely just going to close up and I’ll suffocate where I stand!
Totally ridiculous I know, but great physical exertion seemed to cause some lack of communication with the rational side of my brain at the time haha

The breathing isn’t really an issue anymore. In fact it’s so easy to just fall into a natural rhythm when I run now, that I’m not even conscious of it until I finish my run and I realize there is no huffing and puffing going on *fist pump*

Indoor Run - March 6, 2015


Learning Types ~ Why This Can Help

One more re-post :) and then I can start working on my horribly procrastinated drafts!!


This doesn’t necessarily pertain specifically to Autism or any Spectrum Disorders but knowing about the different styles of learning and what style you personally are can be very helpful in perceiving how your child thinks or acts.

About a year before my son was diagnosed I started doing some online schooling to teach English as a second language and the first thing you learn is about the different learning styles and what your own learning style is as well. They do this so you as a teacher can gear your lessons for all your students and not just one group of learners.
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