Day 37 ~ *face palm* I’m a dope

Day 37 ~ December 14th, 2017

My son is finally feeling better! He is bouncing, climbing and running around like normal again and I couldn’t be happier about that fact. His appetite is also back in full swing and that makes me darn stoked too! I hope that none of us get sick for the rest of winter *fingers crossed*

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Day 35 ~ adrenaline alarm clock!

Day 35 ~ December 12th, 2017

Well! It was a jump-started morning!
I slept through all my alarms and Tuesdays are the ‘admin’ days with my friend (and son’s E.A.) for three hours at home. Welp, I was completely conked out when she got here *face palm* I was alley-ooping out of bed so darn fast when I heard her “oh, still sleeping!” hahaha

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Day 34 ~ over the dips and through the air

Day 34 ~ December 11th, 2017

A smaller post today that’ll focus more on my daily question. My son is still not better 😦 though it does seem to be coming around some so far this morning. He’s smiling and wanting to play a little so that makes me so happy. I hope he gets over all the ick going on by the end of this week. I want my kidlet back!

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Day 33 ~ new skills!

Day 33 ~ December 10th, 2017

My elbow is hurting today, or I should say it started last night, after attempting to do a human wall with my brother. I get close to scrambling back from under and then plop on my back… I just gotta get where I should let go with leg and grab next with my arm under wraps and then I’ll be able to do it. And I don’t think I mentioned this yet, but I can do an elevated elbow lever *fist pump* (can see it on Instagram) I’ve practiced up on my elbows, just holding the weight on them, since the summer and I can finally get my body not only up, but straight out too!


Day 32 ~ pushing on

Day 32 ~ December 9th, 2017

Tough getting myself going this morning. I woke up a little after three a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep for a bit. I eventually did for about 2 hours, but I felt real muddled until after I finished my workout. I don’t like my head feeling like it’s in a fog. I don’t feel 100%, my throat still hurts some, but it feels the worst first thing in the morning and in the evening kind of after supper. I hope this is as bad as it gets because I don’t want to be full-blown sick again this year.

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Day 31 ~ foggy noodle

Day 31 ~ December 8th, 2017

Well last night my throat started to feel sore… I took some night time cold meds so I could at least get some sleep and not be continuously woken up by the ick in my throat. I’m feeling alright after getting some rest, a little foggy-headed still, but not as bad as last night and my son is on the mend as well. His fever is gone and we’ve actually been to play this morning. It’s wonderful to see his smile and not the bleary-eyes staring at me begging me to make it all better.