Day 20 ~ no lesser evil and some adaptation

Day 20 ~ January 11th, 2017

I hope I am getting to the last stages of this damn cold as my dry cough seems to have transitioned to a wet cough. It is my preferred of the two as a dry cough just friggin’ hurts!! Neither one is awesome though as it makes it so tough to get any sleep… Only a few hours last night, I’ve been up since 4AM and before that I was up at 1AM for about 45 minutes. I tried to get a small nap in later this morning, but it just wasn’t happening.

Minor surgery happened two days ago and now waiting on some more test results from that and hopefully good news! Yesterday was the worst so far for soreness/pain, but it thankfully hasn’t been too bad overall. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed afterwards and I’m glad that isn’t the case.
The part that sucks the most is that I can’t do any running for 2 weeks… My poor knees and back are starting to hurt more and more without that aspect to my fitness. I’m hoping to try some light jogging next week either at the track or just some indoor laps at home.

Continuing on with parts of my challenges and I’ll play catch up later in the month and carrying on with the weight program for this month too. If I need to I will lower my weights a bit, but I am not putting it on hold. I am going to try to keep on top of the daily Yoga Revolution as well as that makes me feel equal parts amazing and sore. Completed Day 10 this morning and it was quite relaxing today.

I might try to get some Pre-Calc done this evening I guess… I don’t really want to still not a fan of Math, but I should do it regardless right 🙂

Cheers ~ ✌

Ironborn Days 6-10 & Darebee x2 + Unoff. Hammer Curl Challenge ~ Days 6 to 9

Ironborn Program

Day 6: back & biceps ~ 25lb dumbbells for the bicep curls, 30lb dumbbells for the bent over rows, and 50lb dumbbells farmer’s walk

Day 7: legs ~ 50lb dumbbells for the squats and calf raises and 30lb dumbbells for both lunges

Day 8: abs ~ doubled all reps or time for each exercise

Day 9: shoulders, chest & triceps ~ 25lb dumbbells with the shoulder and chest press and 15lb dumbbells for the lateral and forward raises

Day 10: back & biceps ~ 50lb dumbbells for the shrugs, 30lb dumbbells for the deadlifts and alt. bicep curls, 25lb dumbbells for the upright rows, and used 15lb dumbbells for the renegade rows.

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Day 19 ~ I guess they can’t all be good days

Day 19 ~ January 5th, 2017

My son was all over the map today just incredibly dis-regulated! When this happens it’s tough to get the day into any sort of routine because he kind of stays ‘stuck’ in an overstimulated state even if I can get him going through his body breaks. The fact that he has a cough (again… *sigh*) doesn’t help matters in the slightest either! I hope tomorrow is a better day for him.

With my surgery on Monday and being stuck in a house with three other people who are not healthy is a bit stressful. I’ve gotten better, and stayed better, for about a week now and I’d like for this trend to continue. I’d thought about going to the track this afternoon, but decided on running stairs instead and that had me working up a good sweat.

I did Day 5 of #YogaRevolution this evening and the weird ‘freestyle’ for the first part was definitely not my jam. So, it wasn’t as relaxing as the previous four days, but that’s ok and still looking forward to tomorrows session.

Now for some relaxing, maybe listen to music or read, and then sleep!

Cheers ~ ✌

Ironborn, #Darebee Challenges x2 & Unoff. Hammer Curl Challenge ~ Days 4 & 5

Ironborn Program

Day 4: abs ~ set of each exercise with 30sec rest between each set — I used a 20lb dumbbell with the sitting twists, I doubled all reps for all exercises, and I used 2lb ankle weights on both the leg raises and flutter kicks. I will likely continuing do this for each ab day as it makes it more challenging.

Day 5: shoulders, chest & triceps ~ 4 sets of each exercise with 30sec rest between each set — I used 25lb dummbbells for the arnold press and the triceps extensions (25lb each side), I used 15lb dumbbells for the lat arm raises, and I did the push-ups to failure each set (25/15/15/13). Doing the push-ups right after the arnold press sets with 30sec rest between was tough!!

Makeover Challenge

Day 4 ~ 10 flutter kicks/4 sets — did all sets in one go and with 2lb ankle weights

Day 5 ~ 30sec high knees + 30sec march steps (no rest)/5 sets

Burpee Challenge

Day 4 ~ 30sec push-up plank/2 sets — did the full 60secs in one shot

Day 5 ~ 25 burpees (20/5)

Unofficial Hammer Curl Challenge

Day 4 ~ 10 hammer curls (active rest day) — one set with 25lb dumbbells

Day 5 ~ 22 hammer curls — two sets of 11reps with 25lb dumbbells

Day 18 ~ A.M. burrows & pretzel-ing commences

Day 18 ~ January 4th, 2017

I unintentionally slept in this morning. That is a rarity, but it’s been so cold it’s difficult to get up from under the covers! And thanks to more yoga this evening I am already feeling tired enough to go to sleep!

Last night I decided to do Day 2 of #YogaRevolution and I did Day 3 this morning and Day 4 this evening. I really wanted to get caught up to the daily uploads. I am loving these daily yoga workouts so far and they are equally relaxing and challenging.

Another productive day all things considered and it’s a great feeling!

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 17 ~ icicle fingers, more maths, #yogarevolution & surgery date

Day 17 ~ January 3rd, 2017

It’s cold, really cold here. -21°C but actually feels like -28°C this morning…. *shivers*
This is incredibly cold for this area, the windows have frost/ice on the inside of them in the kitchen! Looks like it’s slowly supposed to get a little warmer by the weekend, but it’s expected to snow so that’s the reason for that and then temps drop again.
I don’t think I’ve managed to get and keep my nose or fingers warm at all today. It’s annoying and makes fine motor movement difficult so lots of dropping going on!

Getting Pre-Calc 11 underway now that the Winter Break is over. Hopefully be able to go print some stuff off at the school in about an hour so I can get that started. I hope that it isn’t too difficult for me to do as Math is definitely not my strong suit…

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Ironborn & #Darebee Challenges x2 ~ Days 2 & 3 + Unoff. Hammer Curl Challenge Days 1-3

Ironborn Program

Day 2: back & biceps ~ 4 sets of each exercise (x6) with 30sec rest in between — used 20lb dumbbells for the bent over flys; used 25lb dumbbells for the bicep curls, upright rows, and bent over rows; used 30lb dumbbells (net= 60lbs) for the deadlifts; and 50lb dumbbells for the shrugs (net= 100lbs)

Day 3: legs ~ 4 sets of each exercise (x4) with 30sec rest in between — I used a 30lb dumbbell for the goblet squats and two 30lb dumbbells for the calf raises. This weight wasn’t hard enough so I will try with the 50lb dumbbells next time to see if that is challenging enough or perhaps too hard. And I used 20lb dumbbells for both the forward and side lunges. It was just right for the side lunges, but too light for the forward lunges. I will increase to 30lbs the next time I do these.

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