Boxing Week ~ Day 7 ~ DONE + new challenges picked for May!

Boxing Week ~ Day 7 ~ Fight Night Workout

I had a lot of fun with this last workout!!
I was lucky it was so nice out by the time I got my butt in gear this morning, so I could do this workout on my punching bag outside.

I decided to do all seven sets after I got to five sets as by that point another six minutes didn’t seem like that much time so why the heck not!
My kiddo even stuck around for the first few sets and did his best to do them with me before he distracted by bubbles & the water guns๐Ÿ˜›

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Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 30/DONE + Boxing Week ~ Day 6

Last day for these Challenges and only one day left for Boxing Week after today!

Flexibility Challenge D30 ~ 200 side lunges + 4min side splits ✓

I got the lunges done in three sets. It kind of jumped from 160 to 180 to 200 reps in like three days so no way for me to build up to doing those reps in only two sets. Regardless, I was lucky if I could push through 20 side lunges per set before I started this challenge. The 4min side splits was hard on my knees still, but that is apparently normal as I push myself lower and hold it for longer. Pulling myself out of the splits position at the end of the time was sooooooo difficult!! My legs refused to bend at all! I will be continuing with the side splits daily so I can get even lower still!

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Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 28 + Boxing Week ~ Day 5 + Avatar Upgrade C15

Flexibility Challenge D28 ~ 25 bridges/4 sets โœ“

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D28 ~ 40 sit-ups + 60 flutter kicks + 1min elbow plank โœ”

Boxing Week ~ Day 5 ~ Boxer Flexibility Workout

I zipped through everything pretty quickly this morning. Very glad for the ‘rest day’ for the Ab Challenge as yesterday killed my core. It’s pretty sore today!

I was able to do 5 sets for the Boxing Week workout and all in one go for EC and some energy to spare soo… *happy dancing*

Day 30 for both challenges tomorrow!!!!
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Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Days 25 to 27 + Boxing Week ~ Days 2 to 4

Sunday evening I started having a sore node in my throat and loaded up on my vitamins and took some cold medication to help me sleep and hopefully stave off whatever was trying to attack me. By Monday both my nodes were swollen and a little sore but I still didn’t have a sore throat, runny nose, congested sinuses, flemy throat, or any kind of cough. Basically, I sat between healthy and sick for a whole day and a half, which is a long time for me as I rarely ever get sick. Today I am feeling better and my energy levels seem to be back to normal as well.

Flexibility Challenge D25 ~ 160 side lunges + 3m10s side splits ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D25 ~ 140 sit-ups + 420 flutter kicks + 4min elbow plank ✔

Boxing Week ~ Day 2 ~ Boxer Endurance Workout I did only Level 1 for 3 sets today. The whole not feeling awesome just made it impossible to push myself beyond that number of sets.

I did get out for a run with Hulkhands this morning for just over 6km, which was his best distance since he started running about three weeks ago!
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