Day 2 ~ maladies persist, but still plenty of happy dancing

Day 2 ~ December 2nd, 2016

I am so done with being sick… Seriously.
Between the cough I had for the first two weeks of November and now this sore throat/sinus cold I have happening this week, it means I haven’t done much of any running the past four weeks…๐Ÿ˜ฆ
I can’t seem to escape this foggy brain either despite not having taken any meds since before bed last night. It’s been almost 12 hours so my noodle shouldn’t be feeling loopy at all anymore. It’s odd, but hopefully it wears off as the day progresses!

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Military Fit Plus, Fitness Advent, & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 3 & 4

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 3 ~ Level 3/5 sets — a great workout, very similar to my old shoulder/lat weight day. I used 15lb dumbbells on the lat and front raises; 25lb dumbbells on the bicep curls, upright rows, and shoulder press; and 30lb dumbbells on the shrugs.

Day 4 ~ all levels 3 sets **30sec light jog in place/march steps as active rest between exercises** (no rest between sets) — I will enjoy these full circuit days more when I am no longer sick and can barely breathe. HIIT and colds do not mix at all!!

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Day 1 ~ foggy brain

Day 1 ~ Dec. 1st, 2016

Well, this is the first day of what is hopefully at least a year’s worth of daily posts!
I’d like to make it a habit as I procrastinate this particular task too often and time-wise it would barely take any time if I did a little every day.

It’s only a real short one today as I am sick – sore throat with some foggy brain and stuffed sinuses – and I don’t want to be sitting at my computer for any longer. Hopefully I feel a touch better come tomorrow!

Military Fit Plus, Fitness Advent, & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 1 & 2

Military Fit Plus Program
Day 1 ~ Level 3/7sets **1 minute high knees at the start of each set** — a good start to this program, got the blood pumping and the sweat flowing.

Day 2 ~ Level 3/5 sets **30 seconds squat hops on the spot at the start of each set** — a tiring workout and I was beyond grateful for that 30sec “rest” between everything, especially the full plank and push-up plank, or it would have been impossible.

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Posture & Super Saiyan Challenges ~ Day 30 + #66 ~ DONE!

Posture Challenge

Day 30 ~ 54 micro expansions/3 sets

Super Saiyan Challenge

Day 30 ~ 350 sit-ups (100/100/100/50) + 800 squats (200 split/150 basic/100 shrimp/150 sumo/50 jump/100 plie/50 pistol) — I liked doing the crazy amount of push-ups and squats for this challenge, but the high sit-up reps became the part I didn’t like much at all.

With this day it finishes up #66 on my Bucketlist as well๐Ÿ˜€

Strength Protocol & Totals Programs ~ Day 30 ~ Completed!

Strength Protocol Program
Day 30: back & biceps ~ Level 3/5 sets — a fun last workout to this program. I hadn’t done a full arch bridge in probably several years so I was pleased to see that I can still do them and without grunting and groaning like an old person๐Ÿ˜›

Totals Program

Day 30 ~ 100 basic burpee with jump [no push-up] (20×5) — as I am sick at the moment these were not a good time today…

I enjoyed these programs and I wish there was a ‘Level 2’ or ‘plus’ version for both!