Day 137 ~ a successful ending

Day 137 ~ March 25th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: mudlark ~ a person who scavenges in riverside mud at low tide for anything of value.

Today’s Calendar Quote:The cautious seldom err.” — Confucius

This afternoon was the last swimming lesson session via Swimability at Johnson Bentley across the bridge. My son enjoyed himself immensely for the most part. I say that because there was the occasional time the process was tougher for him than normal. It happens, but overall it was a huge success and he had a lot of fun!

I already went and registered for the next round of lessons starting in September this year. So a bit of a wait, but because I registered so early we should easily get the place and time we want which is great.



Day 136 ~ little ‘uns

Day 136 ~ March 24th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: skippable ~ able to be skipped, omitted, or passed over without loss; unimportant.

I went to a good friend’s baby shower this afternoon/early evening and it was lovely! I’ve only seen her once (very briefly) before she had the little one so it was awesome to see her. And of course the new baby too! Rowan is her name and she is the tiniest thing because she was born I think six weeks early. Only six pounds so my arms would never get tired of holding her haha

I was so scared of dropping her simply because she was so light! It’s been an extremely long time since I held a baby so it was strange and made me glad I won’t have anymore of my own in the future.

In any case it was a nice visit and it was a great baby shower as well 🙂


Day 135 ~ please no tears

Day 135 ~ March 23rd, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: orrery ~ a clockwork model of the solar system, of the sun, earth, and moon.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Nature…makes nothing in vain.” — Aristotle

A bit of hiccup-y morning with the kiddo because I don’t think he slept all that well last night. Thankfully it evened out by the afternoon though. Going through an entire day like this morning would have been a real challenge.

I zipped out to the track this morning for a real quick run and just killed it pace-wise. I wanted to go longer, but tomorrow is leg day and didn’t want to destroy my legs beforehand. I’m planning on keeping my longer runs for either Monday or Tuesday evenings. Hopefully it works for the former so my legs get a day of rest before the next leg day.

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Day 134 ~ two easy picks

Day 134 ~ March 22nd, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: stoup ~ a container for drinking beers, etc.; a flagon.

Today’s Calendar Quote:The eye may see from the hand, but not for the mind.” — Henry David Thoreau

Monday’s and Thursday’s seem to be the worst days of the week for me to get any kind of decent sleep. Not sure exactly why this is, but that’s what I’ve noticed over the last two weeks or so.

My son had his regular therapy session this afternoon and I went upstairs to fold laundry and nearly fell asleep when I took a moment to recline. Just so tired all the time and don’t have a solution for it for the time being.

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Day 133 ~ feeling the loss of Zzz’s

Day 133 ~ March 21st, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: deradicalize ~ to free from radical ideas.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Stop talking and thinking and there is nothing you will not be able to know.” — Sengcan

A normal day for the most part I guess. I ran a few errands in the late morning/early afternoon and got a few things done around the house.

I’m still quite tired between Bolt (the puppy) and my son. One is up early and the other is often awake later than I would like. There is no getting to bed early for me most nights or sleeping in, in the mornings with the both of them mucking with my sleep schedule! I’m hoping Bolt will start to sleep longer in the mornings because come about 8 at night he is so bagged and just wants to sleep.


Day 132 ~ all by myself & it was good

Day 132 ~ March 20th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: bibliopole ~ a dealer in books.

Today’s Calendar Quote:When you paint Spring, do not paint willows, plums, peaches or apricots, but just paint Spring. To paint willows, plums, peaches or apricots is to paint willows, plums, peaches or apricots– it is not yet painting Spring.” — Dogen Zenji

There is probably some intellectual piece of wisdom in today’s quote, but I feel like it gets sidelined by the repetitiveness of painting all the things… Definitely not anywhere near one of my favourites from this calendar so far.

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Day 131 ~ it shows me

Day 131 ~ March 19th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: hangry ~ irritable as a result of hunger.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Why do you so earnestly seek the truth in distant places? Look for delusion and truth in the bottom of your own heart.” — Ryokan

I actually got to sleep in a little longer than normal this morning! It did feel nice, but I’ve gotten used to being up and going much earlier so I was running behind almost constantly this morning. I guess I can’t have the best of both those worlds it seems!