Day 29 ~ music to my ear nubs

Day Twenty-Nine ~ August 31st,2018

It’s been a productive morning so far! I was up so early, before 4am, but didn’t get out of bed until 4:30am. I’ve already sorted out so many emails and messages for my son’s school stuff, programs and therapies. I am rather impressed with myself this morning. I know I will be quite bagged by the time mid-afternoon rolls around though. Here’s hoping that my second wind picks up quickly!

I don’t think we have anything going on today so I’m definitely going to use it to get things done on my list and around the house. It would be so glorious to knock off more than half of those things today and then have plenty of time to relax over the weekend. Guess I’ll see how it looks by the end of the day πŸ˜€



Day 28 ~ fave hubs

Day Twenty-Eight ~ August 30th,2018

Sigh…. didn’t hit Publish yesterday afternoon… I was too distracted and flustered I guess about some stuff that I will remark on later. Anyway hitting the right button now!

Helped my dad again this morning and then hit up a dentist appointment this afternoon that he hooked me up with. My rodent cheek is less swollen today but still very noticeable. I imagine that I will be placed on antibiotics for a week or so before the dentist will take it out. *fingers crossed*

I’ve got a ton of stuff to get done for the rest of the day so I’m only doing a quick post. Probably do a longer one tomorrow!

What’s your favourite town or city?

Vancouver, BC
Seaside, OR
San Diego, CA

Cheers ~ ✌

Daily Yoga (#15) ~ 28/365
Daily Question (#124) ~ 28/365
Daily Journal (#130) ~ 28/365

Day 27 ~ rodent cheek but working hard

Day Twenty-Seven ~ August 29th, 2018

The last two mornings I’ve helped my dad working on a new fence. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m finding that I really enjoy this kind of work. It has this ‘mindless’ capacity to it that I like. That’s not to say that it isn’t mind-occupying work or that it doesn’t have complicated moments as it does! But, there are clearer (and easier) solutions than other work/jobs I’ve done in the past. It is fairly stress-free in my opinion and that is another reason I enjoy it so much πŸ™‚ It’s nice to not be in the constant state of mind that needs to have an entire alphabet of plans to deal with most or all daily situations. It’s mentally the best kind of break I could ask for honestly!

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Day 24 ~ indoor track + excited wiggles…a mish-mash

Day Twenty-Four ~ August 26th, 2018

Hit up the track for a run later in the afternoon and it was great except for the random kids sneaking in and out of the place. Fully on-board with kids and physical activity, but not OK with unsupervised (little) kids going wild in a place/space that has rules. In any case, hopefully it doesn’t happen again and they were only around for about half of my run so that’s something at least. The rest of it I had the entire track to myself! It doesn’t happen too often and it will never happen once the cold weather hits in a few months. I am incredibly stoked to have at least six months worth of Zombie, Run missions to complete as that is what will get me through the winter months this year and beginning of the next!

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Day 23 ~ CTRL + ALT + DEL

Day Twenty-Three ~ August 25th, 2018

Written journal entry again today so only the question to post!

Create a list of things you would put into Room 101 (banish from the world if you could). From the serious to the small irritating things.

– 1 ply toilet paper
– tags on clothes
– blisters
– tailgaters (while driving) or people who drive under the speed limit
– abusers in any capacity
– allergies
– litter
– dust bunnies
– spiders and bugs the size of small pets
– greasy dishes
– creaks/squeaks in the floor

Cheers ~ ✌

Daily Yoga (#15) ~ 23/365
Daily Question (#124) ~ 23/365
Daily Journal (#130) ~ 23/365

Day 22 ~ let me have the “groovy” moves

Day Twenty-Two ~ August 24th, 2018

Another quick post as I was out until mid-afternoon and then busy around the house when I got home! I’ll do a longer post tomorrow.


Would you rather be an amazing dancer or be great at Math?

What an easy answer!

An amazing dancer! I have no moves to speak of at this point in time and I totally wish I did.
I am not a fan of math in the slightest. Just the inkling of it on the brain feels like it would bring on a headache haha

Cheers ~ ✌

Daily Yoga (#15) ~ 22/365
Daily Question (#124) ~ 22/365
Daily Journal (#130) ~ 22/365

Day 21 ~ relaxing, laughs and motivation

Day Twenty-One ~ August 23rd, 2018

I almost completely forgot about the CAN registration this week! It ends tomorrow so I’m glad that I remembered and I got my son’s registration in for three different programs. He probably won’t get into all three, but I’m hoping he’ll get into the two programs he hasn’t been into yet *fingers crossed*