Day 52 ~ what I’ve been up to since summer started

Day 52 ~ August 19th, 2017

Yikes! It has been basically two months since my last post! With summer vacation arriving I spend so much time outside either for just myself or with my son. There have been plenty of days that I don’t turn my computer on, or it’s only on from about supper time to bedtime, which is a good thing!

I have a few posts to do for completing things off my bucket list and I will likely do one for my last race as well (this past Sunday). But first what has gone on lately!

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Multiplank & 10,000 Crunches Challenges ~ Completed!

Mutliplank Challenge

Day 29 ~ 2 minute acrobat plank

Day 30 ~ 2 minute push-up plank

Such a fun challenge!! I think I will do it again eventually, but with maybe a longer duration for the plank hold.

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30-Day Harry Potter Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30 ~ Describe the effect Harry Potter has had on your life and how much it means to you?

Perhaps for someone younger this series might have held some profound effect on me, but I was twenty when I started reading it. It’s certainly very well written and is an immersive story. But, aside from some enjoyment for my imagination that’s where it ends.

I have much of myself involved in series like Dune or Star Wars, so it’s hard to top my love for those series even though Harry Potter is pretty fantastic too.

30-Day Harry Potter Challenge ~ Days 23 to 28

Day 23 ~ Any/all parts of the books/films that makes you cry?

Dobby’s death in both the book and the film.
And Professor Snape’s death in the film.

Day 24 ~ Any particular scene you wished was in one of the films but wasn’t?

Honesty, it’s been too long between reading the books and seeing the films to be able to answer this question. I am leaning towards ‘no’ as nothing comes to mind in the slightest at the moment.

Days 25 to 28

Multiplank & 10,000 Crunches Challenge ~ Days 20 & 21 + Fighter’s Codex ~ Days 20 to 22

Multiplank Challenge

Day 20 ~ 2 minute shoulder tap full plank — not the most fun variation for me. Especially after almost 300 push-ups!

Day 21 ~ 2 minute raised leg bridge plank (1min es)

10,000 Crunches Challenge

Day 20 ~ 100 crunches (1 set) [active rest]

Day 21 ~ 500 crunches (100repsx5)

Fighter’s Codex Here