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Quick bits about me:

My name is Val! I am a mother of a wonderful little boy, who is Autistic; the oldest of five kids; a tomboy (three brothers helped with that); a musician; a songwriter; a hockey fan, more specifically, an Oilers fan; a BIG reader and I love tattoos!!! Now this list could go on, but then it wouldn’t be a quick introduction! Feel free to inquiry about something if you are curious!

When I originally started this blog is was to keep track and help me accomplish some of the things on my Bucketlist.  This site will will serve two purposes now, continuing with my Bucketlist stuff and topics or info that has to do with Autism.

So, I’ll mention my Bucketlist first really quick here! My list is all personal goals and fun things that I would like to do, but it wouldn’t be as meaningful if I wasn’t able to share it with friends.  At this point in time, my list has a hundred and thirty things on it and I have no intention of making it longer as of yet.

* If there is anyone that wants to do something on my list with me, just let me know I am definitely game for that! The more the merrier ~~ * see below for my Twitter or Blog Email *

Wish me luck!!

Now onto my other reason for this blog:

When my son was diagnosed with Autism and Moderate Global Development Delay in the Winter of 2011 it left me reeling. No parent wants their child to be different, not because of that difference, but because of how much harder life will be on them. Not that the status quo was easy but it was “normal”.
I am not a fan of using terms normal or different or even average but it is difficult to have a conversation about Autism without using one or some of these words.

Autism is still a fairly new diagnosis and it is a very broad spectrum. No child sits the same on the spectrum even if they have the same or similar diagnosis. While this is kind of endearing to me, as individuality is an important concept to me, but it is also frustrating as there is so little information available to parents/guardians/caregivers (who ARE NOT professionals) of children with an Autism diagnosis.

Sure, you see your team of specialists for the assessment and “get answers” many of them were very technically jargon loaded. I was told by doctors they “simply didn’t know” or they didn’t have enough research/data to confirm “blank” one way or another. Three years later I now understand a lot of the technical jargon as I have made a huge effort to learn it, but at the beginning it was overwhelming and a big muddled mess in my head with no one around to explain to me in a simplified manner.

I hope to simplify things and provide information or links to info/resources that will be helpful to parents with children diagnosed with Autism.

Another aim I have is to, also, provide assistance in locating resources/games/activities online for children learning from home.

I am doing Distributed Learning with my son and it has been extremely beneficial as he can learn at his own pace and he gets all the one-on-one attention he needs. While much is provided for us for school, finding other resources has not been easy. There are so many amazing sites and creative ideas out there for teaching kids and most of what I found was only after months of searching and typing the “just right” keywords into my search. I hope to cut out some the months worth searching by compiling what I have found on here.

DISCLAIMER ** I am not a professional, I have no official training! I am simply a mother sharing her own thoughts, opinions, and experiences with Autism through her own child on here. **

Another thing that I will quickly mention is … I would appreciate it if none of my stuff (reviews or pictures, especially!) are used without my permission. I spend a lot of time working on everything I do on here (well before it becomes an actual post) and, let’s be honest, no one likes it when someone else steals there stuff right ~ !!
Just ask to use something (and then credit) and/or direct back to the original post (e.g. sharing to Twitter, etc.).
Thank you very much and enjoy 😀

For anyone wanting to get in touch me for either questions or wanting to take part in something with me from my Bucketlist then feel free post a message on this page, find me on Twitter, or shoot me an email.

I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

Twitter: @Val_Lavigne

Blog email: val.lavigne23@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!


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