My Bucketlist

1. See a Nitro Circus show
2. Be able to do 5 muscle ups
3. Take ballroom dancing lessons
4. Write down five things that I’m grateful for everyday for a yearStarted: Jan. 1, 2014DONE Dec. 31, 2014
5. Go skinny dipping
6. Go to paintballDONE June 16, 2018 (Stacy, J.ho & Kellie)
7. Have sex on a beachDONE Summer 2006
8. Do a several day camping/hiking trip
9. Learn a new word everyday (and its equivalent in Japanese and/or Korean if possible) for a year (Started: Aug. 1, 2012)—DONE July 31, 2013
10. Be able to do a proper L-sit
11. Go white water rafting
12. Learn to box and/or kickboxDONE Summer 2015
13. Be able to do 50 push-ups. Regular, no knees!DONE May 26, 2016
14. Learn to be easier on my myself. Don’t punish myself for things I can’t controlDONE
15. Do yoga every day for a year. Hopefully make into a habit!
16. Make peace with my dadDONE November 22nd, 2012
17. Quit smokingDONE May 2006
18. Learn/go kayakingDONE August 1st, 2018 (with Dan)
19. Do a set of 50 reps of 6 exercises every day for a year
20. Go to Iceland
21. Go skydiving
22. Take a trip down to Las Vegas at least once
23. Learn to meditateDONE February 29, 2016
24. Take piano lessons
25. Learn to drum
26. Go to DisneylandDONE September 14-17, 2017
27. Take a trip across Canada. Be a tourist, take in all the sights, and take lots of pictures
28. Go bungee jumping
29. Be able to run for a solid thirty minutes, indoors and outdoorsDONE Indoor Completed ~ March 6, 2015 7 & Outdoor Completed ~ March 8, 2015
30. Get my license
31. Attend a live UFC event
32. Learn to be more patient with myself and othersDONE Nov 13, 2013
33. Get my motorcycle license
34. Have a more feminine side to me wardrobeDONE July 2011
35. Successfully take a flight with son either domestic or international, whichever happens first!
36. Learn Sign Language
37. Do a polar bear swim!DONE January 1, 2016
38. Be able to do 5 One-Arm Pull-Ups
39. Get my hunting licence
40. Travel to Scotland
41. Become an organ donorDONE 2008
42. Get over my fear of heightsDONE Summer 2015
43. Find the perfect ‘climbing’ treeDONE Feb 13th, 2012
44. Have a Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition) movie marathon, back to backDONE August 18-19, 2013
45. Get contacts
46. Have better relationships with my siblingDONE 2009
47. Get a handle on my temper; no more hitting or throwing thingsDONE *I am most proud of this one so far*
48. Be able to do 200 sit-ups in one set with no assistance, people or thingsDONE October 21, 2015
49. Learn to be more teachable, a little less stubbornDONE Nov 13, 2013
50. Learn to pole danceDONE Jan 16, 2018 (with Stacy)
51. Have a Star Wars movie marathonDONE Nov 8 & 9, 2015
52. Travel to South Korea
53. Go two weeks without drinking any caffeineDONE
54. See a live All Blacks Rugby gameDONE Nov 1st, 2014
55. Learn Korean
56. Go whole day without my cell phone (this is going to encompass Facebook, Twitter, iPod as well so therefore no computer!)DONE Feb 15th, 2012
57. Take a yoga class
58. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset for at least a week. Attempt to make it a daily habitDONE June 2012
59. Take fencing lessons
60. Ride a dirt bike
61. Be able to play Halo/KoToR; have mastery of the double joystickDONE
62. Do a trip through Oregon
63. Ride in a hot air balloon
64. Ride in a helicopter
65. Go to a roller derby
66. Do a new 30-Day Fitness Challenge each month for a yearDONE December 1st, 2015 to November 30th, 2016
67. Go see an Edmonton Oilers Home game
68. Get professional nude photos done
69. No candy for a weekDONE
70. Learn Japanese
71. Collage entire house, all the walls, ceiling to floorDONE July 18, 2013
72. Write up my will
73. Learn to crochet
74. Learn how to make sushiDONE August 18, 2013
75. Travel to Norway
76. Travel to Japan
77. Travel to France
78. Run a half-marathonDONE Sept 4, 2016
79. Complete an Obstacle Course Race
80. Write myself a letter to read in ten years time
81. Go to a rodeo
82. Read all the classics
83. See Cirque du SoleilDONE July 3, 2011
84. Ride in a race car
85. See a live orchestra
86. Go see a ballet performance as an adult
87. See summer X-Games live
88. Go whale watching
89. Learn how to shoot a gun and get a licenseDONE November 4th, 2012
90. Get my tubes tiedDONE November 2010
91. Learn one type of martial arts
92. Start a blog/website and continue it for at least a year, even if no one reads itDONE October 21st, 2011
93. Hold a baby kangaroo
94. Travel out of Canada for a race
95. Go on a cruise
96. Take my son to a movie at a theatre, do the concession bit, and sit through an entire movie
97. Go to a drive-in movieDONE August 21, 2011
98. Learn how to change a tire and forevermore change over my seasonal tires on my ownDONE Spring 2018
99. Do a collage a day for a year. A new project 365!
100. Learn how to make kimchiDONE July 2017
101. Touch a live octopus
102. Ride a horse barebackDONE July 21, 2013
103. Complete ‘Project 365’DONE December 31st, 2011
104. Get marriedDONE July 30, 2018
105. Finish my back pieceDONE June 29th, 2015
106. Get my Star Wars leg tattoo
107. Plant a herb garden
108. Go camping with no tent, just under the starsDONE June 2016
109. Travel to New Zealand
110. Put together a time capsuleDONE May 4, 2011
111. Get my passportDONE Sept 16 2014
112. Make a memory jar for a year. Do annually!
113. No more swearing, even if I hurt myself, get frustrated or angryDONE June 29, 2016
114. Be able to do 20 pull-upsDONE Summer 2017
115. Do a fun 30-Day Challenge each month for a yearDONE November 2nd, 2015 to October 30th, 2016
116. Learn to longboardDONE Summer 2017
117. Buy a house
118. Learn how to do an oil change on my carDONE April 2018 (Thanks dad!)
119. Re-learn how to rock climb
120. Be able to do a flip
121. Build a treehouse or a backyard playhouse (if a tree is unavailable)
122. Bench press my weight
123. Be able to do a handstand without any assistance whatsoever (people or objects)
124. Answer a personal/thoughtful question a day for a year
125. Upgrade my schooling and go to college!!
126. Go on the ziplineDONE July 30, 2012
127. Keep a journal for a year to give to my son when he turns eighteenDONE December 31, 2012
128. Get my french back up to an acceptable level
129. Be able to do the splits in both directions
130. Daily blog/journal, even if only a small blurb each day, for a year.


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