Days 246 to 259 ~ daily gratitude

Gosh…. It has been about two weeks since I last posted, time is flying by so quickly!! I can’t believe it’s already halfway through September!
I have been so busy doing homeschooling with my son (it is a lot of work) and working out/running that I have spent little to no time on my computer. It’s actually been turned off most of the last two weeks and I usually don’t even do that. While I would love to say that I won’t leave this long again, I can’t as it will likely not happen. Maybe if I shoot for some time shortly before bed then it might happen as I am not really all that physically active before conking out. I’ll have to see what will work out 😀

Day 246

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) getting invoices/paperwork all sorted out this morning

(2) being curious ~~~~

(3) I had the books my sister was wanting and able to get them to her right away

(4) some days silence is quite alright with me

(5) reading two books in an attempt to put my tooth pain on the back burner of my mind

Days 247 to 259 Here

Days 240 to 245 ~ daily gratitude

Day 240

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) a super windy day

(2) our neighbour cut down a large tree they had in their yard that was a touch out of control. Now less leaves for me to rake up now!

(3) the bunk bed getting delivered this afternoon

(4) visiting with a friend I hadn’t seen in some time 🙂

(5) I got one twin mattress completely wrapped up this morning. Now its water proof!

Day 241 to 245