Day 104 ~ I’ll take it!

Day 104 ~ February 19th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: bilboes ~ an iron bar with sliding shackles, used to fasten prisoners’ ankles.

Today’s Calendar Quote:The root of suffering is attachment.” — Buddha

So much sunshine, but it is bloody cold!!!!
I love the sun more than the horrible, overcast gray skies so I will absolutely take this over that “bleh”-ness any day even if I get a touch shiver-y.

I do some exercises to warm myself up if I get too cold like push-ups, jumping jacks, pull-ups, etc.
Or running if I have the time to fit one in because I don’t like to go for shorter than 20 minutes which is usually just over the 4km mark for me. I can hardly wait until I can get running back outside again because this in circles is getting rather boring even though it’s convenient. At least I am not stuck on a treadmill as that is definitely worse than running in circles in my opinion.

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Day 102 ~ water is still not my friend

Day 102 ~ February 17th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: deasil ~ clockwise or in the direction of the sun’s course.

True to form Saturday is fairly relaxed day except for the afternoon. Also, it snowed almost the entire day so I was hard wishing that I didn’t have to go out.

We went to the public pool right by our house this afternoon with a friend of mine. It is a challenge to do that place by myself because it is so big. It went great to start and then there was a big of an upset because my son wanted to climb a space that isn’t allowed to be climb. Eventually moved past that and did each of the water slides once before heading back into the river run spot and then back into the small wave pool area.


Day 101 ~ anticipation is building

Day 101 ~ February 16th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: mungo ~ a low-grade wool from felted rags or waste.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Attain deliverance in disturbances.” — Kyong Ho

A slightly high-strung/rougher morning right at the beginning, but it evened itself out eventually. And we got outside for some fresh air and intended sunshine but it disappeared on us by the time we got to our location. The kiddo had some fun playing with ice/snow chunks near the Greenway trail entrance so he had a good time. That was the point so it was a success even if it wasn’t the intended activity. I’m looking forward to the snow being completely finished for the season so I can get my son out on his bike or long board!!

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Day 100 ~ forest rats gotta watch their backs

Day 100 ~ February 15th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: valetudinarian ~ someone who is excessively concerned about his of her poor health or ailments.

Today’s Calendar Quote:A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” — Lao Tzu

I finally got all the papers ‘to file’ off my desk and into their respective folders. I wish I could stay on top of that better, but that would require me never being interrupted I think to happen. The typically scenario is me about to put something away and then I get pulled away so I quickly put it to the side so I don’t lose it. I do this 5, 10, 20 times and then I have a decent little stash/pile going on. Oh well, it could certainly be worse!

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Day 99 ~ back on track

Day 99 ~ February 14th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: philophobia ~ a fear of love, falling in love.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Gamble everything for love,, if you are a true human being. If not, leave this gathering. Half-heartedness doesn’t reach into majesty.” — Rumi

The super cleaning and organizing continued into most of today. I got the floors vacuumed and washed, my son’s room cleaned up and re-arranged again, the laundry done, the dishes done, swapped out the old kitchen table for a small desk, got the rest of the paper notes on my desk cleaned off and got some more stuff done for the action/pronoun cards I’m making for my son.


Day 98 ~ getting all the things done

Day 98 ~ February 13th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: varlet ~ an unprincipled rogue.

Today’s Calendar Quote:The man who has forgotten self may be said to have entered Heaven” — Zhuangzi

A productive day for the most part. I got the laundry done, everything out of my closet so I can organize it tomorrow, plan to change out the old kitchen table for a desk, got a coffee table for the living room, got rid of a few things, and got a bunch of things sorted out for my son’s schooling.

Once I get in a groove it’s so easy to just keep on going! I love when this happens and hopefully tomorrow will be similar in that I get at least as much done 🙂

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Day 97 ~ gimmie the rays

Day 97 ~ February 12th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: splanchnic ~ having to do with the viscera or internal organs, especially those of the abdomen.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Not ’til your thoughts cease all their branching here and there, not ’til you abandon all thoughts of seeking for something, not ’til your mind is motionless as wood or stone, will you be on the right road to the Gate.” — Huang Po

I am loving the glorious sunshine the last few days despite the cooler temperatures. I would take an entire winter like this over a grey, warmer one any day. I hope it is like this for a good chunk of the last half of the season.

Come on spring! I am ready for you!

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