Day 48 ~ cleaning machine and some rep gains

Day Forty-Eight ~ September 19, 2018

Spent most of the day cleaning things up around the house, especially from my son’s room. I did a little re-arranging in there too. It kind of surprises me at how messy he can be and yet I know just how chaotic most ten-year old rooms actually are so it shouldn’t be remotely shocking! Some things are definitely age appropriate with him and some things most certainly are not haha

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Day 45 ~ carry on bummer butt

Day Forty-Five ~ September 16th, 2018

We had a fun outing to Bertram Creek Park this afternoon and we even missed all the random rain showers! It was nice to get out while the weather doesn’t suck yet and honestly just chill for a bit. I don’t typically get to have much interaction with other people, adults especially, at these kinds of things so it’s never all that relaxing for me normally. At least things went really well today though and everything ended on a successful note.

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Day 42 ~ getting back into it

Day Forty-Two ~ September 13th, 2018

I nearly talked myself out of a run this afternoon and I’m glad that I didn’t. It’s been a few days since I last did one so a less than stellar performance in m opinion, but at least I did it anyway!

Summer is basically over here and the temps are getting cooler quicker than normal it feels like. Out on the trampoline for a bit this evening when the sun’s gone down and my toes were freezing. It feels great during the day, but the evenings already need a sweater.

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Day 36 ~ childhood snippets

Day Thirty-Six ~ September 7th, 2018

Just under a month for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey **happy dancing** I can’t wait! It looks like they built off all the awesome new game play for Origins and added some extra rad things. Not long to go now, but it is tough to wait for this game!! Fingers crossed that I stay so busy with the kid’s school schedule that I don’t even notice the time going by anymore.


Day 35 ~ some winter plans

Day Thirty-Five ~ September 6th, 2018

Between the infected tooth last week and then the antibiotics to combat that destroying me I opted for the hand written journal the last handful of days. Sitting down to type took a little too much effort when my body wasn’t remotely jiving with the fully upright business. Thankfully I am starting to feel better and the toothie culprit will be yanked out next week!

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Day 29 ~ music to my ear nubs

Day Twenty-Nine ~ August 31st,2018

It’s been a productive morning so far! I was up so early, before 4am, but didn’t get out of bed until 4:30am. I’ve already sorted out so many emails and messages for my son’s school stuff, programs and therapies. I am rather impressed with myself this morning. I know I will be quite bagged by the time mid-afternoon rolls around though. Here’s hoping that my second wind picks up quickly!

I don’t think we have anything going on today so I’m definitely going to use it to get things done on my list and around the house. It would be so glorious to knock off more than half of those things today and then have plenty of time to relax over the weekend. Guess I’ll see how it looks by the end of the day 😀


Day 27 ~ rodent cheek but working hard

Day Twenty-Seven ~ August 29th, 2018

The last two mornings I’ve helped my dad working on a new fence. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m finding that I really enjoy this kind of work. It has this ‘mindless’ capacity to it that I like. That’s not to say that it isn’t mind-occupying work or that it doesn’t have complicated moments as it does! But, there are clearer (and easier) solutions than other work/jobs I’ve done in the past. It is fairly stress-free in my opinion and that is another reason I enjoy it so much 🙂 It’s nice to not be in the constant state of mind that needs to have an entire alphabet of plans to deal with most or all daily situations. It’s mentally the best kind of break I could ask for honestly!

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