*Wah~~ Rise Records Artists out with new stuff!!

I got momentarily distracted by YouTube this evening and I am so very glad that I did!!!

New Secrets album out on the 11th! Woohoo ~~!!

Secrets – Half Alive



*spotlight ~ my artist ~

At the beginning of this year, my tattoo artist announced that he would be retiring from tattooing to do full-time comic book work. It wasn’t really surprising as I know that he is very passionate about this style of artwork and what he originally wanted to get into.
Plus, it definitely gave me the kick in the a** I needed to hurry up and get my back piece finished! I am a little sad that I will need to find someone else to do any other work I want done but I am glad that I had him for the work I’ve had done up to this point 😀 Definitely one of the funnest people I have had the pleasure of knowing!

This is a small “spotlight” on him and some of his work:

So, if you are in Vancouver anytime from now until next Spring (2016) and want a tattoo, this is who you should check out!

Deviant Art Profile: Tattoo Ryan

Twitter: theryancardinal

* due some late night miscellaneous

It’s late…and I can’t sleep. I was due one of these nights sometime soon.. Suppose it equals YouTube miscellaneous-ness until my eyelids get heavy!

Bang It Out Ft. Karmin ~ Breathe Carolina — this has been stuck inside my head all day! If it doesn’t make you want to, at the very least, bop your head around there is something wrong with your ear nubs 😛

More Here

Star Wars snow globe **

So… this idea came to me when came across some tiny Star Wars characters that were a part of my birthday last year —-> Last Years Bday Goodies They wouldn’t all fit in one jar so I’ll be doing a second one once I get the other jar all cleaned off.

This jar was a little taller than I would have liked but it was all I had at the time. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Not bad for a spur of the moment craft idea that I’ve never done before 😀 As always, click on the picture to see it enlarged!

Star Wars Snow Globe # 1 (1)

More Pics here