Not enough time in a day!

With my son starting school (Distributed Learning) at home again this year, and me doing more upgrading too, things have been hectic! I have to keep on top of my course and all of his too!!!

So, just a really quick, short post. I will try to get on to do an update post sometime this week after I see where I am at for some things on my list 😀


** general site update!

I tried to keep a second blog and I was not able to manage both well at all so I am going to combine them. Makes it easier for me to handle getting posts done! So, over the next few days the overall look is going to change some and I will be adding other content/pages to the site as well as I move stuff over from the other one.

I have a busy few days on my hands ~~ Cheers 😀

** a quick tidbit

I haven’t been on here in basically a month…. Yikes!!! I need to get a little better with this, so I may put the app on my iPhone to see if that will make it easier for me.
I will be doing a several posts over the next few days as I am now back from Chicago and I am crossing off an item on my list! #54 – see the All Blacks play live!!! So, pictures and comments will be up with that as well 🙂

Plus, I am a whole month behind on posting my daily gratitude too. I will likely do that in parts so each post isn’t insanely long! This is(#4) done at the end of December so hopefully I’ll be more consistent from now up to the end as it’s so close!!

Ta ~ for now!

**anticipated shutter-clicking!

Just a real quick post with a bunch of info!

I’ve decided to start using Tumblr for posting pictures like I used to do on here (WordPress Blog) every month.  WordPress just doesn’t offer enough space (unpaid) for storing media, even if I started a new blog just for photos.  So Tumblr is the answer to that particular dilemma plus I won’t have to limit it to once a month or have to pick/choose which picture to post!  I’ve missed posting pictures more than I thought I would and I’m excited to have an outlet for this again 😀

Find me on Tumblr here:

It is, also, my intention to go through my Bucketlist this week and put up some updates and possible revisions (?).  I can only think of one thing on it that I might change and/or quirk.  I guess I’ll see what I think after I finishing going though it.

Cheers ~ !

And this song just because it is, you know, awesome (!) AND never leaves your head once it’s in there! Ever! hahaha

A small nip, a quick update ~

I decided that I wanted to change how it all looked on here, obviously… So upon remembering that I can’t customize my CSS without paying for the upgrade I then was on the search for the prefect theme that I could do minimal tweaks to and still have the setup I wanted. I think when I have to purchase a size upgrade, and I will definitely have to do that, I will also get the CSS customization. But until then, this is the new look for the time being 😀

I am going to try and get all my book and music reviews that I haven’t posted yet up by the end of the month, that is my goal, and I haven’t been as into reading lately so that should definitely be possible for me. Plus, I need to buckle down and focus on my collage, it is so damn close to being done and the upstairs is so much smaller than the downstairs too haha Books are such a terrible distraction for me, everything else kind of gets forgotten when I get really into a book or books!

Post Continued Here

*Older post update for Project 365

Alright so I was just going to move over all the previous three months worth of Project 365 pics from my LJ account but decided that is way too much work. Certainly more effort than is needed in my opinion, will just take far too much time, of which I don’t have. So I am putting the links for the albums (on my Photobucket account) of each month in my Links section on the sidebar for anyone wanting to see the pictures from the previous 3 months for Project 365.
So please feel free to check them out and to let me know if they are not working so I can fix it!


Quick Site Update

I hadn’t planned on moving over older posts from my previous site right away but I think that I am going work on that over the next two days here.  So, the previous three months worth of Project 365 pics will be up on here “shortly”.  I will also put up a bucketlist update today if I can get myself a little more organized, if not today then will definitely be tomorrow.

If anyone has any suggestions to help make things easier to navigate or to make the over all appearance look better please let me know!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~