DNA & Autism Research/Study ~ Links

I always love reading information on connections between DNA and Autism because it is incredibly fascinating! So much that’s been learned already and still much to be discovered!

A few article links below:

Intricate DNA flips, swaps found in people with autism By Jessica Wright

Clever strategy recreates large DNA changes linked to autism By Jessica Wright

Questions for Thomas Bourgeron: In search of ‘second hits’ — Interview of Thomas Bourgeron by Jessica Wright


Autism ~ Research & Genes

These were fascinating articles to read, but anything to do with DNA, RNA, just genes in general is so interesting to me!

Both links are from Spectrum – Autism Research New

‘CRISPR’ Way to Cut Genes Speeds Advances in Autism

By Jessica Wright

Outgrowing Autism; Scrutinizing Cells; Editing History

By Katie Moisse

Autism & Generalization ~ Articles

Query in Autism Science: What, exactly, is Autism?

From Spectrum News Article by Jessica Wright

Let’s Stop Treating Autism as Abnormal

From qz.com (Quartz) and written by Dr. Sarah C. Bauer

Both are great, and interesting, articles and hit upon thoughts/opinions I’ve had for a very long time!

I completely dislike that I am put in a position to call my son abnormal or whatever slightly derogatory, but socially acceptable, term for his social issues or everyday challenges.

(And I when I say dislike what I really mean is “I”m ready to square up to any f***er who has crappy, ignorant things to say about him”).

I just wish so badly every single day that there were easier ways for people to become informed about Autism, and its vast broadness!

Because realistically just like “normal” *slight disdain inject here* individuals no two people are exactly the same so why should everyone who is diagnosed with a Spectrum Disorder be as well. It’s completely ludicrous!!

OCD & Autism

Now this is something that I have been curious about for a very long time because of how similar the two diagnosis can be to each other.

I’ve had some people, usually complete strangers *insert an eye roll here* inquire into whether my son is OCD, or even try to argue with me about his ASD diagnosis!

I wish it was easier for the general populace to get informed about ASD… but that is an entirely different topic altogether and I am totally tangenting.

This article (link below) was definitely an interesting read, especially for me!

Sweeping Study Underscores Autisms Overlap with Obsessions – By Ann Griswold

Environment Factors, Genes, & Autism ~ Link to External Article

Every few months I do a search for any new information or studies to do with Autism and Genetics and Environmental Factors as there is just so much new stuff being discovered on a fairly regular basis now.
And, I like to stay as informed as I can 🙂

This article was extremely interesting!!

Why Don’t we Know What Environmental Factors Cause Autism? – Spectrum Article By Sarah Deweerdt