Music Review ~ “Hedley”

Artist: Hedley
Albums: Four studio albums: Self-Titled (début), Famous Last Words, The Show Must Go On, & Storms
Genre: Rock
Years Active: 2004 – Present
Rating Out of Five: 5

Their new album “Storms” came out last week and it is absolutely awesome. Totally loving it!

This is proof of how a band should evolve and mature. I look for and adore music that portrays real emotions and situations. Music that can get across life experiences and feelings through its lyrics is truly amazing. It makes it more relatable to the listeners as well and as a band that is something that you certainly want from the people who listen to your music because then they will come back for more.

Plus, Jacob (the lead singer) throws all of his energy into singing every single song every single time. You can tell when he sings, you can hear it and see it, it’s quite fun to watch in my opinion if you see them play live. The band as a whole is just incredibly talented, as musicians and entertainers.

I enjoy all of Hedley’s albums but this is by the far the best at this point. Love it and I am looking forward to more amazing stuff by them in the future. Bravo boys!