Activity or Equipment Sites ~ At Cost

This one of my top five favourite sites when looking for new activities or worksheets/workbooks for my son –>

~ I believe that you get 10 (but it could be 15..) free downloads with no membership but the annual fee is only about $38.00. It is worth it as I used the site SO MUCH, especially once my son started school and it has a lot of content to choose from too. If you become a member you can “collect” worksheets and workbooks to your account so it’s easier to find/access your favourites when you need them too.

If you are living in the Okanagan then this site has just come to my attention this week:

Kelowna Child Care Society

~ Membership is $30/year, it houses a slew of information for parents (and professionals), and it has a Toy/Book Lending Library for anyone with a membership. Genius, in my opinion, as a lot of the toys my son would use in OT, or during Intervention, are NOT cheap! This makes it possible for families to have access to some of the things they need for a base price for an entire year.

IXL Math Online – Canada

~ As I live in Canada, the link will open with Canada as it’s default country, but this site is available in ten countries so you can always change it up at the top of the page. The fees for this site are $9.95/month or $79/year and if you are with a school doing Distributed Learning then the school may have a discounted price for students like we did. The levels start off at Preschool level go up to Grade 12 and they, also, have an app so you can log in to your account on other devices. While almost eighty bucks seems a bit steep, it does cover all the math skills needed for each grade level and it’s fun!

School Specialty Canada

~ From Sensory items to Gross/Fine Motor things to craft supplies or curriculum type stuff. Fantastic site!


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