Day 99 ~ back on track

Day 99 ~ February 14th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: philophobia ~ a fear of love, falling in love.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Gamble everything for love,, if you are a true human being. If not, leave this gathering. Half-heartedness doesn’t reach into majesty.” — Rumi

The super cleaning and organizing continued into most of today. I got the floors vacuumed and washed, my son’s room cleaned up and re-arranged again, the laundry done, the dishes done, swapped out the old kitchen table for a small desk, got the rest of the paper notes on my desk cleaned off and got some more stuff done for the action/pronoun cards I’m making for my son.



Day 53 ~ conversational momentum

Day 53 ~ December 30th, 2017

A day of getting a ton of workout stuff organized with the new year just about here. I’ll finish up Roadwork in the first two weeks of January and then move right into the RPG fitness program from Darebee called Carbon and Dust. I am looking forward it, but I also don’t really know what to expect from it so I guess I’ll see how that all goes. Normally we get a small preview around a week before the release date so I’m hoping that will be the case with this one too. In any case it is supposed to be even more interactive than their last one so it’s going to be sweet ~ ~ ~ !

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Cardio Trim Run ~ Completed! + Challenges (x3) ~ Days 6 to 13

Finished up Cardio Trim Run program via yesterday.

Day 26 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 27 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 28 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 29 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 30 ~ 3 unlocks

I am beyond pleased that I completed this program on Level 3 every day and I only had two days (I believe) out of thirty that I didn’t finish all three unlocks as well. *happy dancing*

This program is easily my favourite one from the Darebee Team. Running is my zen and it was nicely paired with some circuit training and sprint intervals too!

Challenges Here

Age of Pandora ~ Chapters 15, 16, 17, & 18

Age of Pandora Ch15

Head to nearest Agora from your camp [12 travel points] ~ L1 Running = 600m

1st Job: ‘Canis’ to Camp Mira [58 travel points there and back] ~ L1 Running = 2.5km

2nd Job: ‘Canis’ to Bunker 7 [70 travel points there and back] ~ L1 Running = 3.5km

3rd Job: ‘Canis’ to the Mines [60 travel points there and back] ~ L2 high knees = 600reps

I collected all scraps for all jobs for this chapter!

Age of Pandora Ch16

From Agora ‘Canis’ to CIty Pits [22 travel points] ~ L1 running = 1.1km

Find Dicer; I chose Option A fight to win scraps for Dicer.

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Push-Up Ladder Challenge ~ Day 11 + Age of Pandora Ch 13 & 14

Push-Up Ladder Challenge D11 ~ 6 wide + 4 classic + 4 close (30sec rest)/3 sets ✔

Age of Pandora Ch.13

Sneaking into the Dreamers Temple whilst Alana the thief distracts the guards ~ L3/20reps each exercise/7 sets

bounces + bounce/bounce/squat + bounce/bounce/jumping jack + bounces + bounce/bounce/squat + bounce/bounce/split jacks

I do running laps around my downstairs for active rest between sets and running after twenty squats is not easy!

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Push-Up Challenge ~ Day 10 + Age of Pandora Ch’s 10 to 12 + D10 Battleground Totals

Push-Up Ladder Challenge D10 ~ 700 punches in total/1 set ✔

Age of Pandora at Darebee site 🙂

Age of Pandora Ch10

Go to the mountain cave ~ 10 travel points ~ L3 high knees = 200reps & L2 running = 1.5km (did 100m sprints for this today)

*Hands behind back at all times!* Free yourself and get away from the scorpions ~ L3/7 sets

4 calf raises + 4 back stretches + 20 side leg raises + 20 half jacks + 4 s-t-s hops + 20 butt kicks

Ch 11 & 12 & Battleground Totals

Age of Pandora (P1) ~ Chapters 5 to 9

Age of Pandora at Darebee

Chapter 5 ~ L3/5 sets

Travel from ARC to your base camp [18 map points] So, L3 high knees 360reps and L3 running 3.6km

8 push-ups + 20 scissor chops + 20 arm scissors + 8 push-ups + 20 side arm raises + 20 raised arm circles

Chapter 6

Travel to Agora ‘Canis’ [12 map points from camp] L3 high knees = 240reps & L1 running = 600m

It’s time do some jobs!

First job: Travel to Bunker 201 and fix bunker walls [28 travel points there and back] ~ 50 push-ups/1 set. L3 high knees = 760reps, L1 running = 1.9km
Second job: Travel to Camp ‘Mira’ and deliver a message ~ 200 half jacks/1 set. L1 high knees, L1 running 2.9km

I finished this last job up yesterday before I moved through my chapters via the website. I realized that your don’t have to do both the high knees and the running, you can pick one or the other. This makes way more sense considering the difficulty level on this is ‘suitable for beginners’ 🙂

Good thing I hadn’t moved on from this chapter in the launched part so I could claim the scraps for this last job, because you can’t go back to re-do or finish up chapters you pass. It’s an RPG Fitness program so this totally makes sense to me.

Third job: Travel to the Swamps [86 travel points there and back] and collect a jar of scorpions ~ 400 side-to-side back fists/2 sets. L2 high knees = 860reps, L1 running = 4.3km

Chapters 7 to 9