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Days 191 to 203 ~ daily gratitude

I left this way too long and just kept adding to it….. Never want to leave posting this long again, sooooo much typing haha

Day 191

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) remembering to water the garden. I forgot for a few days there…

(2) reminiscing with my oldest friend

(3) cleverly getting my way but making seem like I didn’t heh heh

(4) being silly on the swings

(5) my son has the hang of shoulder rides now and he isn’t to heavy for me thanks to lifting weights

Days 192 to 203 Here

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~ the revisions ~

I tried to really take into account my physical limits when I looked through some of the things on my Bucketlist this time around. Some of them sound really fun or exciting until I thought of the reality of it and went “ummm… yah I don’t think so..” haha


I set this up to look like this “old task” —-> “new task”

(#1) Learn Russian —-> learn Mandarin
~ Until recently I would have said I wasn’t interested in learning Mandarin but not it has caught my attention. Plus, I have zero plans to ever travel to Russia so therefore would never use it so what would be the point in learning it. So, Russian is out and Mandarin is in!

(#29) Alphabet Walk —-> be able to run for a solid 30 minutes
~ Most of the walks I do now I have my son with me so I don’t really have the luxury of slowly taking my time to complete this task. As well, now that I started running again and I wanted to make a clear goal for it so I don’t give up on it.

(#39) Go streaking —-> get my hunting license
~ I have absolutely no desire to go streaking at all anymore, which is why I changed this one haha

(#60) For a whole day can only say words in one syllable —-> ride a dirt bike
~ I can’t realistically complete this as my son needs better communication than one syllable words to keep his (and my) frustrations down. If I did this on a day I didn’t have him then there just wouldn’t be anyone around making the task moot.

Revisions Continued

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~ the updates ~

Looking through my Bucketlist this past week I’ve really noticed the evolution of it! It’s gone from being slightly goofy to having some very clear, fun personal goals. Ten years ago when I started putting it together I don’t think I ever expected to be so serious about it but it’s be a lot of fun and it’s really pushed me to do things I may not have done otherwise.

Alright, so an updates post first and then a revisions post shortly after!!


(#1) learn Mandarin ~ I never thought that I’d be interested in learning Mandarin but lately it is appealing to me more and more.

(#2) learn all songs by all artists/bands in my possession and review/rate ~ ongoing! I have been lax with this lately but to be honest until a few weeks I wasn’t listening to very much music either so this will pick up again soon!

(#4) write 5 things down I am grateful for everyday for a year ~ I started this January 1st of this year so it puts me at the halfway mark now.

(#5) go skinny dipping ~ there was talk of this happening this summer so I need to make some inquiries to see if it’s still happening!

Post Continued

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Day 190 ~ daily gratitude

Day 190

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I’m thrifty

(2) I got my Chapters book order in this morning!

(3) getting the bedroom closet all cleaned up

(4) there is a postal outlet close to where I live

(5) reading in the sunshine

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Day 188 & 189 ~ daily gratitude

Day 188

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) once I got up and going this morning I didn’t feel sick anymore

(2) I enjoy walking so much

(3) every person I said “Hello” to today actually smiled and said “Hello” back! This is so rare here! Seriously!!

(4) hearing awesome news from a good friend :)

(5) being able to have a nap

Day 189

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**anticipated shutter-clicking!

Just a real quick post with a bunch of info!

I’ve decided to start using Tumblr for posting pictures like I used to do on here (WordPress Blog) every month.  WordPress just doesn’t offer enough space (unpaid) for storing media, even if I started a new blog just for photos.  So Tumblr is the answer to that particular dilemma plus I won’t have to limit it to once a month or have to pick/choose which picture to post!  I’ve missed posting pictures more than I thought I would and I’m excited to have an outlet for this again :D

Find me on Tumblr here:

It is, also, my intention to go through my Bucketlist this week and put up some updates and possible revisions (?).  I can only think of one thing on it that I might change and/or quirk.  I guess I’ll see what I think after I finishing going though it.

Cheers ~ !

And this song just because it is, you know, awesome (!) AND never leaves your head once it’s in there! Ever! hahaha

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Day 187 ~ daily gratitude

Day 187

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) not having to repeat myself

(2) journaling

(3) padlocks on the gates. Shouldn’t have to but it does make me feel safer!

(4) deodorant

(5) I was able to up my free weights today. Love seeing progress!


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