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Days 223 to 231 ~ daily gratitude

Day 223

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) Hulkhands is home tonight. Yay!!

(2) evening walks

(3) almost every single person I saw today actually said “hello” and smiled!

(4) spending a little more time on the punching bag than I normally do

(5) dancing my butt around the living room cause I just feel like it!

Days 224 to 231

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Days 219 to 222 ~ daily gratitude

Day 219

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) my son is just as determined as I am

(2) my library holds came in so quickly. I’m on a reading streak as of late

(3) it’s okey if I silence my phone or turn it off

(4) attempting to learn how to meditate

(5) even though the hot weather makes one all sweaty, it does help me fall asleep quicker at night as it steals all my energy

Days 220 to 222

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Days 216 to 218 ~ daily gratitude

Day 216

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) a long workout this morning

(2) baby tomatoes *OM NOM NOM*

(3) I got to sit outside reading for over an hour with no interruptions

(4) giving good directions

(5) not having any chores that need doing today :D

Days 217 & 218

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Day 215 ~ daily gratitude

Day 215

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I can hold a plank position for 30 seconds with my son laying on my back. That’s an extra 55 lbs!!

(2) finding a protein supplement that I like

(3) attacking my email inbox with a vengeance

(4) I can say “No” and mean it

(5) my son learning the words to some of my favourite songs

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Days 204 to 214 ~ daily gratitude

Day 204

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) I’m pretty focused when I’m working on something

(2) being almost done my Lego: The Hobbit game. I wanna see that 100% !

(3) starting to plan how the trip out to see my brother is going to go. Gotta be organized.

(4) cleaning up my desk! It was sooooo bad!

(5) running with music

Days 205 to 214

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Days 191 to 203 ~ daily gratitude

I left this way too long and just kept adding to it….. Never want to leave posting this long again, sooooo much typing haha

Day 191

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) remembering to water the garden. I forgot for a few days there…

(2) reminiscing with my oldest friend

(3) cleverly getting my way but making seem like I didn’t heh heh

(4) being silly on the swings

(5) my son has the hang of shoulder rides now and he isn’t to heavy for me thanks to lifting weights

Days 192 to 203 Here

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~ the revisions ~

I tried to really take into account my physical limits when I looked through some of the things on my Bucketlist this time around. Some of them sound really fun or exciting until I thought of the reality of it and went “ummm… yah I don’t think so..” haha


I set this up to look like this “old task” —-> “new task”

(#1) Learn Russian —-> learn Mandarin
~ Until recently I would have said I wasn’t interested in learning Mandarin but not it has caught my attention. Plus, I have zero plans to ever travel to Russia so therefore would never use it so what would be the point in learning it. So, Russian is out and Mandarin is in!

(#29) Alphabet Walk —-> be able to run for a solid 30 minutes
~ Most of the walks I do now I have┬ámy son with me so I don’t really have the luxury of slowly taking my time to complete this task. As well, now that I started running again and I wanted to make a clear goal for it so I don’t give up on it.

(#39) Go streaking —-> get my hunting license
~ I have absolutely no desire to go streaking at all anymore, which is why I changed this one haha

(#60) For a whole day can only say words in one syllable —-> ride a dirt bike
~ I can’t realistically complete this as my son needs better communication than one syllable words to keep his (and my) frustrations down. If I did this on a day I didn’t have him then there just wouldn’t be anyone around making the task moot.

Revisions Continued


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