Day 43 ~ math droning & new fitness goals

Day 43 ~ April 15th, 2017

Ugh! It’s been a month since I last posted… >_> It’s difficult to do everything I want on the computer because I just can’t sit still for that long (even while typing this up I got up a handful of times to do something else, or push-ups) and I typically talk myself into doing Math, which is what I should be doing anyway. I hate how time-consuming, and boring, Pre-Calc 11 is! Thankfully I only have three Units and the Final left to do and then it’s done. Plus, it’ll be finished up well before the set end date for the course too.

I had my first race two weeks ago on the Westside and I think I will do a short post about that after I do this one. So more on that later!

I finished up three weeks of a body weight workout via a Hive member on Darebee yesterday and I loved it. There is a lot of room for progression strength-wise that I find extremely appealing and they are fairly quick workouts too. The idea behind it is something that I will re-visit in the future for sure. Next up is a 5 Day Split via another Hive member, called Iron Mode, and that starts this Monday. While I enjoy body weight workouts, I was definitely starting to miss tossing around the dumbbells so this will sate that desire for the next four weeks.

Two other things that I am going to focus on probably twice a week are holding a front lever and a planche. I am further along with the planche than I thought I would be, but not there yet. Front lever I am not close at all yet… I get to an advanced tuck and attempt to move to a single leg and I just drop down. So, hopefully lots of progress to happen over the next few months and my goal now is to be able to do these consistently by the end of 2017. Here’s hoping I can make it happen! 😀

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ creating some new fitness goals
~ getting out for a bike ride
~ my raspberry plant survived the transplant!
~ putting on good weight (muscle)
~ got my son’s passport photos done this week

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 42 ~ always another shot with feeling!

Day 42 ~ March 30th, 2017

…. *sigh* it’s been two weeks since my last post… I got swamped with staying ahead with my math course and various reports for my son’s schooling before spring break was upon us and I just haven’t gotten back into the swing of posting. Until today that is 🙂

This past weekend the outdoor trampoline got set up and the kiddo is loving it of course! Even I have to admit it is awesome! Also, got a new BBQ on the weekend from a co-worker via Hulkhands and it is fancy.
With all that happening it means some re-organizing of the back yard area to some degree, or I should say the moving of some stuff from the back to other places. The brainstorming seems to be complete though and where everything is going is planned out for the most part.

Now I just need the weather to get warm and stay that way so I can start planting veggies and re-seeding the back lawn!

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ going to the grocery store with my son and having zero issues for the whole of the trip
~ digging this body weight workout via a Hive member at Darebee. It’s got me quite sore!
~ all the seedlings that I started inside a few weeks ago are doing great
~ my son is communication skill level is amazing the last few weeks
~ moving through my Unit 5 homework pretty quick so far *thumbs up*

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 41 ~ *peeks* … spring?!

Day 41 ~ March 12th, 2017

Two days in a row of waking up with no snow on the ground and the sun is out too 😀 I am feeling hopeful this morning!

I think that it would be nice to head out for a walk in an hour or so to soak up some much need rays. Ideally I’d love to head out for a run, but the route I really want to do is probably way too muddy still so it’ll have to wait. I thought about running the pathway along the lake, but I can see that it’s super windy so that will be a frigid run (aka miserable). So, I will do some more indoor running later today or tomorrow. Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll see about getting outside for a good jaunt!

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ getting some of the SLP Core Word visual symbols cut out
~ I didn’t forget about the time change and got the clocks switched ahead first thing this morning
~ an awesome lat and shoulder workout!!
~ making silly wookie noises with my son. It’s so flippin’ cute! 🐱
~ having some quiet time

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 40 ~ cabin fever of a sort and visual routines

Day 40 ~ March 11th, 2017

Being stuck indoors when all you want to do is get outside and working on your garden totally sucks -_-
I can not wait for the weather to consistently stay warm enough out so I can get it all started! Plus, I am so bloody stir crazy!! Right now everything is just super muddy, wet, and still cold enough to suck after a while. It’s hard to do much of anything in those conditions and my kiddo doesn’t like being wet or muddy so outdoor activities are not high on the list now. Soon though, soon.

The last couple of days I’ve slowly put together a “morning routine” visual for my son. I have a bedtime one already made up, but I didn’t want to start using it until I had the A.M. one done. So I think I will start those both on Monday and I know it’ll be good for both of us. Our day typically always goes smoother if the day starts off organized!

Things I am grateful for/about today:

~ it raining instead of snowing this afternoon. Finally!
~ deciding where I am sticking another garden plot in, in the back yard
~ I got my herbs seeded yesterday and maybe do some more this evening, maybe…
~ increasing reps and/or time in a workout. This feels amazing!
~ getting caught up on the laundry, even the bedding is done *fist pump*

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 39 ~ seed prep and zen

Day 39 ~ March 8th, 2017

It was a decent day, a glorious day if I counted only all the sunshine that happened for it! I bought a whole bunch of seeds to get started indoors so I can transplant them when it’s warm enough outside. There is so much that I want to plant this year so I hope I’ve got my areas sorted well enough. I think I am going to have only flowers up in the front yard and I’ll keep all the berries and veggies out in the back yard. I have one more plot that I want to dig up and then I just need some soil to that in and one other space. I might top up some of the others while I am at it too.

The stone footpath looks awesome and the rocks seem to be nicely settled. I’ll need to get some grass seed, top soil, and extra fertilizer and here’s hoping the grass will come in wonderfully around the path.

As I’ve said before I am still doing daily yoga and for this month I am moving through 30 Days of Yoga via Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. I am enjoying this program more than I did Yoga Camp with her. I think it’s because the days seem to be shorter, between 16-30min and not 30-50min like in YC. I would love to have the time in my day to do yoga for over 30 minutes, but that is not realistic for me. Yoga isn’t relaxing if you’re constantly interrupted whilst trying to do it. Plus, there is less of a “zen/chill” intro on the 30DoY videos which is better for me. The zen-outs should be kept for the end of the routine in my opinion, it makes more sense.

Though that said, I’ve done an okay job of fitting in some meditation time each day for just over a week. Typically between 5-10 minutes of it and it feels good to be getting that in once more.

Things I am grateful for/about today:

~ my teeth hurting a lot less!
~ an extra core workout
~ printing some sheet music off
~ just the right amount of soreness in my body from my workout yesterday and today 🙂
~ all the snow from yesterday/last night has completely melted already

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 38 ~ land of nod beckons me

Day 38 ~ March 7th, 2017

I really don’t have much to mention today aside from being sleepy because of my toothaches the last few days. That pain wakes me up in the middle of the night so I just feel like I could fall asleep wherever I’m so tired.

Gonna take a chill night in for the most part I think and see what happens tomorrow! Hopefully my teeth hurt less or not at all on the flip side *fingers crossed*

Things I am grateful for/about today:

~ got a haircut this afternoon. Now I have part long hair and part buzzed and I love it 🙂
~ moved through my leg day waaayy faster than I thought I would in the A.M.
~ getting home before it started snowing
~ that store brand name pharmaceuticals were on sale at the store, as I am in desperate need of pain relief from my achy teeth
~ remembering to grab my gloves when I left this morning. My trek would have sucked otherwise!

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 37 ~ smiles, eye contact, & pretend

Day 37 ~ March 6th, 2017

In between sets during my workout this morning my son randomly came up and gave me cuddles and soooooo much eye contact and smiles!! This is rarely done on his own! He will typically do something of this nature if I ask for a hug/cuddle or he is copying my so this made me smile the biggest smile ever!! 😀

And another moment we had, again this morning, was while playing on the stairs (doing a body break) and I accidentally bonked my head off the metal holder of the railing. I stopped and said “owww~!” and rubbed my head and he immediately said “oh, are you ok?” and grabbed my head and gave it a kiss better! So much bloody cuteness crammed into one morning and all of it was instigated by him, no modelling or prompting from me in the slightest. Moments like these two help me carry on with the things I do with him even when I see no discernible progress day-to-day (or sometimes even week-to-week), but I know it is working!

On a less fun note to do with the kiddo, he climbed a shelf in his room this evening and it broke… and he busted up the window screen too. Oh well, there is never a dull moment here that is for certain! Just when you think it’s all good, literally the biggest boom/crash will happen to send you running!

My traps were incredibly sore yesterday, I couldn’t move my neck all that much without a ton of pain. Thankfully it seems to be a lot better today as I am not moving around like a robot or constantly cringing. Thanks for helping me out with that Hulkhands 🙂 Tomorrow is leg day which is always my least favourite workout day as it usually just murders my legs for days.

Things I am grateful for/about today:

~ very little soreness in my body today
~ getting out to the park with my son
~ I got the list of phone calls on my ‘to-do’ list done this morning
~ getting plastic sleeves prepped for some more crafts/visuals to do with my son for school
~ cleaning the pics from my old iPhone finally

Cheers ~ ✌