December Snapshots!!

This will be my last monthly snapshot post. I am nearly out of space to upload pictures without buying the yearly upgrade for more space 😦 Oh well ~~ I haven’t been as focused on it anyways so it’s for the best!!

December Snapshots 2013 (1)

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October Snapshots ~ Part 2

Putting this up early as I won’t have time with moving in a couple of days. It’s gonna be busy, busy, busy!! And I won’t even have internet up until Monday, not that I’ll have time to sit at my computer or anything, with unpacked boxes and displaced furniture all over the place hahaha

It’s fall ~ ! My favourite season so that means I actually get out and about a little more as I am not melting in the heat or freezing in the snow. So many pretty, distracting things and colours to see now too 🙂

October Snapshots 2013 (10)

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September Snapshots ~ (tiny) Part 2

In all honesty I didn’t actually use my camera for most of the two weeks after my first photo post…. I forgot to charge the battery and then just kept leaving it at home…. I have been incredibly forgetful this past month, more so than normal, it’s rather annoying! I may not do pictures every month anymore but I’ll just have to wait and see how that all works out. I only have a handful of pics for this second part and I am couple days late too! *oops!*

Sept 2013 Snapshots (11)

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September Snapshots ~ Part 1

My life has been a little hectic lately and, as such, it means that I spend a very small amount of time on my computer these days. On top of not blogging this month, my email inbox is likely nearing a circle of hell *cringe* I am not looking forward to going through all that this week….

Anyway, I will try to get some of my book and music reviews all finished up between this week and next, my procrastination at its finest! And now on to the first part of pictures for this month 😀

Sept 2013 Snapshots (1)
Burlesque Gorilla ?!
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