Day 108 ~ mindless vortex

Day 108 ~ February 23rd, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: periapt ~ an item worn as a charm or amulet.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear.” — Lao Tzu

It is another cold day and it snowed again -_-
Coming to the end of February and it is a little odd that it keeps snowing (at least I think so ??). The weather has been so weird the last few years here it’s difficult to know what should be typical anymore.

At least we got outside to play on the huge snow pile and side common area again for a while this afternoon. Too bad the sun didn’t make an appearance, but the kidlet still had fun.

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Day 93 ~ nature faves

Day 93 ~ February 8th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: fipple ~ the mouthpiece of a recorder or similar wind instrument.

Today’s Calendar Quote:The axe doesn’t worry how thick the branches are. It cuts them to pieces. But not the leaves. It leaves the leaves alone.” — Rumi

Another early morning, but at least I’ve already got my main workout done for the day and the kiddo isn’t even finished breakfast yet!

I’ll run a little later this morning or just before lunch I am thinking, most likely around 5km, just a quick zip.


Day 23 ~ bring on the snow already

Day 23 ~ November 30th, 2017

Got out for some outdoor exploring and nature collecting again this morning. Plus, I wanted to scope out an area that has a suspension bridge that requires a bit of hike to it as well. Next outting might be up to the bridge, but this morning we went further up the back road, thankfully the road wasn’t bad for my little car. We grabbed some more sticks and rocks (small and medium) to do more painting in the future and the sticks for wrapping. At the spot I stopped to park the car there was a deer carcass off to the side, which means that someone shot it and cleaned it up there. Completely illegal and well within the city limits -_- so dangerous!

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Day 20 ~ all’s well

Day 20 ~ November 27th, 2017

OK, my reminder isn’t helping -_-
I am resigned to the fact that I will probably forget to publish in the evenings on occasion.

A great morning for the most part because it was sunny out! Got outside for a while with the kiddo and did some exploring, walking, running and some time at the park too. When we headed out at the start of session we noticed that the tree in the playground area of the complex uprooted itself and was held up by the electrical/cable/internet cables strung between the townhouse units. It must have happened in the storm the night before because it was crazy windy then and no one noticed it until this morning.


Day 9 ~ sunshine = smiles

Day 9 ~ November 16th, 2017

It was a beautiful day with more sunshine! I got out with the kiddo and a friend of mine this morning to a provincial park with some fun trails right in the area since I rarely go to them. We brought the nature home with us in the form of sticks and small stones. Likely paint and googlie eye the rocks and decorate the sticks with crafties 🙂 I was saying while we were out this morning that I should always bring a bucket with me because I always end up with stuff in my pockets by the end of the jaunt!