Day 15 ~ unexpected liking, goals reached

Day 15 ~ December 28th, 2016

Christmas was relaxing I played Assassin’s Creed for most of the day and boy do I enjoy that game! I hadn’t ever played it until this last week because it didn’t seem like a game that I would enjoy, but I am loving it 😀

I managed to catch what seems to be a head cold from the kiddo… -_-
Not impressed with how many colds I’ve had so far this winter. I was going to go for a run on the 26th, but I felt so crappy I just couldn’t make that happen. Not feeling all that much better today either, so I am just planning to pick up the running first thing in the new year. I’ve gone basically two months with no running and it sucks big time!

I think I’ve picked the program and challenges that I will do for January. I have two challenges decided on already and I am just waiting to see what the new monthly challenge will be at Darebee and then I may add that one on as well. The program I plan to do is entirely weight-based and I am looking forward to it. I am also planning on getting my running more regular again and I want to start boxing at least once a week.

As far as fitness goals for this year, I’ve reached most of what I set out, or wanted, to do and that feels amazing! I don’t think I will hit 20 pull-ups in a row by the end of the month though… That is a bit of a bummer, but I am close to getting it and I may re-do the Pull-Up Lvl 2 Challenge in the new year to help me along. Fingers crossed it helps!


Cheers ~ ✌


*방탄소년단 (BTS) RUN MV & a fitness mention*

The new 방탄소년단 (BTS) music video RUN is out and is number one!!! 😀 *thumbs up* This is not surprising and they totally deserve it!!

Playlist with RUN MV, other comeback vids, and I NEED U MV


October Snapshots ~ Part 2

Putting this up early as I won’t have time with moving in a couple of days. It’s gonna be busy, busy, busy!! And I won’t even have internet up until Monday, not that I’ll have time to sit at my computer or anything, with unpacked boxes and displaced furniture all over the place hahaha

It’s fall ~ ! My favourite season so that means I actually get out and about a little more as I am not melting in the heat or freezing in the snow. So many pretty, distracting things and colours to see now too 🙂

October Snapshots 2013 (10)

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