30-Day Harry Potter Challenge ~ Days 1 to 3

Day 1 ~ Your favourite book out the series

Probably The Prisoner of Azkaban.

You got to meet Sirius Black and Buckbeak, Hagrid became a professor, Hermoine suckerpunches Draco in the face (awesome!), and of course the Dementors, Professor Lupin, and the Time Turner. There is just so much cool stuff that happens in this one book and that’s why it’s my favourite.

Days 2 & 3


Balance, Splits, & Batcave Challenges #Darebee ~ Completed

All challenges are from, and linked back to, Darebee.com – Fitness Made Easy

Balance 30-Day Challenge

D14 ~ 140 side leg raises in total
D15 ~ 7min total balance hold
D16 ~ 140 side leg raises (70/70) one go
D17 ~ 7min one go balance hold
D18 ~ 160 side leg raises in total
D19 ~ 8min total balance hold
D20 ~ 160 side leg raises (80/80) one go
D21 ~ 8min one go balance hold
D22 ~ 180 side leg raises in total
D23 ~ 9min total balance hold
D24 ~ 180 side leg raises (90/90) one go
D25 ~ 9min one go balance hold
D26 ~ 200 side leg raises in total
D27 ~ 10min total balance hold
D28 ~ 200 side leg raises (100/100) one go
D29 ~ 10min one go balance hold
D30 ~ 2min hold followed by 200 side leg raises

I didn’t really find this one all that challenging, but it was still fun to do as it was kind of relaxing.

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30-Day Song Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30 ~ Your favourite song at this time last year

*hard thinking*
I am not sure….

I think that it might be one of these three:

Savages by Five Knives
Hurricane by Halsey
Lose Control by Hedley

It’s difficult to recall when new stuff comes out when your music library is so vast!


This is the last day for this challenge and moving on to 30-Day Harry Potter Challenge tomorrow!

Cardio Trim Run ~ Completed! + Challenges (x3) ~ Days 6 to 13

Finished up Cardio Trim Run program via Darebee.com yesterday.

Day 26 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 27 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 28 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 29 ~ 3 unlocks

Day 30 ~ 3 unlocks

I am beyond pleased that I completed this program on Level 3 every day and I only had two days (I believe) out of thirty that I didn’t finish all three unlocks as well. *happy dancing*

This program is easily my favourite one from the Darebee Team. Running is my zen and it was nicely paired with some circuit training and sprint intervals too!

Challenges Here