Day 118 ~ puppers!

Day 118 ~ March 5th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: deipnosophist ~ a person skilled in the art of dining and dinner-table conversation.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Listen. Keep silent. You are not God’s mouthpiece. Try to be an ear,
and if you do speak, ask for explanations.
” — Rumi

I went had a quick meeting with one of our landlord peeps this afternoon. We have an opportunity to get a dog that will eventually become a service dog for my son so I was nervous as all get out!

But it was all for naught! I was talking for like two minutes and she was completely on board with it. All they need for their records is a letter of intent basically from someone working my son. I have plenty of those so I was easily able to accommodate that step. And yeah, we pick up the pup next Monday. *happy dance* Hooray!

I am so excited for my son, he is going to utterly lose his mind when he realizes this dog is his forever haha

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Day 116 ~ musical coffeepots… ?

Day 116 ~ March 3rd, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: pother ~ a commotion or fuss.

I decided to start lifting weights for the time being. I was missing it more than I thought I was I guess. I’m continuing with the Combat HIIT, but finishing the program on Level 3 is less important now. I’ll try to treat it as more of a warm-up before I start lifting. The ab days in the HIIT program are awesome, but the rest is not doing it for me. I should’ve gone with Power Cardio I think. Oh well, maybe do that one next.

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Day 114 ~ normal all day

Day 114 ~ March 1st, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: quidnunc ~ an inquisitive, gossipy person.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Abandon learning and there will be no sorrow.” — Lao Tzu

Today was a normal day. Nothing exciting going on just the same old. I got out to grab a few groceries in the morning and then just kind of puttered around the house.

I am not enjoying the current HIIT program I am doing very much. Every other day is a little time consuming and the intensity isn’t that high. I’d buff it up more, but then it ends up taking way too much time. I need to problem solve this a bit so hopefully I come up with something in the next few days.


Day 106 ~ maybe changing my mind

Day 106 ~ February 21st, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: catawampus ~ askew; awry.

Today’s Calendar Quote:All those who suffer in the world do so because of their desire for their own happiness.” — Shantideva

I didn’t mention this yet, but I have a computer again! Yays!!
My younger brother is all the piles of awesome sauce (thank you, thank you again!) and hooked me up with an amazing CPU *happy dance* I haven’t had a computer working this great in an extremely long time and it is glorious!

I spent yesterday and part of this morning playing catch-up on forum threads at The Hive on Darebee. I missed talking with everyone there big time 🙂

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Military Fit Plus, Fitness Advent, & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 7 & 8

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 7 (sandbag workout) ~ Level 3/7 sets **40 lunges at start of every set** — First time using a sandbag (35lbs) and it was tough, but fun. The push-ups to full plank to push-up plank were challenging for the last few sets as well!

Day 8 ~ Level 3/7 sets **1 clapping push-up every 10 seconds** — Cardio HIIT so nothing to difficult for this day, but those clapping push-ups were kind of awkward because of their frequency.

2016 Fitness Advent Calendar

Days 7 & 8 ~ completed!

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 7 ~ 200 jumping jacks (1 set)

Day 8 ~ 150 high knees (1 set)

Flexibility & Ab Challenge ~ Day 4

Flexibility Challenge D4 ~ 10 bridges/ 3 sets ✓

The equivalent of a ‘rest day’ in this challenge. It made for a nice break between ab exercises for my core workout this morning.

I’m incredibly pleased with how well I put together the core workout for today. It moved along very smoothly and it was appropriately difficult as I am just slightly sore but it isn’t impeding my overall movements. *little happy dance* 😀

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D4 ~ 40 sit-ups + 60 flutter kicks + 1 min elbow planks ✔

I decided to do HIIT for my cardio today. I don’t want the moves/exercises to become awkward or difficult for me and it rained a good chunk of the day so heading out for a run wasn’t possible. Running in the rain is definitely not a good time.