Hero’s Journey ~ Day 60 !!!

It’s the last day so that means….

Day 60 ~ Boss Fight! ~ Hero’s Journey

I thought I might be able to do the full ten sets but finishing the ninth was no easy task that was for certain. I am glad I as able to get to at least nine sets because that means I beat the boss!!! *happy dance*

So many jump squats by the end of all the sets!!

This program went back and forth between moving by super quickly to seeming like it would never end some weeks, usually when I was incredibly sore 😛

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Hero’s Journey ~ Day 59

Day 59 ~ Strip the boss of his bodyguard ~ Hero’s Journey

I thought this workout would be tougher than it was, because of the jump squats (we are not friends..), but I was mistaken!

When I started having to do them in this program (about 6 weeks ago now) I definitely sucked at them and they physically took a toll on me really darn fast. I was lucky if I could get to ten reps, never-mind 20 reps, without my legs being a floppy, screaming mess!
Today when I had to do these, 20 reps at the end of each set and I had 7 sets, they were way easier 🙂
I love seeing very obvious self-improvements like this because not only does it makes me super happy but I can know for certain my hard work is paying off too!!

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Hero’s Journey ~ Day 58

Only a real quick post for this, this afternoon:

Day 58 in Hero’s Journey didn’t seem too tough today, but I imagine that was the point because tomorrow looks like it will be much more difficult!

Oh, and added the body armour today as well *thumbs up*

Total Abs D28 ~ Level 3/24 reps/3 sets ✅

Meditation Challenge D28 ~ 15 minutes meditation ✔

Hero’s Journey ~ Day 56 & 57

Day 56 in Hero’s Journey was the perfect companion to my long run this afternoon. Twice through a yoga sequence that felt wonderful on the hips and back!

Optional Subquest was 10 minutes of meditation which I opted to do as well.

I got out for an increased distance run yesterday afternoon on the Greenway and it was wonderful!!
I finished with 11.2 km, so I hit my minimum increase amount and my hip flexors weren’t too sore thankfully. My back is a bit stiff today though so that isn’t super fun. Lots of stretching and some A535 before bed for sure!!

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Hero’s Journey ~ Day 55

A short post for this today as Day 55 in Hero’s Journey didn’t have a lot to it.
100 reps of each exercise: push-ups, shoulder taps, climbers, sit-ups, squats, & lunges. Got it all done in about 20 minutes max and added the body armour as well (ankle & wrist weights).

Total Abs D25 ~ 2 minute abs/20 secs per move/once through in the AM and once through in the PM ✅

No rest between moves!
The exercises: Knee-to-elbow crunches, flutter kicks, leg raises, scissors, reverse crunches, sitting twists.

Meditation Challenge D25 ~ 15 minutes meditation + OM Mantra ✔

Hero’s Journey ~ Day 54

The exercises for today’s Hero’s Journey were interesting..

I didn’t dislike them, but I would have enjoyed my workout more if I actually had the space to do them freely. I kind of to do them in a loop around my kitchen and living room, so it was a touch awkward. At least, my kiddo wasn’t home yet so I didn’t need to worry about that extra obstacle 😛

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Hero’s Journey ~ Day 52 & 53

It was an amazingly, beautiful day so I did some work around the yard(s) and ended up doing all my working out later in the afternoon.
I am not a fan of doing it that late in the day, but I am so glad that I got to spend time out in the sunshine and got some things done too 😀

Day 52 for Hero’s Journey was a simpler day with a focus on balance, stretching and rest. Definitely needed it before today, Day 53, which was plank heavy and another Weapons’ Practice.