Ironborn, #Darebee Challenges x2 & Unoff. Hammer Curl Challenge ~ Days 4 & 5

Ironborn Program

Day 4: abs ~ set of each exercise with 30sec rest between each set — I used a 20lb dumbbell with the sitting twists, I doubled all reps for all exercises, and I used 2lb ankle weights on both the leg raises and flutter kicks. I will likely continuing do this for each ab day as it makes it more challenging.

Day 5: shoulders, chest & triceps ~ 4 sets of each exercise with 30sec rest between each set — I used 25lb dummbbells for the arnold press and the triceps extensions (25lb each side), I used 15lb dumbbells for the lat arm raises, and I did the push-ups to failure each set (25/15/15/13). Doing the push-ups right after the arnold press sets with 30sec rest between was tough!!

Makeover Challenge

Day 4 ~ 10 flutter kicks/4 sets — did all sets in one go and with 2lb ankle weights

Day 5 ~ 30sec high knees + 30sec march steps (no rest)/5 sets

Burpee Challenge

Day 4 ~ 30sec push-up plank/2 sets — did the full 60secs in one shot

Day 5 ~ 25 burpees (20/5)

Unofficial Hammer Curl Challenge

Day 4 ~ 10 hammer curls (active rest day) — one set with 25lb dumbbells

Day 5 ~ 22 hammer curls — two sets of 11reps with 25lb dumbbells


Military Fit Plus & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Completed!

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 26: Endurance ~ Level 3/60 seconds each, once through — plank variations so fairly easy, basically an active rest day

Day 27: Full Circuit ~ Level 3/3 sets for all levels, no rest between sets: Set 1 = 30sec each exercise; Set 2 = 40sec each exercise; Set 3 = 60sec each exercise *30sec jumping jacks after each exercise. — A really fun workout especially now that I wasn’t feeling sick anymore!

Day 28: Gravity ~ Level 3/5 sets — the weights were a little all over the place today. I used 25#’s on the bicep curls and upright rows, 20#’s on the bent over rows, 15#’s on the lat arm raises and bent over flys, and 30#’s on the dead lifts. The back section in between the weights was brutal! Teeth gritting hard!

Day 29: Cardio & Core ~ Level 3/7 sets — not much to say other than I loved this workout!

Day 30: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets *30sec squat hops at the start of every set* — opted out of the ‘to failure’ option for the plank and squat hold today as it was a challenge to get through just the bare minimum on Level 3 for this last day. I used 25#’s on everything except for the renegade row push-ups and I used 15#’s on those.

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 27 ~ 700 jumping jacks (350/350)

Day 28 ~ 320 high knees (1 set)

Day 29 ~ 750 jumping jacks (375/375)

Day 30 ~ 340 high knees (1 set)

My final total for the snowball fight in The Hive on Darebee was: 1,502 snowballs dodged, which means that many burpees done in a weeks time, and that I threw 3,004 snowballs to other members on the forum 😛
It was a lot of fun and I’ve had improvements in my set amounts when it comes to burpees from this event alone! *thumbs up*

Military Fit Plus D13-16 + Cardio Blast D13-17 + Fit Xmas Completed

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 13: Flexibility ~ Level 3/5 sets/60 seconds **3 minute march steps non-stop warm-up** — sooooo relaxing!!

Day 14: Combat ~ Level 1/5 sets — shadow boxing with 30 knee to elbow crunches + 30 push-ups as active rest between sets

Day 15: Obstacle Run ~ Level 1/3 sets — did some jogging instead of the high knees as those are uncomfortable right now. Done only on level 1 made this workout go by very quickly!

Day 16: Power Circuit ~ Level 3/5 sets (35# sandbag) — not a difficult workout and I missed the sandbag 🙂

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Military Fit Plus &Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 9 & 10 + Fitness Advent ~ Days 9 to 16

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 9 ~ Level 3/7 sets — a TON of army crawls! Thankfully my elbows aren’t as sore as they were this morning

Day 10 ~ Level 3/5 sets/5 minutes — 5 minute sets (x5) of non-stop high knees and then every 10 seconds doing a side jump (dodge) and a basic burpee *insert panting/sweating face here* Each set was followed by an intense coughing fit. I am clearly not healthy enough for this kind of intensive cardio as of yet, but hopefully it’s better in a few days.

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Military Fit Plus, Fitness Advent, & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 3 & 4

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 3 ~ Level 3/5 sets — a great workout, very similar to my old shoulder/lat weight day. I used 15lb dumbbells on the lat and front raises; 25lb dumbbells on the bicep curls, upright rows, and shoulder press; and 30lb dumbbells on the shrugs.

Day 4 ~ all levels 3 sets **30sec light jog in place/march steps as active rest between exercises** (no rest between sets) — I will enjoy these full circuit days more when I am no longer sick and can barely breathe. HIIT and colds do not mix at all!!

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Military Fit Plus, Fitness Advent, & Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 1 & 2

Military Fit Plus Program
Day 1 ~ Level 3/7sets **1 minute high knees at the start of each set** — a good start to this program, got the blood pumping and the sweat flowing.

Day 2 ~ Level 3/5 sets **30 seconds squat hops on the spot at the start of each set** — a tiring workout and I was beyond grateful for that 30sec “rest” between everything, especially the full plank and push-up plank, or it would have been impossible.

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Strength Protocol & Totals Programs ~ Day 30 ~ Completed!

Strength Protocol Program
Day 30: back & biceps ~ Level 3/5 sets — a fun last workout to this program. I hadn’t done a full arch bridge in probably several years so I was pleased to see that I can still do them and without grunting and groaning like an old person 😛

Totals Program

Day 30 ~ 100 basic burpee with jump [no push-up] (20×5) — as I am sick at the moment these were not a good time today…

I enjoyed these programs and I wish there was a ‘Level 2’ or ‘plus’ version for both!