Day 108 ~ mindless vortex

Day 108 ~ February 23rd, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: periapt ~ an item worn as a charm or amulet.

Today’s Calendar Quote:Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear.” — Lao Tzu

It is another cold day and it snowed again -_-
Coming to the end of February and it is a little odd that it keeps snowing (at least I think so ??). The weather has been so weird the last few years here it’s difficult to know what should be typical anymore.

At least we got outside to play on the huge snow pile and side common area again for a while this afternoon. Too bad the sun didn’t make an appearance, but the kidlet still had fun.

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Day 48 ~ soaking up all the sunshine

Day 48 ~ May 21st, 2017

Yesterday evening because the weather was so lovely out I sat out on the bench swing with my son. The sun was setting, we were rocking, he cuddled up to me, and I sang song after song for almost thirty minutes.
In these moments there is always so much clarity for my son. What I mean when I say this is that he is the epitome of regulated (calm), he speaks in full, clear, properly structured sentences (using the right pronouns, phrased questions/statements), and holds eye contact (his gaze doesn’t stutter all over the place) so I can see it in his eyes. It’s like for a handful of minutes the mutated gene(s) self-correct for that small amount of time and I get to see to the core of my little boy. It is a strange, treasured phenomenon that always makes my day 😀

Not much to mention today other than it was beautiful out! So I spent a large chunk of my day outside. Did some reading in the morning and then a short walk. Ended up going for another walk later in the afternoon and then sat out in the sun while I worked on my Math before dinner. It was so lovely and I am so sunburned, but it is worth it as it will turn into a tan!

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ that I’ve made getting my workout done first thing in the AM a habit
~ it’s the May long weekend and it isn’t raining!! This is so rare!
~ being outside for most of the day
~ got my herbs planted this afternoon
~ I noticed an increase flexibility in my hamstrings

And an extra on because I am so happy about this: BTS won the Top Social Award at the BBMAs this evening!!! Yays!!

Cheers ~ &x#270c;

Day 32 ~ the quickest blip!

Day 32 ~ February 23rd, 2017

-_- … I’ve not done much on my computer lately other than Pre-Calc so basically all the regular stuff that I do has fallen to the wayside. It’s taking up way more time than I anticipated and it sucks. I’ll get something of a reprieve over spring break in about two weeks because the school will be closed so I can take my time moving through the units. I’m already starting on the Mid-Term review so I don’t need to worry about falling behind in the course either.

Not much else to say as my days are kind of blurred together they are so similar the last couple of weeks!

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ A lovely stranger helping me out with the electronic parking meter as I’d never used one before today. And they had amazing manners, which is a rarity these days!
~ Beautiful, warm spring-like weather ❤
~ Picking up another daily push-up challenge/activity. This one will focus on harder variations *rubs hands together in glee*
~ BTS (방탄소년단) Comeback *happy dancing* All of the awesome sauce!

Not Today – often the first song I put on in my car since it came out 🐱

Cheers ~ ✌

Day 25 ~ happy dancing ^_^

Day 25 ~ January 27th, 2017

Not as nice out today and the day also seems to be moving very slowly… *sigh* At least it isn’t raining or snowing though so that is a silver lining!

My son was trying to do Yoga poses on the mat this morning. It was so cute! I got down and did Downward Facing Dog, Cobra, Forward Fold, Plank, and Root to Rise with him after watching him try on his own.
I’ve only started doing yoga since the beginning of the new year so it’s cool see him taking an interest in something I am doing fitness-wise that he could benefit from too!!

Registered for five 10k races starting in April and carrying on until October of this year. I am so excited!! I wasn’t all that certain what, or if, I would be doing any this year, but that was an amazing deal! I’m looking forward to getting my overall 10km time dwindled down by the summer 😀

Things that I am grateful for today:

~ I didn’t have to do the dishes today (thanks Hulkhands!)
~ the Factoring unit for Pre-Calc actually seems to make sense this time around
~ I found a torrent of BTS’ HYYH Epilogue Concert so I can watch it!
~ not needing an electric mixer to do any baking
~ short finger nails

Cheers ~ ✌

30-Day Kpop Challenge ~ Days 15 & 16

Day 15 ~ Kpop group that you dislike

Easily EXO.
I’ve never been able to get into any of their music despite giving it a shot on more than one occasion.

Part of it might be that it is such a larger group as I am not a fan of Girls Generation either and that is a big group too.

I dunno… *shrugs shoulders* I feel like I’m definitely a minority in my dislike of both groups!

Day 16